Patience is a virtue... unless you're in the USA and just want to get your freak'n hands on a BlackBerry Z10 right now!

Common.. Give it to America too!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Feb 2013 06:32 pm EST

CrackBerry's I Got My BlackBerry Z10 thread is already starting to fill up with replies. Lots of Z10s were given away at the BlackBerry 10 launch events, and the Zed 10 went on sale in the UK this past Thursday. In Canada, Zed 10's are already sitting in the back of carrier stores, just waiting for Tuesday morning to hit so they can go on sale.

In the United States, however, BlackBerry fans are sitting on the sidelines, watching all of the fun unfold everywhere else while they wait until March to be able to buy the Zee 10. Based on the reaction of US-based members on CrackBerry, the waiting is not getting any easier as the days go by. For example, almost every time I click on a blog post and scan through the comments I come across at least one comment linking to this Bring the BlackBerry to the USA Sooner petition (this article is in honor of that act; please go sign the petition so these members can stop link spamming it across every post on the site). I'm sure tomorrow's BlackBerry Super Bowl commercial will be awesome, but it won't tell Americans they can run to the store on Monday to buy a new BlackBerry 10 phone.

We ran the poll already asking America how they were coping with the wait until March for the Zee 10, and 56% of you said you were ticked off. The rest of you we're okay with it and understood the wait could come with some benefits, like more app titles in BlackBerry World at launch. We further analyzed the rationale and and potential silver lining associated with BlackBerry 10 launching in the U.S. a little later rather than sooner. Logically, I understand it and get it. It's not *all* bad.

But emotionally, I just don't care. I wish America could have the Z10 this coming week too. The waiting just sucks. I feel bad for everybody in the US right now who wants a BlackBerry Z10. Right now the CrackBerry fans in the US are sitting on the sidelines watching the rest of us who already have a Z10 or will be getting one this week have all the fun, and we are having fun. Seriously, the last 72 hours have felt like the second coming of CrackBerry again. For me personally, it's like we just rewound the clock to 2008. The site is BUZZING. We have so much to talk about. The excitement is there. The device is here. It's all new. We have sooo much to write about that we can't type fast enough. I always have fun, but I haven't had *this much fun* in years.

I sincerely hope the BlackBerry Z10 comes to the USA not one day longer than is necessary to get it launched. I'm not sure there's much I can say to help the situation here. I will say that February is the shortest month of the year, which at least saves a few days of waiting until March. As I'm sitting in Canada as I type this, I'll make everybody south of the border a promise. I promise CrackBerry's honeymoon phase with the Z10 will not be short lived. When we get a new device, things get crazy for a while around here on CrackBerry. It's over the top, but it's awesome. I promise that when the Z10 finally hits US carriers, that we'll keep the Z10 honeymoon phase going for a long time, so you feel just as excited when you get your Z10s as I do right now.

As for that petition to bring BlackBerry 10 to the U.S. sooner, I'm not sure if it'll help, but signing it definitely won't hurt. Hit it up at the link below.

Sign the Bring BlackBerry to the USA Sooner Petition

Reader comments

Patience is a virtue... unless you're in the USA and just want to get your freak'n hands on a BlackBerry Z10 right now!


lol @ the title

I am in the USA and I am okay with waiting. The success of BB10 in the states will rely a lot on the apps that are available. One month worth of apps accumulated before its release will only help the platform. IMHO

These days apps are the most important thing in a platform, and timing is extremely important. Sadly BlackBerry is having a serious problem with timing in the USA.

I feel for you guys, wish Americans would get the phone at the same time too. We need you guys to love this phone... Anyway, Crackberry should have some sort of giveaway for US residents only as a sort of consolation while you guys wait. I'm cheering for you guys.

- A Canadian Z10 owner come tuesday.

Kevin Kevin Kevin and BlackBerry team
I have been looking around to find a good Z10 browser comparison test with Iphone 5 galaxy note and galaxy s3. I have seen HTML comparison test, but not full comparison test.
It will be grate if you can post detailed one.

I, personally, was upset, but got over it. What I am more frustrated with is how this effects BB10. The real problem with the delayed launch is that it wastes all the positive hype and marketing that is happening now. BB10 is relevant NOW. In 6-8 weeks I fear it will be too late. The only silver lining is if BB10 would have bombed if released now because of the lack of big apps being ready.

The CARRIERS can gain some confidence if they allow pre-orders. Apple reaches their pre-order capacity within a day of opening for orders. People are willing to wait 2-3 weeks to receive them from backorder. If the USA carriers will just start the process by allowing pre-orders it will lessen the negative impact.

The problem is, at my organization they are no longer ordering BB7 devices and have already informed me they will not be renewing TSupport with RIM and implementing byod. So, we will be losing bb's (94 users, over 200 users total) to what ever is available. Now I get the whole wait for more apps thing, but apple did it (makes me sick just saying it)... But without BB10 soon my fight to have bb stay within my organization will be lost. I am the BESAdmin so that means my job will be looked at (if you know what I mean). I have been fighting for months, informing my upper heads that they will have it soon, now this shit... Yes I am pissed, sorry for venting and yes I still love BB but this makes no sense.

