PDF Scanner for BlackBerry - Convert photos to PDF files on your BlackBerry

PDF Scanner BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 10 Feb 2011 11:01 am EST

Ever wish you could easily create PDFs right on your BlackBerry? Well with PDF Scanner you can. This simple app easily converts photos to PDF files with just a few clicks. Take a picture, convert it to a PDF with this app and send it off in an email - it's that simple. Use it for text, documents, images and much more. Features include:

  • Image to PDF conversion in seconds
  • For business or personal use: sharing, note taking, storing documents for future reference
  • Email PDFs straight from the application
  • Portable mobile scanning: anywhere, anytime
  • Key editing options: view in full screen, reorder, rescan, delete
  • Streamlined work logic: you simply cannot go wrong

You'll never have to break out the scanner again just to send off a PDF. PDF Scanner gets the job done right on your BlackBerry. Available for $4.99 in the CrackBerry App Store and a free trial is available.

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Reader comments

PDF Scanner for BlackBerry - Convert photos to PDF files on your BlackBerry


It will be useful for some people. It wont break the bank to get Repligo Reader or other such reader for PDFs.

Yeah I would imagine that a person who buys an app like this to frequently create pdf files wouldn't consider it out of the realm of possibility to make a small purchase on a .pdf reader...

Wow That's a cool app

I used to own a BB Tour

And i was a constant Contributor to the wallpaper sections

I've moved on to an EVO Now

And I've had the same type of app since Oct

But the only difference it was free

Kinda sad to see Bellshare charge $9.99 for a weather app

When HTC Sense weather app is better and free (not to mention countless others in the market)

I know developers have to make money

But isn't it some way to do that, while offering more apps for free? (ads)

Who would've thought 5 yrs ago that consumers would pay $200 for a phone?

But i guess its never enough

Why does his app need access to my personal information?????? If coverts a picture to a pdf that's it. if you don't grant it access to your personal information it won't run. RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't really understand that advantages of a PDF over the normal format of a photo (JPEG?)
I tried this out this afternoon and it was still 300kb for the one file.

Can anyone offer me some insight?

For one thing, you can add multiple pages to a PDF file. I used to take pictures of some documents, then send them to my PC so I could save them as PDFs to mail them... I will save time with this app. I'm toying around with it, must likely will pay for it if it includes free updates.

I really would like test this app, but how can i install the trial version?

I've tryed to download sending links to my mail but cant download it before i purchase it...

any help?


EDIT - GOT IT, thanks anyway

Hi, jwmax!
You don't have to worry about Melon Mobile acquiring access to your personal information.

In order for PDF Scanner to function, it needs two permissions: Recording and Cross Application Communication permission, both of which are part of the Personal Information permissions group (for devices running BlackBerry OS 6.0 or higher). The application does not access any other items from the Personal Information permissions group.

Why PDF Scanner needs these two permissions: The Recording permission gives PDF Scanner access to the camera and the pictures taken. The Cross Application Communication permission is needed to access the file storage where the app stores the scanned images and PDF documents you create. PDF Scanner does not record or export any of your personal information.

If you still have any concerns, we would gladly respond at support@melonmobile.com

Thank you for your comment, jfs101. Indeed, we see the biggest benefit of PDF Scanner in the fact that it spares you from dealing with multiple jpg files which go together, such as pages in a document or a book. One PDF file can put them all in one place and make them much easier to share or store.