PCMag's Top 20 Free BlackBerry Apps

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Dec 2009 04:16 pm EST
AP News Mobile
1. AP Mobile News
Opera Mini 5 for BlackBerry
10. Opera Mini 5
Viigo for BlackBerry! 17. Viigo for BlacBerry

As the end of the year approaches, you're bound to see lots of Best of 2009 type posts pop up aroud the web for all sorts of things. I know we'll be running our Cracky awards in the weeks ahead. Over at PC Mag today, Sascha Segan put up his holiday list of smartphone app freebies, covering 100 free apps on different platforms. For BlackBerry smartphones, Sascha went through 20 awesome and free BlackBerry apps:

  1. AP Mobile News 2.5.5
  2. BBNotePad 1.1.2
  3. Bloomberg Mobile
  4. Bolt Browser 1.5
  5. Facebook
  6. FlashLight 1.0.2
  7. Gmail 2.0.6
  8. GoogleMaps 3.2
  9. Ka-Glom 1.4
  10. Opera Mini 5.0 beta
  11. Poynt
  12. Qik Livestreaming 1.0.15
  13. Slacker Radio for BlackBerry 2.0.91
  14. ScoreMobile 1.2
  15. Stitcher Podcast Radio 1.2.14
  16. UberTwitter
  17. Viigo for BlackBerry 3.1.486
  18. Vlingo 3.2
  19. WeatherBug
  20. WorldMate Live

There you have it! Be sure to click over to PC Mag's full listing so you can get the blurb on each one. Are your favorite free BlackBerry apps on the list above? Did they miss any? If so, be sure to drop them in the comments to this post!

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Reader comments

PCMag's Top 20 Free BlackBerry Apps


Opera Mini 5.0 beta? that app is so buggy and confusing to uses who did opera pay to get in the top 20.

Even a Beta, shouldn't force you to uninstall it because no matter what you did, you couldn't unsquish text... even on the CrackBerry site...

what about pandora and bbm? and whats the point of having 2 browsers on the list when the normal bb browser is great? Glad to see ubertwitter and scoremobile made the list though, they're great apps.

Well, generally a good list. But they missed my favorite, QuickLaunch, which is a truly invaluable app.

AP Mobile News caught my eye, so I went and downloaded it. Unfortunately, I can't get it to connect and do anything but give me a white screen. I've got all the permissions set to allow, so I'm not sure what's going on. Doesn't exactly make a good point for their list when the #1 app won't work...lol.

I'm with everyone else that's mentioned Pandora not being on there. And QuickLaunch...definitely.

I suppose. To each his own. Google mobile app should be there (it includes gmail and maps as well as voice search, news, docs, calendar, reader, picasa and all that other google stuff). They coulda killed 6 or 7 birds with 1 stone instead of the 2 they through at google. Drive Safely is a great companion to vlingo. Evernote should be there. Visible Vote. Whatever.

I'm with everyone else, why no Pandora?

My favorites are ScoreMobile and Pandora. I also like the Amazon app...works great.

this "article" just shows that the people that write these things dont know a single thing. this list has come out in 20 different forms within other articles about blackberry apps. these are the apps that everyone already knows about. what about "buzz me" or "later dude and later flag" and a ton of other great free apps that make my life much better and easier than haveing bolt and opera on my phone....

Viigo got a great review on this article. So I went ahead and attempted to install it. Bricked my phone. Yep. Maybe they should have mentioned that. Apparently I'm not alone either.

is there a better solution out there? I have my gmail set up to auto-forward travel confirmation emails to the worldmate email address so itineraries are auto-generated as I book them. hardly worthless if you travel a lot

Viigo is great but it doesn't allow video podcasts like AP News does, Viigo needs to sort this quick and it will become the ultimate app

What a pathetic list of applications. Is it just me or is everything lately crap? When will we see some real applications instead of this same old garbage... I'm about ready to jump to android or something...

I took one look at BBNotePad, and it seems like someone's weekend intro-to-BlackBerry project. How the heck did it get rated up there with apps that obviously required a serious software engineering effort?

Surely this is all paid for, and I know a lot of and most people here use capture it why isn't it on the list? If you go to wallpapers all shots are taken using that application, it never made it to this list come on if people don't see the sham on things like these then we are really in for it. One of the most usefull applications that people actually use is not here also worldmate live free edition is good far bettert than that bloomberg crap and why so much news apps viigo fills the gap you can add ur custom news to it. And opera mini beta? come on any real user knows that bolt stands out over this betas should be banned they are not complete apps another flaw in the round up,facebook? Come on get a life and gmail blackberry email is also free far better than all these junck apps that bugs you to dl this and that, build your own list people and spread your usage on your version of free apps so others can see real apps that work in the real world in life and death situations ooh by the way that weather and flights app that's for free can remember the name of it, it comes on ppc as well and on some berries is also a great all rounder substitute great free app for travlers. App store both bb and cb's is not here so how do you dl the apps, with ur toung, no good so much great free apps that deserve the attention never made it, this is to sad, good luck.

I'll second your worst app vote for Viigo. Lots of hype but poor execution. It barely qualifies as an RSS reader. I downloaded it just after I purchased my Tour and I deleted it the next day. Minimal shortcuts. Minimal ability to organize information.

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