PeeKaWho Gets An Update - Tons of New Features!

PeeKaWho Gets Updated!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Dec 2008 12:35 pm EST

I swear, these email pop-up apps -- PeeKaWho and Email Alerts -- have got to be two of the most frequently updated apps in the ShopCrackBerry store... but that's ok, as each update seems to usher in a host of new features and improvements...

If you're not already familiar with PeeKaWho, be sure to check out our CrackBerry Review. As for this latest version, 1.170, here are some of the highlights of what's new:

  • HTML Preview in the popup. Previously this wasn't here. Caveats, if the email is an automated "spam" email w/ lots of table tags, it won't parse well. Most human composed HTML parse well.
  • PeeKaLab (Think GoogleLab) where users can try out cool / edgy features. This version has LED Alerts / Concise Popup Text / PeeKaLight (using your BB as a flashlight).
  • Option to Confirm Delete
  • Option to change text size (In PeeKaLab Screen)
  • After purchase, new users can use Auto Activate. Also, any new update after this, no need to reactivate.
  • Mark as read from Popup
  • Keyboard shortcuts
For more information on version 1.170 upgrades, click here. Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE having email popups on my BlackBerry? LIFE CHANGING. If you haven't given PeeKaWho a go yet, a free trial is available, which I suggest you check out. Purchase price is $10, which I think is cheap considering just how often this app gets used on your device once installed.

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PeeKaWho Gets An Update - Tons of New Features!


Interesting that Kevin picks a screen shot showing a supermodel inviting him to party on New Year's Eve. Must be nice to be the President of the Crackberry Nation! I certainly hope you took her up on this invitation...

Will the PeeKaLight feature use the flash on the bold as the flashlight?

This might be the first app I actually buy for the BB - :P

Not sure if I should get this or the E-Mail Alerts one.

I have to say it looks really good on the Storm (Can't wait for the Storm to hit AT&T).

The App store when accessed via device (Storm) has the app for $8.50

The store online (PC) has it at $10...

I vote for 50% off for everyone...or free for me for bug finding...

not sure why, but when i downloaded and installed the trial on my storm, the red blinking email allert LED continued to go off, even after i had marked the message as read... had to turn the phone off and on again to get it to stop....


I think the default behavior is actually opening the email will make the default red LED stop. We will look into incorporate that action into the "Mark Read" in the next release. Yes, there will be other new release :)

Also, the default RED LED turns off AFTER 15 mins. That is the BB default behavior.

Thanks for your question.

i downloaded and installed again, and the LED is acting differnetly now... the phone blinks the LED red once (default color) then switches to white (which i specified) until i close the popup. if the popup disapears, so does the LED. i'd like to see the LED keep flashing, etc until either the popup is acknowledged, or the message is opened/marked as read. (this was under the 15 min timeout)

the only other suggestion, at this point is to enlarge the action buttons on the popup... they are a little small.

I love this app. The only thing missing is the ability to filter 3rd party apps. It's redundant to be looking at Pocketday when an email comes in, and then PeekaWho pops up when I'm looking at my inbox right there. This is the ONLY qualm I have with the software. Love it and love the support!

so, i like the app, downloaded it, but it made my storm run veeeeery slow, til i restarted it, did it do this for anyone else?

Actually, yes. It worried me for about 10 minutes. BB was very jerky and laggy. But in the middle of Uno, BAM, it picked up again and no issues since.

EDIT: On 8330

My storm was so slow after install and a reboot battery pull that I removed another program so I could use this one. Any way to make it run faster with his program would be great. I love what it does it's very useful.


Yes, I had the same problem when I first installed the app on my storm. In fact it froze up my blackberry the first time a pop up showed up on the screen. I had to pull the battery. After that it seems to work ok.

I've noticed that in the free trial when I choose the inbox option on an sms popup I'm taken instead to my email inbox. Is this a bug? or was the program designed like this for some reason?

Yup, I have the same issue on my Storm. I have separate boxes for mail and SMS messages. When I click on the popup, the only option is Inbox so it takes me to mail. An SMS option or the ability for the program to recognize the difference would be great.

Off to reboot my device to see if that fixes the slowness.

For some reason with this new version my HTML e-mail shows at HTML code in the popup window rather than the actual text.

Any ideas?

8330 Curve, Version

Hey, rocking the 8310 Curve I installed it, thinking I should have bought it originally, when it was 3-4$. Man, I am disappointed. First off, kudos to anyone who can get a contact name & picture come up from an SMS. Mine won't do it no matter what. Second, like the post, I get a bunch of .html code. So, not only can I not see who is sending me the message, I can't read it. Lastly, whenever the window does pop up, I might as well follow up with a battery pull, because it kills my berry. The thing is sluggish, slow & chunky. Not a great experience at all. I'm only on the free trial, if I would have shelled out cash for this app, I would feel totally ripped off.

App keeps getting better! Just purchased last week. It wasn't part of the 50% deal and as much as I love this site, I did find it for 7.00 with another.

My only con is I wish it would know to open the sms box instead of the inbox if you keep the message/sms seperate.

I was looking for a good Email alerting option where I could make sure I don't miss certain Emails. I see PeekAWho now supports limited filtering. I think Aerize did not but that may have changed. I tried BBalerts which has the added bonus of "snoozable" alerting for missed phone calls, SMS, PIN and Email. It also had alerting but it was a bit buggy. PIN alerting also didn't work but it supposedly works for some. I finally settled on the much more expensive webmessenger message alerts. It has advanced filtering capabilities but does not support nice LED colors for alerting. All in all, I'm happy with it but if the filtering in BBAlerts was just a little better I would have settled for it.

Kevin, are you a gossip girl addict? I mean, I know some of the characters use blackberries (Lily has a Curve and I think Bart has an 88xx) but really...

The original version of this software was AWESOME. Got the email last week to upgrade and my poor Berry is slooooooow. I've done battery pulls, hard resets, EVERYTHING. I'm also sick of getting HTML codes with each msg.

Support stated they are working on a fix...but come on...I regret upgrading...I should have just stuck with the last least it wasn't slow. Geesh.

I have had peekawho ever since it has been available and I love all of the up grades. being able to change me led is the heat I can now have my phone on my desk and see if it is a text or an email. I love keep it up guys you have a big fan.

how does it work on the bold this ap looks really great i m ready to download the free trail. I think I'm going to download it first for my 8330 and see if i like it. As far as the storm go previous post stated that if you sft reset the storm that it should yake care of your lag situation.

If you guys can fix .the html codes and sms inbox problem, I will purchase the program with no problems. I downloaded the free trial and other than those two things, I was really impressed with your product.