PeeKaWho Contest Winners Announced!

PeeKaWho Contest Winners!
By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Dec 2008 11:48 am EST

The good folks at SmrtGuard gave us 50 copies of PeeKaWho to give away to members last week and the blog post contest got an awesome response (the most comments left on a CrackBerry blog post to date I think). Without further ado, here are the fifty luck winners:

  • globydude
  • rdonaldson
  • cdmx1015
  • Tpony
  • soiki
  • jymkym1
  • alex04jr
  • minehan
  • m1k3k
  • elevashun
  • ariza1
  • myersgg
  • smknv8s
  • davetbh
  • BB2008BB
  • tito1000
  • jkunk
  • abdala_24
  • captain_dl
  • BBNoobie
  • tedesco
  • Darthbull
  • smackey
  • ryatch
  • sixstringedmatt
  • firsttimeberryuser
  • jcboiz
  • o_ssie
  • KISHA76
  • ptrtwitch
  • s13drfthvn
  • RipBU
  • Davidgr
  • moosc
  • edisit
  • japhule
  • benzworm
  • jnathlich
  • soaresr
  • jay26th
  • sean.groves
  • Hyperplex
  • RunnerX
  • Boldacious
  • bhndthshzleyes13
  • ceomilagroe
  • Smithwick
  • Seven1Six

Congrats to the winners!! Keep an eye on your email (the address associated with your member account). You'll receive a message from SmrtGuard in the next day or two with directions on attaining your free copy! And for those who didn't win, don't worry, we're never too far away from our next giveaway! 

For more information on the latest version of PeeKaWho, click here!

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Reader comments

PeeKaWho Contest Winners Announced!


Oh seriously?! That's funny Garz.

Serena is from the TV show Gossip Girls. My gf got addicted to the show, so that image was a little stab back at her for making me watch it (and getting addicted to it too!). Of course on the show Serena is way too young for me... so yeah.. totally wrong and suffice to say I won't be hanging with her on New Year's.

But in real life Blake Lively (who plays Serena) is older... but anyways... that's just a subtle joke :)

You guys forgot my name on the winner's list. It's ok, I'm sure it was a mistake. I'll still be waiting for the e-mail.....



Geesh, I usually never win anything. This is an awesome surprise! Thank you SmrtGuard and Crackberry. Hope everyone has a happy new year. Go Dolphins!!

wow i didn't expect to win. thanks a bunch crackberry and smrtguard for giving me a free copy of peekawho.

So much for this wonderful application. CrackBerry and Smrtguard I greatly appreciate it. CrackBerry You guys are the best BlackBerry site hands down. I'm excited to have won something so cool. I never win! So I was super excited to get this. I hope you all have a great and safe New Years.

Thank you, :)

I haven´t received an email. :( .Everyone else that one, did you guys get your email response letting you know that you won? Thanks.