Pause and mute media and phone calls in an instant with Flip Shush

By DJ Reyes on 30 Aug 2013 10:27 am EDT

Being able to mute your device just by flipping it over isn't a new thing. I remember an app that could do that when I had the Storm2. Now, BlackBerry 10 has the option to do so. It is probably something I'd like to see built into BlackBerry 10 but since it isn't it just means that there's room for a developer to fill that void. It is a bit of a novelty thing as you can just as easily tap the screen to mute an incoming call but it's pretty cool to be able to make use of your device's gyroscope to get the same result.

Flip Shush allows you to not only mute an incoming call but it will mute media too. So, if you're playing music you can pause it by just over your BlackBerry facedown. It works when playing videos in the browser too. There is also the option to mute notifications too.

With apps like these, I like to find use cases. With that in mind, I think about the kids in the house and how they play music from their BlackBerry devices or they're watching videos on YouTube. I'll walk in and want to ask a question, they have to reach and find the mute button or pause button. With Flip Shush, they could just flip the phone over. Thinking about other scenarios it could be useful for - meeting. You may not want any distractions during a meeting, so you could just have your BlackBerry laid face down on the table and all your notifications will be silent.

For Flip Shush to function is does need to run as an Active Frame, at least until OS 10.2. It is free to download however the free version only allows you to mute any media played on your device. If you want the notifications and phone function you'll need to buy these through the in-app purchase option within the app. The pro version is $2.99.

Flip Shush is available for the Z10, Q10 and Q5. There is also a PlayBook version for $0.99.

More information / Download Flip Shush for BlackBerry 10
More information / Download Flip Shush for BlackBerry PlayBook

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Pause and mute media and phone calls in an instant with Flip Shush


I don't know.... Tapping the screen to mute a call or pause a video seems way faster and more convenient than putting the phone face down. And it's free.

Automatically disabling notifications when face down would be handy for meetings though ... walk into a meeting and put your phone face down on the table and your set to focus on the business at hand.
If this feature was added it would be worth something... not 2.99, but something.

Posted via CB10

Did u read the whole post? That feature is included as part of the app... DJ even used it as an example


Nobody reads anymore. In a few minutes people will be in the forum proclaiming BlackBerry dead because this app doesn't switch off notifications when it's turned over. Lol

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Apparently not very carefully, it's mentioned twice in the article. Still 2.99 to have access to this feature seems a lot steep.

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There's a bit of ritual here, though. It's one thing to be in a face-to-face conversation with someone, have your phone go off, and tap it to silence the notification, but it's even cooler to start the face-to-face meeting by turning your phone face-down to signal to the other person that you won't allow your device to interrupt.

I was going to disagree because I would want to see the blinking light, but that just makes your point all the more valid. By flipping the phone over, as a BlackBerry user, it shows that your attention is 100% on the business at hand. I actually like that idea. Your post and my little introspection have convinced me this is an app I need to download. Thanks!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

As more of us use these devices, the etiquette is only going to get more important. I actually really like the idea of the gesture of putting the phone face-down. It's a very clear signal that you're actually focused on the person you're talking to.

A year from now, it's easy to envision a big business meeting where the first thing everyone does as they sit down is pull their phones out and put them face-down on the table.

Is this headless currently with the 10.2 leaks or something coming in an update?

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Trash app if not running headless. BlackBerry is failing me smh

So now I must keep this running along with my hd wallpaper app smh.

Come on BlackBerry!!!

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Perfect for meetings as I sometimes forget to turn off my ringer and notifications.

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Hi everyone! Thanks for the review DJ!
I have the headless 10.2 version working and ready to go! I'm just waiting on BlackBerry permissions approval process (for running headless)!

Nice. Hope the approval is quick, and that other devs get started with 10.2 compatibility soon. I know there's still some time until 10.2 releases (likely half a year for Verizon), but for us leak users, the updates can't come quickly enough.

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Works pretty well and showed it off to a couple of friends. Although I've had the paid version for a few months now. Glad to see that this will be an headless app soon, now I'll be able to use this app again. I really don't like running active frames for some strange reason.

On the Underrated Z10

He didn't do pretty good job hiding his home phone no. I wish he could edit that.
so Stalkers and annoying people dont start u know annoy him :D

Just bought it even if 2,69€ isn't cheap for a feature that should be integrated in the OS.
Hope it'll be able to run without staying open with 10.2 firmware?!?

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Will it conflict with hub++ or override hub++

IOW, will there still be notifications heard because hub++ is controlling them now?

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I actually stumbled across this before I saw this post. I downloaded it and even pour the pro version for $2.99. It works really well, and is very simple to use. It has settings for just music, music and messages, and for everything to be muted. The only feature I don't like is that it mutes your alarm too, I thought this would be a great feature foe going to bed at night...then I was almost late for work. BUT still a great app, can't wait for headless in 10.2!

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