PC World discounts BlackBerry PlayBook again in the UK

PC World discounts BlackBerry PlayBook again in the UK
By DJ Reyes on 27 Jul 2012 12:57 pm EDT

We have already enjoyed the low pricing of the BlackBerry PlayBook in the U.K. since the end of last year when we saw the 16GB model go down to £169, 32GB at £199 and 64GB at £249. The prices have pretty much remained the same, give and take a few quid depending on where you got one.

It seems that PC World has took to pricing down the BlackBerry PlayBook again. While the 64GB model is still showing as £249 the 16GB and 32GB models are now £129 and £149 respectively. With the 32GB model looking like an absolute bargain. So, if you're looking to get your hands on one you can get yourself a bargain now at PC World.  

With these discounts being made on the BlackBerry PlayBook it could be on par with the recent rumours of the PlayBook 4G coming as soon as July 31st in North America and perhaps here in the U.K. soon after. Your thoughts and comments welcome on that matter.

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Reader comments

PC World discounts BlackBerry PlayBook again in the UK


It probably isn't to clear out stock so much as it is to cash in on interest generated by the currently sold-out nexus 7, the 4G playbook is going to complement the existing one rather than replace it since most people are happy with just wifi.

Perhaps there is a new upgraded WiFi version coming too! Certainly to discount the current WiFi would suggest that, as the 4G version coming should do nothing to current WiFi prices.

Maybe cheap, but remember you get what you pay for!

PC Worlds aftersales service is the worst in the world.

The arrogance of their staff at head office stems from their CEO who is so far up his own **** you cant tell what shoes he's wearing!!!

Have to say I had an issue with the camera and the top buttons on my Playbook here in Ireland and I got it replaced with zero hassle for a brand new one from PCworld.

LOL The UK does not have a 4G network rendering the main selling point of the playbook 4g useless. Can't help but think that is not the reason for the reduction.

I hope RIM are prepared for the big fine they will get if they promote the 4G Playbook as 4G in Australia. Apple got hit with $2m.

It'll be advertised as 3G in areas that only have 3G.

4G also represents Forth Generation.

Hmm, come to think about that, why haven't they fined telus, bell and rogers about falsely advertising as 4G in Canada?

"On July 27, 2012, 245.00 U.K. pd sterling = 387.59 Cdn$"

Hmmm available here for $299 for the past few months and even this weeks flyer from BBuy underwritten FShop has still has that (similiar) price along with the incentive pkge for $50 still of which I bought my 64 a m onth back ! Expensive place the UK !?

Here in the UK we are use to getting screwed on the price of tech.

We even get screwed on the price of apps on the app world. Your $1 apps are £1 here which should be more like 65p. Google can manage it in the playstore and even Apple can manage it so why do we have to pay more on Playbook than out US counterparts when it is digital content and costs no more to deliver to UK than it does USA?

As a former employee of RIM I am still carrying my bold and playbook but even if they give them away come first quarter, bb 10 better be all it can be. I am holding out til it's release to buy a new device. I have my fingers crossed for rim but knowing what I saw and heard I have little hope. But a little hope is better than none and I hope 10 beats expectations or price won't matter.