PeeKaWho Gets Updated - Win a Free Copy!!

Win a Free Copy of PeeKaWho!
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Dec 2008 11:45 am EST

If you're a BlackBerry user and still don't know what PeeKaWho is, you'd better pause your reading for a second and click here, here and here to learn what you've been missing.

Now that you're up to speed with what PeeKaWho was, let's take a quick look at how this already awesome email/SMS alert application has gotten even better with the release of version 1.2. What's NEW in PeeKaWho v1.20:

Core Features:

  • PeeKaBlock - SPAM Control on your BlackBerry. You can now setup Blacklist and Whitelist with PeeKaBlock. Learn how to use it.
  • Improved LED Notification. When you read an email, the LED alerts turns off with the email.
  • Multi-lingual support - See our options in these languages: French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portegese, Chinese (Traditional/Simplify), and of course English.

Extra Features:

  • PeeKaLight - using your BB as Flash Light - now works with Left Convenience Key for quick access
Bug Fixes:
  • PeeKaPic not showing up bug when language is not set to English.
  • HTML Support showing tags.

And for more details on version 1.2 you can check out PeeKaWho's online manual. PeeKaWho is available for $10.00 from our software store. But DON'T FORGET... we have a 20% off sale going on right now in our mobile app store, so if you visit on your Berry's browser and use coupon code endofyearsale20 at checkout you can save yourself $2. Click here for sale details.

PeeKaWho Holiday Giveaway Contest

'Tis the season for GIVING, and SmrtGuard is living up to that notion by giving readers the chance to win 50 copies of PeeKaWho! Entering is easy. Just be logged in to and leave a comment to this blog post! Looking for something to say? Why not wish everyone a Happy Holiday! You have until December 26th at midnight PST to enter, so HURRY. Good luck!!!

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PeeKaWho Gets Updated - Win a Free Copy!!



Hope everyone has a happy holidays and a good new years, oh and make sure your hanukkah bush is kept up nice, oh and dont forget the christmas tree, so yeah make sure and go out and party hard, cause when obama becomes president we all have work to do to fix bush's mistakes.

I would love to win a Copy! Sounds like a great piece of software!

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Winning would be nice! This app seems pretty sweet, and since I have my storm now, I'm looking for stuff to load it with :)

Happy Holidays everyone!
Have a great holiday and stay safe from this weather.
I would sure love a copy of this software.

this is my first blackberry!! I WANT PeeKaWho!! looks like a great app.. the message threads on this are ugly

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and to all a good night.

Happy Holidays to all....especially to my fellow brothers and sisters fighting overseas. I miss you all. May god be with you and your families.

SSG Marc Kolodzie
U.S. Army

I would love a free copy of this app. Tried the demo and loved it. Don't have $10 so I had to go without it :-(. Have recommended it to all of my fellow Blackberry addicts!!

I just got the Blackberry Storm and this is my first Blackberry ever!!!!! And I wanted to get a real cool app for my Storm. I think this would be a perfect gift for Christmas!!

Wow the fact that peekawho is giving away copies of there program is huge. I've always been intrigued by this app but since I am a brand new Blackberry owner I was sure if I should get it. I hope I win a copy I would really like to test it out.

Happy Holidays! I so want this app! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! Thank yoU!! again, hope everyone is having a great holiday season....i mean a great crackberry season;)

the contest says why not wish everyone a Happy Holiday, and I will do so. To every religion, race, ethnicity, age, gender, and SPECIES...have a TREMENDOUS holiday season

just hope your troubles last only as long as your new years resolutions!

This is my first comment on CrackBerry. I got a new Storm about two weeks ago and only found this site yesterday. PeeKaWho looks like an excellent app.

Happy Holidays to everyone! I'd never heard of PeekAWho until this article, but then again, I've only had my Curve for 3 weeks now...I'm still having a BLAST discovering all kinds of fun goodies for my little red gadget! I'd like to give PeekAWho a try...I think it would really be something I could get a lot of use out of!

Dear Santa, Could you please bring me PeekAWho for Christmas? I've been a very good girl! Love, Teresa :)

This would be great to add to my Storm. I'm new to the whole BB life but I know this would only make it better.


Pick me because I will love you :) . also because I'm having a hard time browsing the web and receiving emails at the same time. If you pick me to be one of the honorable fifty, I will be so happy that I will never wish any bad mishaps to anyone I meet (no lie; this is how much I need this). Also, I'm brazilian so by allowing me a PeeKaWho, you are diversifying your choices. One day, while your friends gloat about building houses in Mexico and volunteering at homeless shelters, you could say, "Hey, I gave a needy brazilian the PeeKaWho for his blackberry", and they will all bow down to your amazing feat. You don't want to pass up a once-in-a-lifetime chance like this, so please, from the bottom of my heart, PICK ME.

Love <3


Would love a copy of PeekaWho! Been wanting it for awhile :P

Happy Holidays to all the Crackberries out there!

