PeeKaWho Gets Updated - Win a Free Copy!!

Win a Free Copy of PeeKaWho!
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Dec 2008 11:45 am EST

If you're a BlackBerry user and still don't know what PeeKaWho is, you'd better pause your reading for a second and click here, here and here to learn what you've been missing.

Now that you're up to speed with what PeeKaWho was, let's take a quick look at how this already awesome email/SMS alert application has gotten even better with the release of version 1.2. What's NEW in PeeKaWho v1.20:

Core Features:

  • PeeKaBlock - SPAM Control on your BlackBerry. You can now setup Blacklist and Whitelist with PeeKaBlock. Learn how to use it.
  • Improved LED Notification. When you read an email, the LED alerts turns off with the email.
  • Multi-lingual support - See our options in these languages: French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portegese, Chinese (Traditional/Simplify), and of course English.

Extra Features:

  • PeeKaLight - using your BB as Flash Light - now works with Left Convenience Key for quick access
Bug Fixes:
  • PeeKaPic not showing up bug when language is not set to English.
  • HTML Support showing tags.

And for more details on version 1.2 you can check out PeeKaWho's online manual. PeeKaWho is available for $10.00 from our software store. But DON'T FORGET... we have a 20% off sale going on right now in our mobile app store, so if you visit on your Berry's browser and use coupon code endofyearsale20 at checkout you can save yourself $2. Click here for sale details.

PeeKaWho Holiday Giveaway Contest

'Tis the season for GIVING, and SmrtGuard is living up to that notion by giving readers the chance to win 50 copies of PeeKaWho! Entering is easy. Just be logged in to and leave a comment to this blog post! Looking for something to say? Why not wish everyone a Happy Holiday! You have until December 26th at midnight PST to enter, so HURRY. Good luck!!!

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Reader comments

PeeKaWho Gets Updated - Win a Free Copy!!



I have thought about getting this piece of software, but I have a hard time purchasing software.

I'd love to try out this product. It looks very valuable. I am hoping it can help eliminate some of the spam I'm getting from certain political campaigns (yes, still).

My wife went to an office party today. She's been there for 10 months. Was she supposed to bring a gift? How bout a Peekawho?

Please enter me in the contest. I tried to be one of the winners of the first 1000 copies of Free Aerize alerts, but was too late.. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this one :0)

Just once I'd like to win something, I think it would be a cool app for my Bold. I've spent money for foneface, nothing but trouble, every couple weeks it asks me if I want to buy it, then I have to put the code in that I already paid for. Paid for Enpower, not that great, my last poor investiment was from bplay the golf theme, just sucks the life out of your battery. They say its better to give than receive, so I'll be a standup guy and receive for once

I love PeaKaWho. A good software. Comparable to Aerize, however I tested both on Trial. Like this one better. Features and outlook are so much better.

Love this app. Tried both PeeKaWho and Aerize on trials. Just liked this better as it has the nicest outlook and features. This is BAR NONE the best!

I am trying to decide which alert software I want to use. PeeKaWho or the Aerize Email Alerts - Email/ SMS Popup Notifications. I am still in the research process. But free would be fun! Thanks for a great site!

I am buried in email and SMS messages all day long and PeeKaHoo would be a huge help in alerting me to import emails and SMS! Pick Me! Pick Me!

Thanks for the consideration!


I just got my VZW bill with my Storm purchase on it. Not only can I now not afford Christmas gifts for others but I can't justify spending the eight bucks on myself.

Hello everyone! I got my first blackberry on the Storm launch day. I was referred to this website from a friend. I check this site at least 5 or 6 times a day, and everyone in the forums are very helpful. You are all deserving of a very wonderful christmas this year. May all of your Christmas's be cheerful, and if you do not celebrate Christmas, then have a very fun and safe holidays!

I didn't even know about this product before I saw it on the front page blog, how cool! Now I hope I can win one so I can save that $10 for other cool crackberry things.

I'm a new blackberry user (GO BOLD) and i would really love this software, but the odds of winning are astronomical

I tried the trial and was going to spend precious christmas money on it, but now i hope i win. Great program and im glad it was updated.

I am using the competition's similiar app and it doesnt work after I updated to a new 4.5 OS on my curve.

I downloaded the Peekawho for trial and it works like a charm and it comes with more features.

I would love to get a free one.

