PatternLock now available for BlackBerry 7 devices

By Adam Zeis on 15 Nov 2011 10:01 am EST

PatternLock BlackBerryPatternLock BlackBerry

I'm a big fan of keeping my device locked, but I prefer a much quicker way to access it over the standard lock button or password lock -- for this I love PatternLock. PatternLock, the third party device locking app for BlackBerry, has finally been updated for BlackBerry 7 touchscreen devices. The app lets you set a simple pattern on your device that allows you to easily secure your BlackBerry while giving you quick access via the touchscreen. Set your pattern, lock options, background and more in this totally customizable app. Features include:

  • Many autolock options such as startup and device inactivity
  • Lock individual applications, call screen or the entire device
  • Disable autolock when in predefined locations
  • Backup/Restore options to encrypted file
  • Custom background image, and tons of customization options
  • Theme-able lock screen using PatternLock .pltheme/.plthemehd files
  • Show notifications on the lock screen
  • Emergency call support
  • Assign to hardware lock key
  • Show weather info from BerryWeather (BeWeather) 2.2+
  • Lock out the device if the incorrect pattern is entered a maximum times.
  • The funnest, most customizable way to lock your touchscreen BlackBerry!

PatternLock is on sale now and is available for touchscreen devices for just $1.99 in BlackBerry App World. 

More information/download of PatternLock

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PatternLock now available for BlackBerry 7 devices


How come it's not upgrading in the crackberry appstore and only appworld? I bought mine from the crackberry store and it hasn't updated to the new version

We are working to get the update out on MobiHand as soon as possible, and hopefully that will happen within this week. We have put PatternLock on sale to help celebrate the big release, and to make it easier for MobiHand users to switch their purchases over to App World if they wish. Unfortunately, there is no way for developers to do that manually for their users.

How are we able to switch our purchases from Mobihand over to the app store? is it on the mobihand website? or do you mean to purchase it again on App World?

Unfortunately, that is the only other option. App World offers developers no way to manually transfer users' purchases, or to quickly refund them either. We hope to have the MobiHand update available soon.

the $1.99 one which is from Tafasa is the one referenced in this article, and actually a really good one, much better than the other one as it will allow you to lock just certain apps, pretty cool... I have not tried this update yet but will report back...

I bought the Pattern lock pro and it didnt work very well. However I bought 2.0 and last night reloaded it at 6.0 and it seems to work ok. It doesnt have as many nice features as Pattern Lock. I am wondering the same question. Is it worth spending another 2.00?
Any other input?

I have been using pattern lock pro and I liked it but jus downloaded pattern lock to see how it (what all the hype was all about). PL Pro is much easier to setup and looks normal (don't have to play with the appearence). PL took me a while to setup and when I turned off my backlight, it didn't work I also waited a while but that didn't work either. So I decided to go back to PL Pro and am happy with it. Only reason I'm using it is to avoid pocket dialing and what not and does that pretty well so I'm settling for PL Pro.

You can skip past all the rest of the PatternLock setup if you do not wish to customize any of the options by pressing the "Skip All" button on located on the bottom of the screen. You can always return to these options at a later time (from your BlackBerry Options Screen, under Third Party Options) if you wish to change them. There are a lot of cool options in there, so we still suggest you take a look at them :)

We are sorry to hear you are having trouble getting PatternLock to work for you. Please make sure you have enabled all permissions for the application, and if possible please try rebooting your device by pulling the battery (sometimes the BlackBerry doesn't completely install the application until reboot). Also, please make sure you haven't set any options that may prevent PatternLock from locking (eg. set it to not autolock when the "Phone" application is running, because this application always runs in the background, or set it to not autolock in certain locations and you are currently in that location).

Ehhhm... I just purchased the app for my 9810 and I don't know where I can go to adjust the settings!!

I'm running OS

The options are in your device's options under "Third Party Applications". Find the options icon on your home screen, click that, scroll to the bottom until you find "Third Party Applications", click that, and you should see an item called PatternLock.

Will I be able to use this even though my works BES makes my BB lock after 5 mins of inactivity?

Unfortunately, no third party application can override the lock forced by BES :( You can, however, still use PatternLock to lock applications.

Disappointed...i purchased this for my torch with os6 and now i have to rebuy it for the update to os7 for my bold 9900

I also purchased this for my 9800 and now i have to repurchase the app, which is not that big of a deal except that when i try to purchase the app i get a Purchase Service error. (Error id: 30220)

also i was able to see my old Patternlock in uninstalled but once i clicked on the app it took me to the page to purchase it and now it is no longer visible in the uninstalled or anywhere.

is anyone else having this issue or has anyone found a solution?

I am having the exact same issues. I even tried using the browser on the PC to purchase the app again and it won't let me.

