Contest: PC-Keypad by Afandi Apps - 50 free copies available!

By Michelle Haag on 6 Oct 2010 09:27 am EDT
PC-Keypad is a new application from Afandi Apps that is designed to be used in combination with your computer. Using a USB connection, you can use your computer keyboard to control your BlackBerry and navigate through menus, or to type messages and e-mails. PC-Keypad differs from similar apps in that your BlackBerry screen is not projected onto your computer screen, so you do need to be able to see your device screen to know what you're doing. Installation of the app is easy. There are two parts, the BlackBerry app and a PC app. Once installed, make sure you set all permissions to "allow" on your BlackBerry or PC-Keypad will not connect properly. The developer recommends using your PC keyboard like your BlackBerry keypad, for example using Alt + W for the number 1. However I find that you can use your PC keyboard normally, and it functions just as well.

PC-Keypad worked pretty well for me; it installed easily and did what it is supposed to do. I did experience a bit of lag at times and letters would trail to preceding words, so either I type too fast or it is a bug that needs worked out. PC-Keypad has a trial available so if you are unsure about purchasing you can try it out first. The trial is good for 10 uses, so that is ample time to get a good feel for how it works. Be warned though, the trial has a pop-up reminder that shows up frequently when the app is running. Of course, this doesn't happen with the purchased version of the app. Through October 18th, PC-Keypad is on sale for $4.99 (regularly $6.99) in the CrackBerry store.

Contest: Afendi Apps was also kind enough to give us 50 copies of PC-Keypad to give away to our readers! To enter, simply leave a comment below. Winners will be chosen at random. Deadline to enter is midnight PST this Sunday!

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Reader comments

Contest: PC-Keypad by Afandi Apps - 50 free copies available!



Gimme, Gimme, Gimme my copy of your cool app PC-Keypad. If you don't, I'll force you to watch a 7-day marathon of the Flava Fave show on VH1 - LOL

How developers keep coming up with the coolest apps for the BB. I can surely use this to update my password database.

I could type blazingly fast with this app! :D
No more thumb stomping when I have my laptop or desktop around! :D

Also, what app projects the blackberry screen onto your monitor? I'd love an app that let's me USB or bluetooth my BB to my kayboard/monitor.

As an older BB user with some hand problems I do have quite a time typing messages, etc. This app sounds like it would really help me out with using the BB.

I will love to have that on my 9800!!! So I can finally stop using airmouse on my iPhone 3Gs =P

I hope I win one copy =P

Would love this app to help fix the disaster that Google Sync left behind in my calendar and contacts. Thanks!

I've been waiting SOOO long for an app like this. I didn't think that it could actually be done.
I was thinking of doing this, but I have NOO idea how to write an app.
PLEASE let me win!!

I always use my blackberry when I'm at the computer and being able to plug it in and is a pc keyboard? Brilliant! I would more than use the heck out of this app!

This would assist me in writing my reports on my keyboard on my PC before sending them to my BES server.

hopefully they fix the bugs. i could definitely see myself buying this app, or even receiving one of the free copies :D

awesome app, would be interested to see how well it performs! thanks for the contest oppertunity!

I think this app would be really neat to try, however I would have to see how well it works with the screen now being shown on my desktop. Ill take a free copy to figure it out tho!

Having a PC-Keypad is a great idea! I can easily update things on my BB. Afandi thanks for the new app :)

This looks like a super handy app for banging out long replies on my email. Love to give it a try, thanks for the chance to win a copy!

This is sweet looking, I'd love to win a copy! I've always been surprised with the lack of PC integration on BB, especially since it is so stronglt aimed at corporate users.

Now THIS app would REALLY come in handy!!!!! Thanks for the contest, CrackBerry!!!!!! Great contest AGAIN!!!!! <3

Wow , great app !

I was waiting for an app like this long time ago ! :)

maybe next app will support live Blackberry screen Stream

PC-Keypad will unlock new dimensions for me. My fingers do poorly on my storm. (They dont do much better on my full keyboard). This definitely will help me out.

I was looking for something like this but to no avail. Thanks CB for bringing this to my attention! I love to get a free copy to save me a couple dollars too :D thanks CB and afandi apps!!

Just perfect, this is what I'm looking for.
Making it easier to respond on your blackberry while working on the pc.

Sounds interesting, but if the screen isn't projected onto your screen wouldn't that mean that you have to see your BlackBerry to use it properly?

This looks like it could be a very nice addition!

I already have problem expecting AutoText while typing on my computer keyboard... This will just make it that much easier to forget... Do they make AutoText for PCs??? :)