PeeKaWho Gets Updated - Win a Free Copy!!

Win a Free Copy of PeeKaWho!
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Dec 2008 11:45 am EST

If you're a BlackBerry user and still don't know what PeeKaWho is, you'd better pause your reading for a second and click here, here and here to learn what you've been missing.

Now that you're up to speed with what PeeKaWho was, let's take a quick look at how this already awesome email/SMS alert application has gotten even better with the release of version 1.2. What's NEW in PeeKaWho v1.20:

Core Features:

  • PeeKaBlock - SPAM Control on your BlackBerry. You can now setup Blacklist and Whitelist with PeeKaBlock. Learn how to use it.
  • Improved LED Notification. When you read an email, the LED alerts turns off with the email.
  • Multi-lingual support - See our options in these languages: French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portegese, Chinese (Traditional/Simplify), and of course English.

Extra Features:

  • PeeKaLight - using your BB as Flash Light - now works with Left Convenience Key for quick access
Bug Fixes:
  • PeeKaPic not showing up bug when language is not set to English.
  • HTML Support showing tags.

And for more details on version 1.2 you can check out PeeKaWho's online manual. PeeKaWho is available for $10.00 from our software store. But DON'T FORGET... we have a 20% off sale going on right now in our mobile app store, so if you visit on your Berry's browser and use coupon code endofyearsale20 at checkout you can save yourself $2. Click here for sale details.

PeeKaWho Holiday Giveaway Contest

'Tis the season for GIVING, and SmrtGuard is living up to that notion by giving readers the chance to win 50 copies of PeeKaWho! Entering is easy. Just be logged in to and leave a comment to this blog post! Looking for something to say? Why not wish everyone a Happy Holiday! You have until December 26th at midnight PST to enter, so HURRY. Good luck!!!

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Reader comments

PeeKaWho Gets Updated - Win a Free Copy!!



glad to see progress being made with a great app ...
very usefull . I just hope some of the problems with eating up large memory amounts have been addressed .

great program !
keep the updates coming !

There is a reason this site is called "Crackberry" I'm addicted to it like it's crack!


Hope I win- and Hope it works on the Storm!

You know times are rough when I can't afford a $10 app for my crackberry! Happy Holidays to everyone.

My family won a year's worth of food at the State Fair in Texas once. It was delivered by an 18 wheeler, totally unexpected, to our garage, at Christmas, which filled the two car garage from floor to ceiling in every dimension (including parishables, such as whole sides of beef, a palleted box of chickens and turkeys, and several hams). No, the year's worth of food was not coupons or regular was a huge pile. Within a few hours, the "winnings" became a burden when we realized we didn't have anywhere to put it all, and we had to give most of it away just to keep it from spoiling. The "burden" became an true Christmas blessing to us an others: we delighted friends, the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, and a needy families identified by the "food bank". I was 7 years old. That was 34 years ago.

I have been blessed in so many ways, my puny brain can't recall all of them. Even my Blackberry is a blessing; it gives me at least an hour extra each day with my family or for needed work. Sometimes you have to do some thinking to figure out how you are blessed, or maybe wait awhile to see how things work out. But if you think about it long enough, everyone is blessed in some way.

Hoping that every member of the Crackberry Community has a blessed Christmas (in which case, you are a WINNER),

Charlie V

Randomly selected, how? Like scroll through the comments and pick some here and there? In that case do I have a better chance with a longer comment? Will it force you to look at it? I'm really confused as to how this works. Maybe if I don't win you guys could at least explain how it works? How about in light of the Christmas spirit I just sing a Christmas carol?

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Laughing all the way
Bells on bob tails ring
Making spirits bright
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A sleighing song tonight

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Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
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A day or two ago
I thought I'd take a ride
And soon Miss Fanny Bright
Was seated by my side
The horse was lean and lank
Misfortune seemed his lot
We got into a drifted bank
And then we got upsot

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Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
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Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh

I didn't forget about Hanukkah!

I Have a Little Dreidel
I have a little dreidel
I made it out of clay
And when it's dry and ready
Then dreidel I shall play!


Oh dreidel, dreidel, dreidel
I made it out of clay
And when it's dry and ready
Then dreidel I shall play!