I've been holding off on downloading Peekawho! because at first it seemed like a good idea of a program but then it seemed like there was update after update.
What is the final goal of Peekawho!
And, can you set it to block (or not show) some calls so it does not pop-up. I have a few people that I choose not to answer their calls or even know they are calling.

Happy Holidays to everyone. Free copy of Peek a Who would be a great gift for yourself or a friend :-)

WOW!! I'm seriously blown away! I actually work for a cell phone company as a sales rep, I've carried a BB for several years, am quite the techie and I've never heard of Peakawho until now when I logged on to CrackBerry.COM ... I absolutely can't wait to get this program. If it does even half of what it claims to do, I'm sold!!

May the blessings of the Season fill you and yours and with joy and hope for the new year... and may the bestow on me PeeKaWho as well...

This will help me figure out which of my kids is calling me so I know whether to prepare for the worst (son) or get out my checkbook (daughter)

I love the idea of PeeKaWho, and the fact that they seem to be updating and improving it constantly is GREAT! I also love that they are continually adding more functions to it outside of the main application (peek a light, for example!). I'd love to win this!

Note the Jigga reference :)

Happy Holidays to all my fellow BlackBerry owners!

I just got my first BlackBerry on Thursday, it's a storm and I love it. I would marry it if I could!

Thanks to CrackBerry for letting my pimp it out with free wallpapers and ringtones case there isn't anything really available for it yet!

Ho Ho Ho!

Happy Holidays everyone. Proud new owner of a Blackberry Bold and loving it. Glad to join this wonderful community.

lol, well, i dont know if im win this one or not. who cares but merry christmas to everybody and Crackberry members too!

That app looks soo amazing! :) Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Holidays to all. Peace and love. I wish everyone a safe and fun holiday! Here's to another great year


I love my storm so far and am constantly looking for more software to show it off to my friends!!! Pick ME!!!

Dear Santa,
For Christmas I would love to get a copy of newly updated PeekaWho. It would complement my new Curve wonderfully. PS: I have been a very good boy!!! Thanks.

As a new registrant to, I am glad to see a site where the forums are active. I have only had my BB Curve 2 weeks (got rid of the Storm after having numerous hardware issues) and I am pleased to say the least. I am starting to discover apps that are very useful (and of course those that are also FUN). I look forward to mingling and gaining much from this site!

I wish everyone the Safest, Happiest, and Merriest Blackberry filled Holiday!!!

Blackberry 4 LIFE!

Happy Holidays to everyone out there in Crackberry Land!!!
Have a safe and wonderful New Year!!!

hello this is my first time at crackberry and I can now understand why its called crackberry cuz i'm on high from all the info on this site!. thanks crakberry! Merry Christmass.

JEJEJE, peekawho, I would like one copy of peekawho, is my favorite application....

Happy Holidays for Everyone!!! and Happy NEW YEAR

I so need this app!!! I find it so annoying when I am doing something like browsing the web and have to close out to read my mail only to find out it's something useless that could actually wait. Happy Holidays to the crackberry family.

PeekAWho seems really promising. I tried it out for about 2 days a while ago but then I updated to the new OS and haven't put it back on since. If I dont win one here, i'll try it out again.

If any of you think you never win anything I have never won anything except when I was about 6 or so I went to Reno Nevada for new years with my family and they had 5 minutes of free play in the arcade at midnight and I happened to go to the thing were you knock down the blocks with a bean bag and somehow under all of that pressure I won(the prize was a razor scooter) and that was awesome! But either wise I have never one anything.
This also would be a very useful application for me!!!

Really sweet program and cool.....I would love it and it would be a cool christmas gift that is for sure.

Happy and Safe Holidays to everyone.

I've been meaning to give this a try... Perhaps when I do finally get around to trying it I can install a full version and keep it...

PeeKaWho is one of my definitely most wished for BlackBerry application!

Merry Christmas to all of you!

PS: Come on, give a student a chance. ;)

I love this program. I have been using it since it's initial public release. It is very handy to have a pop-up when you receive a message. My only suggestion is to make the buttons on the pop-up dialog a little bigger on the Storm version as it is kind of hard to click them with your finger. I would like to win a copy for my friend who owns a Bold since I already purchased it.

Tried this before liked it very much but it didn't work well with BB Alerts. Would like to use especially if its free! So I don't feel the pain of letting BB Alerts go (paid) :)

WOW!It's Cool! I like Peekawho and its PeeKaLabs ,that'S VERY COOL! there's some problem with v1.20 and I have reported it to smatguard!
I HOPE WIN! thank you!
Marry Christmas,Everyone!!!!!!

I can't believe all the holiday give aways on this website! Makes me even happier that I bought my first blackberry!!

Thanks to all!!

I've just started to use the BIS service instead of the GMail app and I've been leaning towards going back, but this could easily keep me on the "normal" BIS route.

This software PeeKaWho is looking to become a great tool thats actually usefull, i can see myself becomming reliant on having this running.

heeey everyone! merry x-mas! if x-mas isn't your thing then happy new year! if new years aren't your thing then, err, just hello! :D