Pearl User? Turn it into a Bold or Storm for FREE!!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Oct 2008 11:35 am EDT

FREE Bold and Storm Themes for the BlackBerry Pearl

If you're a BlackBerry Pearl user, you're gonna love this... Our buddy Zach over at Z Man Designs is now offering FREE replica BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Storm themes for the BlackBerry Pearl 81xx. The themes are sweeeet, but there is one catch - you'll need to make sure you have upgraded your BlackBerry OS to version 4.5. If you haven't yet, this post will get you on your way.

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Pearl User? Turn it into a Bold or Storm for FREE!!!


Nice - though one suggestion. Since the 81xx series has a fairly small screen, it would be better if you did not force the fonts in the call log, options screen, bb messenger, and other such areas. IMHO, it limits the functionality of these great themes.

Wow, these themes are truly amazing! Thanks a lot for this. My favorite is the Storm one. I've been pretending my Pearl has a touchscreen ever since I installed it.

Great attention to detail and crisp icons. Keep up the good work.

I've been using the bold pearl theme for the last week and I love it. it is officially my favorite theme of all time :) I tried out the storm theme but I don't like the fact that I have to scroll past the side to get to the top or bottom row in the main screen since I only have 9 Icon (one of them is a folder with everything else that I only use once in a while). Still a cool theme :) just doesn't suit me personally.

Dude thank you this is exactly what i have been looking for you should put up a donation link. Once you do I'll be sure to pitch in thanks bro.

Dude thank you this is exactly what i have been looking for you should put up a donation link. Once you do I'll be sure to pitch in thanks bro.

To those who mentioned making a donation to support the cause :) THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE!!! A green link is now present on my website,, in the top right corner next to "contact"

I'm glad everyone is liking the Bold Pearl and Storm Pearl themes.

Curve versions of both hit the net tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

Hey Z Man!! .. you say here that the curve versions were supposed to become available yesterday - 10/21/2008! .. its now the 22 of october .. where are they available .. your website?

I must say that i reallllllllllly love the bold theme! It looks soo good on my pearl. I don't think i will be going back to the old themes at all. I have not used the storm yet, I will when i am settled down with the bold theme.

Thanks Kevin!!

The Zman has always made some awesome themes. These are no exception either. I have both of them and love em!

i can't figure this out, i downloaded the OS 4.5 onto my phone to get this app, but when i checked my phone to see what OS it's operating on, it says that its still running on 4.3!?!? any help?

i am having the same problem as justmeeee.... i updated the desktop manager on my pc to 4.5 and also my phone right from and when i goto load the themes using app loader it says there is no app supported by my phone after i click on one of the themes..... any help would be great......

you dont have ti update the desktop manager but the OS of your blackberry.. check the forums on how to do that.
you need to install the OS on your computer and then your desktop manager will ask you to update...

My Pearl is running 4.5 and it won't download or open the link. I notice a few others are having this problem. What is the solution or is there a work around?

As of right now, OTA installs are not possible. I'm working on getting them up sometime in the near future.

Still waiting on the versions for the Curve.....sorry for the weird won't let me use my name because it is the same as a registered user.

I upgraded to OS 4.5 last week for this very reason. Started using the Storm theme tonight on my Pearl 8100 and I love it. It'll be a while until I change themes again.