It has a lovely body
With legs so short and thin
And when my dreidel's tired
It drops and then I win!


My dreidel's always playful
It loves to dance and spin
A happy game of dreidel
Come play now, let's begin!


So i thought that the chance to win something was the perfect time to write my first comment. Anyways I am a Storm user and so far like it. I am on my third one now but still think this is the best device for the money from Verizon. After using Flip-swap some rebates and a NE2 the thing was less the $100. I look forward to more great OS updates and will be a Blackberry user for as long as they keep making great phones on Verizon. Why Verizon: Sadly or not here in Montana Verizon is the only good choice. Plus everyone I know is on Verizon so I use very few minutes outside of the IN network.

Anyways this site is awesome and I visit is daily. I also started listening to the PodCast and enjoy that too.

Have a great Holiday week and a happy New Year.


Looks like a nifty app and would love a copy.

(Wow. Entered a contest AND got to use "nifty" all in the same day. My work is done here.)

Sounds like I can set it up to recognize my work pages (via SMS) and signal differently than SMS texts from friends. Well, will have to give it a try.

Newly addicted crackberry user (since Nov) and would love to get a copy of this software! Happy Holidays everyone!

Totally love is application... Would love to win a freebie since I had to buy it twice already... Once for my Curve and when I got the Storm...

Happy Holidays from Peru!!!
Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate. Be happy and make everyone around you happy, friend or foe, that's the only way we'll make a difference in this Godforsaken planet!
Start at home and it will spread!!!

What can I say? PeeKaWho rocks! And I need a new version for my Storm. So Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, and all that noise

Just got a BlackBerry Storm yesterday and all I can say is WOW! MUST HAVE TOY! :)

Keep the good applications coming so that the BlackBerry Storm gets EVEN BETTER!

I just LOVE this all in one portable device!

hello fellow crackberry members!!! just want to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season!!! let 2009 be a better year for everyone!

Tis the season of giving - with a free copy I would provide a very nice advertisement pitch of this app to all my bb friends!!

I just want to wish everyone on Crackberry a Very Happy Holiday Season and thank everyone for the help that they have provided over the last several months that I've owned my Curve.



This product would seem nice I've never had a bb till the storm and I a typing on it now...I've never won a contest like this before so I think that would
Be so cool

"Happy Holidays" to everyone and I would really like to get this for X-Mas for myself so I will refer it to others. Thanks a bunch!

I really do :)

I listen to the Who-tang Clan and I have a relative who lives in Whoville whose favorite song is "No Whoman No Cry" by guess who? Bob Marley.

This sounds like an awesome application. Never heard of it before until today, but seems very handy. :)

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone at,, and to all the new and old BlackBerry Users (& Abusers!).

PeeKaWho is a sweet application, and getting it for FREE is even better. w00t!!!
Happy Holidays everyone!!!!

Haven't tried this app but its pretty cool! Thanks for bringing it to us! Something fun to play with over the holidays!

This little diddy comes in handy! Especially when I'm in a meeting.
Happy Holidays to all my CB friends!!!

My BB is coming in tomorrow and I'd love the chance to run this great looking app on it. Happy Holidays :D

Just got the storm last week and I am in the process of getting all my apps back on it, love the storm

This was a great app on my pearl. When I tested it on my Storm it seemed buggy. Hopefully the problems have been fixed.

PeekaWho ROCKS!!!!!
I so Want this...

Kev your site is a God send, as are all of the Crackberriers that frequest the site.

Merry Chistmas to ALL... and to all a good night!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and all the good people here at

Thanks for the great resource and guides for the Blackberry. Getting it was the easy part, learning to use it was the hard part. You guys and gals have given me more knowledge and help with that part of it.

Thanks for a great site and I am looking forward to the New Year!!


The software sounds interesting and with potential.
I'd like to see it in action!!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I want a copy of PeeKaWho for my Storm! I promise I've been a good boy all year! Merry Christmas everyone!

truly putting the crack-berry into total distractor mode! not to mention when the misses (or mr -your pref) sends you a provocative note durring the ever important meeting with the device sitting on the tabel for all peering eyes to see.

Very cool!

