PayPal Releases Free Send Money Application for BlackBerry Smartphones

By Bla1ze on 16 Dec 2009 10:07 pm EST
PayPal Releases Free Send Money Application for BlackBerry Smartphones

Finally, after the announcement this morning and the long wait. You can now grab the download of the new Paypal "Send Money" application. The application it's self is a rather large download as you can see from the pic, rolling in at 1.6MB. The PayPal application is free to download and use, and is available on BlackBerry App World in Canada, USA, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Portugal and Australia. Let us know what you think of it in the comments folks, it looks like a great app so far.

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PayPal Releases Free Send Money Application for BlackBerry Smartphones


Ok, so I'm a heavy PayPal user and I'm supportive of a new app for the BlackBerry - but - you can already use SMS to send money from your BlackBerry. I guess if you don't have an SMS plan, this may be helpful. My other issues is the size of the program. Seriously, 1.6MB for this program? It would be one thing if BlackBerrys could run apps from the memory card - but since they can't, every bit of memory counts!

Nice app but weird, I'm using Pearl 8130 and my app size comes in at 580kb~ (which I guess is a good thing considering).

unless I'm doing something wrong..I don't see a way to view the actual transaction from the history tab.

You would think at 1.5 megs you would have the ability.
As mentioned before I can get my balance from the website and send payment via text. I'm not hard-up for memory, but it should of been considered.

But, does anyone know if the person your sending the money to needs a paypal account to accept the transfer of cash????

The need an account for an email you can send to as well what to do with the payment..transfer to bank account etc.

Sweet! I use paypal on a daily basis. I can see myself using this app a ton!

I just wish it had a bit more customizable options.
I like, though, how you can "Send Money Using Paypal" just by hitting the blackberry button when in an email. Very useful stuff!!

At 1.6mb I'll have to uninstall 1 - 3 apps to make room. Sorry PayPal, do to RIM's memory management techniques I'll have to pass on what I'm sure is a fine app.

Sorry, won't use it. I am staying away from paypal, I have had nothing but problems with them and had to send them a cease and decist notice to stop their harrasment. They are good when they make money but they won't work with you to solve a problem or a scam. my 2 cents.

It is at 1.5MB now and version from...301
I downloaded it as I do need it but yea PayPal is EXTREMLY SHADY. Nice app though.

Sounds great, but I won't load that sh!tpile CrapWorld just to get it. They should make it available for the PayPal website or Crackberry, or anywhere but CrapWorld.

Seriously, all this does is send money, what a waste especially with the app size. I use eBay and only use PayPal there. I need to be able to replenish my account on the go. I guess AppWorld will continue not to get my cash as well because of this PayPal issue. I don't have time to waste messing around. Viva the CrackBerry App Store!

So, the real question is, does this app integrate with the BB eBay application?

The only time I use PayPal is for eBay auctions. If the two apps work in tandum, then I can see it as a nice addition. If it is not an automatic link between the two (like on a PC web browser), then there really isn't a point for me to install it, especially at 1.6MB.

Paypal offers that security token FOB to log in, which I do have and use.

I did notice one time when I tried to purchase something via the BB App World, it took me to Paypal, and because of the security FOB token feature being enabled on my account I was not able to go any further...I wonder if I can do so via this app.

Peace all...

Or, you could just use from any phone with a web plan instead of wasting space on your phone, like I've been doing for the last 3 years. I guess since Apple has to release apps that do nothing you couldn't do before, they need them for Blackberry too.

The PayPal app looks cool. i'm going to give it a try. i usually just use the Bolt browser to access the full PayPal site. Pretty quick that way. PayPal mobile site is good too, and i have that book marked.

PayPal is kind of a pain for eBay sellers. They put holds on funds. The PayPal fees bum me out and i prefer to use Obopay. Obopay is mobile friendly and the fee to send money is flat and cheap. Obopay has a BlackBerry app as well that adds Obopay to the menu to send/receive money.

Is there really a need for this app? I've been using paypal on my phone since I got my Bold about a year ago. What does this app give us that the mobile site doesn't?


Good idea, however:

1. When you are on the ebay auction you won on a normal computer and click on "pay with paypal" it links the auction transaction to the paypal payment so if you dont get the item the payment can be withdrawn and a dispute case can be opened. dont see that option here, so once you send money, its gone.

2. Dont see the option to choose/change primary and secondary payment source. on a computer you can set it to go from your bank account first then use creditcard as backup or vise versa. dont see that change option here, or am i missing something?

I am using the paypal app and I am able to change my payment source. I changed it from my credit card to bank and I was able to see the fees disappear making the payment free.

Pretty good app though. Hopefully future versions come a little smaller