Merry X'mas to everyone.

Hi everyone! This blessing is coming from Beijing,China. Merry Christmas! And have a nice new year!
And... I really want to get one of it. That's my only wish this year... Thanks

I've been looking for a program like this for a while with no luck....hopefully I can get a free copy :)

Hi everyone! This blessing is coming from Beijing,China. Merry Christmas! And have a nice new year!
And... I really want to get one of it. That's my only wish this year... Thanks

Have to say I was lured in with the storm and I have to say even tho I love my storm I am more hooked on BB's. I'm officially sold and I love the community that comes with it. I will only be getting blackberry's from now on. I wish everyone happy holidays and best wishes for the new year! may your batteries stayed charged and your inbox be full.




I am receiving my first blackberry for christmas (the new and slowly improving storm) and am extremely excited to join your ranks. I have been waiting for an opportunity to upgrade for a long time now and thanks to this forum have been very confident that it was the right switch to make.

Happy Holidays all! Hopefully your area isn't as effected by this winter snow storm as mine (40" of snow fall so far)!! I look forward to using this forum on a daily basis going forward, thanks for all your hard work!

This sounds like a really cool application! If I don't win a copy I'm going to have to buy a license for the $10. It will be well worth it.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Alan G

I'm all about freebies! I do nothing but give on the holidays, so a free app for my new Blackberry would be awesome!

I Would love to have this app. on my BB :D
Hope I can win 1 of 50 :)
Merry Christmas My Fellow Crackberry Users!!! :)

Happy Holidays to everyone! As a new Blackberry Curve 8320 member to PEEKAWHO is a intriguing app and I would love to be a proud winner of that app! I am very thrilled to see such an active mobile community. There is a wealth of information and I am looking forward to interacting with the peeps in this community! Former Storm owner that retreated to the Curve due to hardware issue with the Storm. At any rate, I am Blackberry 4 Life...

This will be my first post and my first blackberry (Storm). Pulling cherry stem off my head right now. But this sounds like an awesome app. Merry Christmas to whoever wins these.

Merry Christmas to all! I love Crackberry. I'm farely new to this place and I was hooked from the start. This APP looks very convienant and COOL!!

wow! this site is amazing! i just got my storm and its my first berry. now i'm addicted. i'm actually losing sleep because of it. its actually worth it :p

i just wish there was a way to send more than 10 text msgs out at once. it'd be great to send at least 20. that way its easier to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday.

i'm still learning and trying to absorb everything. hopefully i'll be one of the 50 to win and make my learning experience easier ;)

have a good one everyone!

ps. if there is an app or a way to increase the amount of texts that can be sent at once, pls pm me! =)

This is a very good app at $10 but it would be an incredibly phenomenal and stupendously stellar app if I received it free. So, please throw me a bone and a belated Christmas gift. Keep up the good work!

Happy Holidays to CrackBerry nation!!

Glad to see this app updated! Seems fantastic would love a shot at a free copy!

Happy holidays to everyone on CrackBerry! Hopefully crackberry will give me this software as a gift for Christmas lol.

Im glad PeekaWho got an update. I was a little frustrated with the trial verison that i tried never working properly.

Happy Holidays everyone!

If I don't win a copy then I think its a great Holiday present for everyone who does!

Merry Christmas

Wow, a very interesting app. Very interesting in trying it out, will definately download the demo. Merry Christmas everyone and happy holidays.

Yeah, thats it really.
Winning this would really help out a poor college student haha!

As we say in Hawaii...
Mele Kalikimaka!
(Merry Christmas, in Hawaiian)

Merry Christmas Crackberry. I've had a Curve for a month and I couldn't have survived without this site!

I bought this Peek-A-Who app when it was in its first version. The app was awesome to begin with, the support is very dependable and the developers have continued to add features. Good luck to all of you trying to win a copy, but if you don't, it is definitely worth buying.

Serena, who cares what Kevin's doin on New Years? You're more than welcome to hang with Bigwill! Might Pi$$ off my GF though...

This application is awesome. My Storm kicks butt; having this will make it Rock even more.

Hope all have a great Holiday.

Im glad i found you guys, ive learned so much about this site, i love the fact of all the free apps and free gifts!
Its wonderful, just saying thanks to you guys for a great site. Merry Xmas And Happy New Year.

Hopefully santa will bring me a free copy but who knows !