PatternLock Lite Now Available Free For Storm Users

By Adam Zeis on 30 Jun 2009 10:53 am EDT
PatternLock Lite

PatternLock for the BlackBerry Storm has been one of our best selling apps since it's release a few months back. Tafasa has taken notice and released PatternLock Lite. The lite version is available free and works in the same manner, but only contains the bare bones application features.  PatternLock Lite gives Storm users a 3x3 grid of dots which are connected in a specific pattern to unlock the device. The full verison gives users the option of custom wallpaper, password protection, location based locking and more. I'm glad Tafasa has gone this route and has both a premium and free version of the app and can only hope more developers follow in their footsteps.  In conjunction with the release, Tafasa is offering $1.00 off the full version of PatternLock. Head over to (or use our mobile client) from your device, and enter the coupon code patternlock1off to purchase PatternLock for only $1.99.  This coupon code will only work from your device at

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PatternLock Lite Now Available Free For Storm Users


I've always wanted to try this one...I'll give it a shot and see if added functionality would be worth my $$.

This is a really cool concept. Wish it would come out for all other blackberry. The * talk function isn't really the most secure.

This would be lame on a non-touch screen phone so it prolly wont ever happen...

I would just use the password if you need security, scueby.

Ok, so I set this up on my one storm kinda fast and just chose no to locking when phone is idol. I chose after a min. on my other one. Well now I would like to put a time for the pattern lock to come on and I can't find anywhere? If I click on the app on my phone it has me do the little pattern but then it just goes into the phone. There isn't any place to change it..

there is not anyway to do that, but with the full version you could use the same wallpaper on your lock scren that you have on your regular theme background.

I have tried the lite version and it is very quite and a good program. Does either the lite or full version work when the user pushes the lock button on the top left of the phone(storm)? Under the lite version when I push the lock button and then repush it patternlock never executes.

The assign to lock key feature is only available in the full version of the application. A more comprehensive list of features only available in the full version can be found on the PatternLock Lite product page in the store. Here is the explanation of the assign to lock key feature:

"Ability to assign PatternLock to the lock key: This option can only be used by devices that do not have a password enabled using the BlackBerry built-in security system. Locking using the lock key is slower than launching it directly using a convenience key. You will see the built-in lock screen appear momentarily and then it will be replaced by PatternLock."

once ti is "engagd" , how do you dis-engage PATTERNLOCK? Can anyone tell me please. Sometimes I want it on and sometimes I dont! thanks in advance.