PBA Bowling 2 -- OpenGL Game for BlackBerry Storm2 -- Now Available! Plus All Concrete Software Games Now 40% Off!

By Bla1ze on 26 Dec 2009 09:40 am EST
PBA Bowling 2 Now Available From Concrete Software

While at the BlackBerry Developer Conference this year, Adam and I got to sit in on developer session on how to best make use of OpenGL in BlackBerry devices. During that session one of the games demoed was PBA Bowling 2. Just a little over a month later, we now have a finalized version for the BlackBerry Storm2. Since PBA Bowling 2 makes us of the OpenGL graphics engine it looks great on the Storm2's screen and also makes great use of the accelerometer. Right now you can grab PBA Bowling 2 for only $2.99. That's 40% off until January 4th folks. If you download it, let us know in the comments what you think of it in comparison to other BlackBerry games that are not using OpenGL.

All of Concrete Softwares other games are on sale for 40% through January 4th as well. You can choose from greats like Sid Meier's Pirates, Aces Mahjong, Aces Blackjack and more. Check out the full Concrete Software lineup in the CrackBerry App Store

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PBA Bowling 2 -- OpenGL Game for BlackBerry Storm2 -- Now Available! Plus All Concrete Software Games Now 40% Off!


Currently at $2.99, this game is a must-have for any Storm 2 owner. This version was made specifically for the touch screen, providing easy to learn controls and superb OpenGL 3D graphics. In short, it's awesome!

Have possible OpenGL support for anything besides the storm? We better have games/graphics like this on keyboarded devices with the next wave of devices...

That is ridiculous. I say that not to the game developers, but to RIM. How do they expect developers to want to develop game and great apps for their devices when they ship with only 256mb?! Something needs to change and fast.

If the average app is going to be 6mb..It's not going to be good..and if the rumored specs are 512mb for future devices that won't help either..

6.4MB to be exact, but with the Storm 2 there is so much unused memory. The graphics are nice and rather smooth compared to other games I've played. Still won't be completely satisfied until NFS is released, I can't wait to see that.

It really isnt enough space for the Storm2 when you think about other apps people will have installed. My Storm2 boots up with 99mb. If I want to pull an iPhone and install a bun h of these games on my device, I'll be short on app memory before I know it.

How is it not enough space? I only have apps on my phone that I'm gonna use or that I may be testing for someone. The space is actually there to be used, so use it. Mind you I once had a Storm 1...talk about memory.

wow I guess us storm 1 owners really are screwed...good to know RIM stands behind not only their products but their customers...Cant even install these apps anyways...come on HTC fuck blackberry

I'm a former Storm user, I still have my 9530, and being honest, I don't blame RIM for not supporting the 9530/9500 with things like OpenGL.

If you need support for problems with the device, like messaging, phone calls and things of that sort, You can still get it.

The 9530/9500 are now last years device generation, We have the Storm 2 to replace the Storm 1, Just like I have a Bold 2 to replace my Bold 1, and Storm 1.

If you want to run the latest and greatest in applications, You'll need newer, updated, more efficient hardware, and I see no problem in requiring that.

When the processing power is essentially the same and the only difference (which still hasn't been properly explained) is a chip which the original storm has the same capabilities. Either way this is a useless argument with the memory problem

Got the game for my Storm2 and my husband's. We both love it. Can't wait for more Open GL games but something has to be done about this memory...still trying to figure out the point of this extra 2GB card...maybe for app storage in a future OS?

Wow!!! What a difference an OpenGL game makes. I never expect much from cellphone games but this game is great. I downloaded the lite version, then bought the app no more 5 minutes after that.

"...still trying to figure out the point of this extra 2GB card...maybe for app storage in a future OS?"

You're confusing application memory with memory for media content (music, video, photos, e-books, etc.). The 2GB card has nothing to do with the internal memory, which is where the OS and applications reside. The internal memory is fixed at whatever the device came with. The media card is to store content like that I just mentioned, and that amount of memory is expandable depending on what size media card you use. I believe the current maximum size on a media card is 32GB, and it's dependent on what version of the OS you're running. I have a 16GB card in my Bold 9000, which holds about a dozen movies, about 750 songs, a bunch of photos, a couple of audio books and several e-books. In the Bold 9000, the media card is supplemented by a gig of built-in memory for media storage that's separate from the 128 MB of OS/application memory in the 9000. I'm not sure why RIM didn't add built-in media storage memory in the Bold 9700 or other devices.

So does it says it uses the accelerometer but does it use full touch screen to "throw" the ball like the ipod touch?

I think it requires Storm 2 for the OpenGL support.

There is also a demo of the 'Lite' version on the App World you can try out first.

When OpenGL was announced they said any BlackBerry running a 5.0 OS would support OpenGL. And since us Verizon owners had just got OS for our Storms it was understood we would have OpenGL as well. One site even made light of it saying we could. I have my phone for at least another year, so some more fun games would be kewl. And sonething like this would be fun to show off at work. Make more people want to buy a BlackBerry (I'm like a walking advertisement, RIM should pay me ^_^).

Is the "lite" version OpenGL or normal?

I know that OpenGL is just now getting around to the BlackBerry, but I really hope the quality and level of games improves exponentially better than this game. I see the 3D side of OpenGL and the game runs smoothly, but the graphics are still piss poor IMO.

I don't get it....

BlackBerrys have some of THE highest resolutions displays on smartphones available and we can't even appreciate it. Are these the limitations of the JavaVM? We Storm 1 and 2 users got a dedicated YouTube app from Google and it BLOWS!! All YouTube clips on BlackBerrys...BLOWS. This PBA 2 game, graphic wise, BLOWS.

I will still play it...I love bowling, and because I paid for it. I hope the developer comes back with PBA 3 and blows my mind. Until then...meh.

BTW, bowled a 221. One open frame. Grrrr.....

UPDATE: 246, no open frames, Cheetah pattern, against Mike Fagan. wOOt!

UPDATE 2: It hits the battery pretty hard. :/