Same here, I also checked to see if I was able to download any of the other apps and I was able to purchase and download other apps. I have sent over an email and just waiting for a response I will update when and if I get some feedback

You do not have to repurchase the application if you bought it already on App World. The update should show up for you shortly. It sometimes takes the App World up to 24 hours to propagate the update to all devices, and you may have not received it yet. The purchase error you are seeing is probably due to trying to purchase again when you already own a copy. Please try again later in the day to see if the issue is resolved.

Thank you very much for the reply i will try again later in the day. I had a feeling that the error was due to repurchasing, but thank you for confirming this.

I was still having the same error, I found that contacting the Dev team for support really worked out in my favor, So my suggestion to you would be to contact them for help and I'm sure you will be satisfied with the results.

If you would like to still get the app you could go to and purchase the app through there, which is a quick solution and its only 1.99, but again try contacting Tafasa and you will not be disappointed.

Hope you get yours all worked out.
Good Luck

same here buddy, but i got it. you have to doit thru your browser and go to and search for patternlock. And also theres a glitch with 2.0 for the bold 9900. for some reason it doesnt open when you go to third party applications. i hope theres an update soon.

Yes, I have a solution! I was having the same exact problem with a couple of my already purchased apps, and here is how I fixed it. It appears to be an issue with App World 3.0. So, I uninstalled that and replaced it with a version of App World 2.0. After that I had no problem reinstalling Patternlock, or any of my other apps. I hope the same thing works for you. Hopefully, RIM will fix this in a roll out of App World 3.0. The forums are full enough of people have this error 30220 problem.

Everything is FREE on the Android that doesn't mean it is free on the BB. Somebody have to make a living.

The pattern lock available on Android doesn't have half the features offered in our version of PatternLock ;) Check it out and I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

OK I bought the pattern lock and replaced pattern lock pro. Pattern Lock is MUCH better. Many more options and def worth the 1.99. Also I really respect the developer who takes the time to answer questions on a forum like this. Good customer support. Go with Pattern Lock!

Just to highlight a few of the options available to PatternLock:

- See your notifications on the lock screen
- Emergency call button (if you want to enable it)
- Theme almost every aspect of the lock screen to make it look exactly how you want
- Password protect your options so no one else can see them
- Lock individual applications as well as your whole device
- Lock out the device after too many unlock attempts (you can disable this and choose the number of unlock attempts allowed, as well as the lock out duration)
- Disable autolocking when certain applications are running
- Disable autolocking when in certain locations (eg. you don't want to autolock when at home)

The list goes on and on :) PatternLock was the original locking app for the BlackBerry and we think it is still the best one out there. We hope you will try it out and agree.

Hello tafasa,

I love Pattern Lock. I am an early adopter, I bought my 9810 first day it came out.

May I please suggest that your company to update important/functional apps as such in a MUCH sooner manner than 3 months?

I don't mind forking money out for an upgrade but product loyalty is valuable as well.


I have pattern lock pro installed for $1 and it does backgrounds and color customization for the dots.
Idk why everyone says "it does nothing"
Pattern lock Pro is way better.
If you can't do the customization then reply to this. I'll tell you how to do it.

Please see our comments above about why we think PatternLock is very different from all the rest :)

See, if it had an activation code and offered a trial version, you could easily offer a trial in appworld and such, those who purchased it from mobihand, could download the trial version from appworld and use the activation code from mobihand to unlock the full version. Therefore, people would not have to pay for this thing again, specially when updates support for this app is so delayed and lacking motivation in the platform.

It's 1.99!!! Either wait for Mobihand or repurchase. That is what I am going to do- I am too impatient to wait! It won't hurt to help the developers WANT to upgrade our apps you know.
Thanks Tafasa!! Appreciate you doing this for us!

Who gives a crap if its 1.99$? I dont care if its 1.99, it can be 10$ and i wouldnt mind buying it again, if the company deserves it.
But look how long it took them to just update the app, and from previous email replies tafasa did to customers, they did not show enough interest on the platform and were not even sure if they were going to update it.
It can be even 99 cents, but if the company shows no support or motivation, then they dont deserve a repurchase just so they can bail out...

We are sorry that the update took so long to come out. Our company is definitely devoted to the platform. We produce over 20 different titles all built from the ground up for the BlackBerry, and we don't develop for any other platform.

OS 7 introduced many challenges for us in terms of design and development. OS 7 devices no longer all have the same aspect ratio, and each have different capabilities. We wanted to wait until we had an update that could support all of them, and an update that had at least one new feature for our OS 6 users as well. We did that by including revamped notification support which will show you all the notification icons the BlackBerry OS can show in a third party application. The update also supports every touchscreen OS 7 device, including the two that were just announced today.

Our email responses in the past were purposely conservative as we didn't want to create false release buzz. We waited until we were sure we were ready before announcing it publicly. You can follow us on Twitter for more up to date information about our releases and what we are working on.