If you want to stay the BESAdmin in a BYOD world get the BES10 free trial up and running and show your managers how it can manage iOS devices, Android devices, legacy Blackberrys on BES, BYOD legacy Blackberrys on BIS (if you install the free BES Express too), Playbooks and the new BB10 Blackberrys. Windows Phone? What's that? ;) lol

What's even more appealing is you can trade your existing BES CALs in for BDS CALs for Playbooks and BB10 devices for free on Blackberry's website all this year. This is the direction I'm taking, you can support BYOD and be BB10 ready. The way I look at it is if your company or organisation wants to implement BYOD and an employee happens go bring their own legacy or new BB10 BlackBerry and says I want my work email on this, how else is that going to be achieved? If you do it this year the only cost of providing a managed BB10 service is the cost of a server to run The BDS component of BES10 on. That's making great use of your investment in BES CALs instead of just writing them off. You do have to buy new CALs for iOS and Android devices though, and the UDS component to manage them needs its own server too right now.

Of course if you're not in a security conscious company or organisation then BB10 devices will connect to work email with ActiveSync just like an iDroid device but all you have then are basic Exchange ActiveSync policies to play with and limited device management in the EMC, ECP and OWA.

I agree the extra wait time may be beneficial for us. My carrier Sprint being bombarded with complaints of not carrying the Z10. It appears they are usually the last carrier to make any decisive decisions.

haha i seriously cant wait for the release here in states. to be honest i am pretty disappointed that the US got left out in the global launch and have to wait at least a month before it gets here

I'm in the UK and yesterday I went into one of our local mobile phone shops and was able to play with the Z10. It was running an app that summaraised and showed off the main features of BB10. I was surprised to see a Z10 just out there with the other BB phones so soon.

It seems really odd that I can just walk into a store here and walk out with a Z10 but you guys in the US are having to wait weeks.

I'm sure there is a reason for this- just doubt it is a very good one.

The main reason I wanted to get my hands on one was to try out the on-screen keyboard. I really like BB keyboards and it is one of the main reasons that I stick with them. I'm still in two minds though; the virtual keyboard on the Z10 worked very well (better and my previous experiences with Andriod), I'm sure I would improve more as I used it more and it gets used to the way that I type. I just still prefer a physical keyboard. I'm typing on my 9800 now and it is a pleasant experience. I can't help thinking that if I do hold out for the Q10 I will end up dissaopinted because the smaller screen does not allow BB10 to be used to it's full potential.

Unfortunately for many in Manitoba (Canada), if you are with MTS Mobility, the Z10 is not available until March as well so we are going to feel the pain here as well!

And that's very sad IMO. Glad I've been with Rogers in MB. MTS will lose customers over this. Maybe not a very LARGE chunk but some.

Hopefully many!

Our company is considering the switch to Rogers. That would be an extra 40 Z10's out of MTS,s hands anyway. The dealer with our business plan just announced that he sold his 5 locations, so what better time than now to make the switch.

Bahahaha, clever little Crackberrier!

“Think highly of yourself, because the world will take you at your own estimate.”

simon's face makes that picture. but im in the usa and im very should i put this..anxious. and i want it now but i understand where the patience is coming from on the pov that the app gap will be sealed(as if there ever was one, which there wasnt) but im hoping to maybe sorta kinda hopefully get the funds to buy an unlocked one from canada..?

whatever, either way i want it now! and thanks for the word the honeymoon phase will last, because i really want the same energy when i get one in march (or sooner, who knows i hope i win the contest!)

Just as I've gotten over the STING of being snubbed as a country by our carriers and not being able to have BlackBerry 10 with the rest of the world, tomorrow comes the Super Bowl commercial, which will reignite my bitterness.

It is like being locked out of a party where everyone's having a good time, and you are watching through the window. Like being starved and shown a great meal, only to be told that you'll be served in a month or so.

Honestly, I'm just surprised none of my fellow Americans have filed a lawsuit haha. We do that a lot down here, you know? Spilled coffee? LAWSUIT. Being looked at the wrong way? LAWSUIT. Not getting our smartphone of choice at the same time as or after the rest of the world?

I agree that the silver lining is that there will be more apps (especially most/all? of the big-named ones) by the time BB10 is available in the US. Plus, the "extra" waiting may generate so much buzz and excitement that we see lineups somewhat like those for the iPhone? ;)

u guys r so unfair... u ppl dnt kno wat ive been going tho every day wit friends n fam wit iphones n android cell phones...the laughter, y im still wit blackberry, u phone dnt hav no apps etc...and this is how u repay a gr8 crackberry addict like me!!! hold the phone another month after the launch!!! REALLY BLACKBERRY!!!!?? THTS F*CKED UP!!(SMH, SIGH!!) .