I really like this software - I have never used it before until today - I tested the 3 day trial - and I love it -

Since I've never won anything in my entire life (58 yrs), this would be a nice place and item to start with.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All!

Happy Holidays, everyone... Stay safe out there -- try to refrain from Drivin' and Stormin' at the same time!! :P

I just wanna win, but I don't have anything really to say.

Pick me pick me pick me!

P.S. Happy holidays and all that!

Hey there fellow crackberry addicts! Have a safe and happy holiday! If you are in Michigan, be careful driving. The roads are absolutely terrible! Almost got in a car accident today on the way to work, did like a 180 and then a reverse 180, it was sweet. Good thing no cars were in the other lane! Anyways, have a good holiday and get yourself a special gift for your berry! The crackberry store looks like it has some good sales going on.


I wouldn't mind a free copy, i've heard a lot of great things about this program and having it for free would be GREAT!!!

Thanks for this little contest, I just hope I win :)

i love this app I have had it for months now and I can not get enough of it. But my question is if you already have it do you still have to buy this upgrade of just go into the app stor and upgrade it that way. I think that if I really had to buy this I would just cause it has been one of my fav apps ever.

Yeah i missed the sms alerts that i used to have on my old phones before i got my crackberry so this would be very welcomed. Anyways have a merry christmas or happy all around holidays to all the Crackberry Nation!!!

I hope every one enjoys the holidays and for those that get that much wanted new BB please let us all know here at Crackberry

i'm new to the blackberry community, got my first blackberry (storm) about a month ago and i LOVE it!
HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone!!!

I would love to win it would be awesome to win this.
Good luck everyone and Happy Holidays.
Don't Drink and DRIVE.
Take a cab or get someone to pick you up.

I would love to win it would be awesome to win this.
Good luck everyone and Happy Holidays.
Don't Drink and DRIVE.
Take a cab or get someone to pick you up.

I would love to win it would be awesome to win this.
Good luck everyone and Happy Holidays.
Don't Drink and DRIVE.
Take a cab or get someone to pick you up.

This looks like a great program, here's hoping Santa drops this off in my stocking.

Happy Holidays to all you Crackberry addicts

I would love this application. I just got my blackberry curve 3 days ago (early christmas present) and dont have any cool apps.

Please Please Crackberry Santa I really want a Peekawho to go with my Bold.

If not, have a great Christmas to all who have Bolds and to all those who wish they did. :-)

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Festivus!!!! No one should feel the need to air any greivances with this great giveaway. Thanks!!!!

Cool, I've tried this on my last BB but haven't been able to make time to reinstall it lol. Good program though :) Would Love to get a copy of this :-)

This is pretty cool. Did not know about the features but following the links gave me all I needed to know.

If I don't win a free one I will use the coupon code.

Happy Holidays Crackberry!

I have to work 6am to 6pm both Christmas eve and Christmas day so keep me in your thoughts and festivities! I work in a prison and we aren't lucky enough for the inmates to just lay down and be quiet so we can all have the day off! LOL

Soooo, H A P P Y H O L I D A Y S!!!

I'd love to win a copy...but what I'd really like, is to hang out with Serena van der Woodsen on New Year's Eve!!!

Hook a brother up Kevin!!

Damn. Should have waited a few days to buy it! Downloaded v1.20, only thing I've noticed on Storm is that the LED doesn't flash the color you specify for SMS/Email (just flashes red), even with LED disabled in Profiles.

I need it. I think an audio option would be cool. If you are watching a movie on the storm, it could read you the name of the person so you could keep watching.

I wanted to wish all of the people that use and respond to our newbie questions about our BB devices a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I lurked at this site for 2 months before making the plunge to purchase two Curves (8330 from Sprint, one for me and one for the wife). Knowing this site is available for troubleshooting is definitely good to know.

Thanks to all

I tried the trail version, but it kept locking up my Storm and I deleted it. If this program works well with the Storm, I definately want it (hint, hint...). Whomever wins, lets get some comments about how well it works.

sounds cool to start see some STORM compatible applications .... good luck for everyone will win

Already have a license for my 8830 which I use for work. Just purchased 2 Storms, one for me and one for the wife, and now looking to purchase 2 additional licenses. One freebee would help greatly...