I would just like to take the time to thank you and your team for developing for the blackberry OS, your time is not waisted as your efforts are truly appreciated.

Again thank you

I didnt really think that people used things like these on their BB. Im perfectly satisfied with the lock button. And doesn't it seem a bit androidish

I have ONE question before I buy this app. If I lock my entire phone using this app, will the BlackBerry Protect bypass the lock if I request to lock, scream, find, etc over the net?

Thank you.

Just signed into Blackberry Protect and yes it does everything while locked with PatternLock! I love it and was waiting for this app to come out for my Torch. Always had it on my Storm. I always found the regular lock button clumsy to use- my thumb is not long enough to hit it while holding the phone normally.

Am I using the wrong version? I had this on my Storm for years and now have a Torch 9860. I purchased it from Mobihand and when I saw the message today that it was being released for OS7 devices I went and checked the website. The only way I could get the link was to send it to myself from Mobihand.

I'm now running version and when the phone is locked I get the background image tiled in 4 areas on my screen. The Pattern Lock grid and all the notifications show up on the tile in the top left corner.

Anyone else seeing this? Did I install the wrong version?



Figured as much. Thanks for the response. Wonder if I'm going to have to purchase a new version. 2 bucks is no big deal and it is well worth it for this app if you ask me!


Great App! I miss it from my 9800 os6. I now have a 9810 os7 device which Appworld suggests I repurchase!? Is another purchase necessary or aren't I entitled to the os7 being I purchased the os6 app??

Other people have mentioned this problem above. Most likely, the problem is that App World takes about 24 hours to fully update its servers.

I just downloaded and set it up and it's great. LOVE that you can make it just for specific applications. it's excactly what I wanted. there's a slight lag before the lock that's a bit annoying but not a deal breaker.

It does lag pretty noticeably. What's worse, if you go to BBM and try to send something from a locked location (such as Media, it will let you see and access them even if it is a locked 'application'.

I still think that it was well wort the purchase. Offer it to me for the PlayBook and you will earn yet another purchase!

Nice work with this.

My biggest issue with PLPro is that I don't see the native blackberry clock when phone is in bedside mode. (As soon as I mentioned it to them though they updated to include a clock on their lock screen).
I still want my blackberry to lock while in bedside mode... but I want to see the bedside clock and not the lock screen. Will this app allow that?

Wish I could try before I buy :(

PLpro is a diff app by a diff developer. From what I read pL pro does patternlock by tafasa is way berrer.

I have a Torch 9860 and am having an issue with the path or line or whatever you call it not being centered to the dots when you swipe the screen - the vertical path is slightly off center to the right and it seems like it is not as responsive as the old version

EDIT: I sent an email to support and they responded in an extremely timely fashion and sorted out my problem. It turned out that I screwed up by restoring the settings from the old version of Patternlock which caused the screen resolution to be screwed up but everything is working perfectly now :-)

I'm having this same issue. Did a clean install, did not use my restore file but set it up manually. Still having the same problem. It looks like its using the Landscape functionality on my 9900.
Even worse is that I can't get in to change anything because when I go into Third party apps, it opens and closes immediately.
What did they have you do?

We are still working through some issues with the MobiHand system and hope to have the update out on there within the week. At the moment, the new version of the application is only available in the App World. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

I loved this app on my 9800 and was saddened when it was not ready for os 7 launch. Main reason I use it is to lock my pics :) not meant for all eyes! Lol I even dl the storm version which didn't have the correct resolution in the meantime waiting for os7 update. I ran through the set up this morning and found that I was unable to dl the dot icons and that there are no themes available for the "HD" devives such as the 9810. It also stated in the update notification email that the background image was "easier" to set?! Not sure how though. I would like to see thumbnails since I don't have all my pics renamed rather than figuring out if pic labled 201111112356 is what I want to use. Other than that I love this app, well worth its $ since I don't really spend a lot on apps.

Now if Att would only release an os7 update to fix the memory leak and battery life :) was @1% yesterday at 6pm from 99%+ at 9am with very limited use at work :(

Thanks again PL developer.

I just downloaded and installed from CB. Thank you so much! I love this app. It seems quicker and more exact to me.

I still can't redownload it to my new device or purchase again even. Same problem the other people are reporting where it gives me a purchase error. Anyone that previously purchased for pre os 7 device and now able to redownload it to your os7?

Same problem as you. Waited for a week already. Tweeted BlackBerryHelp but no solution yet. Damn error 30220!!! I want to spend money but RIM doesn't let me!!!

Hi there. For the unlock pattern, is there a minimum number of dots? i.e. could you unlock it just by pressing one dot?



Well two weeks later and AppWorld is still not allowing me to repurchase PatternLock (or better yet download it again since I already paid for it). I emailed Appworld support and have yet to hear back from them. Has anyone had any luck re-downloading their purchase for an OS7 phone?