Well if it's any consulation, if you've seen the Z10 demo videos on you'll notice that on the phone itself the date says Wednesday March 6th, 2013. Hopefully, it's an omen that we'll get our hands on a Z10 1st week of March here in the US. I keep hearing about the carriers postponing it until March but how have celebs like Alicia Keys, her husband Swizz Beats, Tyson Chandler, etc been using the Z10 for weeks? Do celebrities have a special carrier network that Z10s work on? That's something I haven't heard discussed yet.


And im still not cutting my hair till i get the Z10 in my hands from Tmobile.....I might send u a video....Thanx for the article and all BB news you have been giving us all these years.....

Why dont we add Australia to that as well then? We're just as much of berry addicts as the rest and we're waiting anxiously, almost drooling for BB10.

There arent even pre-orders available here yet... wth..

Because even Crackberry don't care about Australia, Blackberry's marketing team in Australia are second rate and the two carriers who have committed to carrying the Z10, Telstra and Optus, Profit more from sales of Android phones through maker subsidies and data.

We are such a small market that it seems it is not worth the effort to worry about us.

Coming from an American, I can say EVERYBODY loves Australia. You guys rock! And I think everyone knows that it's your actors that make the best movies in Hollywood.

Maybe you guys just aren't crying as loud as us over here in America? Or maybe it's becuase your country doesn't border with Canada?

The U.S. carriers are bums, This should be coming next week for Americans also.

Then there are the Brits who are already enjoying - it hurts!

It would be nice if you guys got it say Wednesday, that would be the right thing to do but look at it this way, any bugs will be worked out by the time you get it and there will be a bucket load of apps for you to oogle over at your launch. Me on Tuesday. Canada should have gotten it first but we all know the Brits buy more phones than anyone, hence their launch first. I know I will be lined up at 5 am this Tuesday be it a blizzard or minus 20 Celsius weather or both.

For the general consumer yes you are right, less bugs more apps blah blah, and I support that view. The problem is us guys who belong to beta zone and love/enjoy finding the bugs and helping bb out. Many of us jumped on beta zone when it first came out and I think we just feel a little betrayed. Even though blackberry themselves may have nothing to do with the delay it just sucks. As an at&t dealer and longtime crackberry addict want to strangle both at&t and rim... I mean bb. Of course you all are right, we are just very, very disappointed. I will continue to wait and will still be extremely excited when I finally get my bb10, but I reserve the right to b*tch a little:-)

I'm in Canada and really want a BB10 I've been reading a lot of reviews on the new BB10. For the the most part they are good. Only big criticism I heard is no Netflix and a few other apps which I'm sure Blackberry will rectify in the coming months.

But a more concerning trend is all the bad press of Blackberry stock dropping 22% in 3 days because of all the negative press of the US BB10 delay till March.

The media can really be cruel and downright idiotic, specially with all the lukewarm reviews on BB10 and investor panic.

I'm really looking forward to Tuesday with the release of the Z10 as I know many of you are. And we also have the new BB10 Superbowl ad coming too. Check it out here at:

I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

I am going to feel horrible if all this waiting only leads to a massive tangle of wonky equipment/software. IE: squishy or non-tactile feedback on the keyboard, the dreaded Mexico 5 curse, reboot loops, bricking, and the list goes on. Hope you Canadians can shed some welcomed light on this phone. Put it thru its paces, get that Bionic BBM stress test going! Let's see u break this effin thing!

I don't understand...Thorstein said he had to make the painful decision to wait and launch BB 10 in the first quarter because the US carriers said BB would be better off to wait because none of the other platforms would be putting anything out, and BB would not have to fight for sales. In February is MWC, and will announce all the upcoming phones. Also, HTC's flagship, M7 is expected to launch Feb 19th, and the new Galaxy 4 after that. From all I have read, BB sales do pretty well almost everywhere with the exception of the US. Why didn't Blackberry,do something to ensure an early launch, after all, BB didn't want to go up against everyone. The concensus,noted by Blackberry, was/is, " if we don't do well in the US, we will be forced to consider other options, this is make us or break us." Would it not be possible to get the phones to venders such as Walmart, Radioshak, Best Buy. TMO and AT&T, have already been cleared by the FCC. Lastly, all the carriers were supposed to be on board, whatgoing on. I have only purchased BB phones for the last 7 years, 7105t,7290,8100, 8220,8900,9700 and 9900. I am fearful we are in trouble : (

Well look at it this way - Those other phones may be coming out soon but they won't have half the marketing BB10 has; maybe except the Galaxy S4. But you have to take into consideration that most Galaxy S4 users are still fresh on the S3 so the momentum for S4 demand off the starting line will not be as great as the BB10 demand. And that's because there lots of old BB users who overdue for an upgrade. I think that was along the lines of what the carriers were thinking.

You think too highly of the sales staff of the carriers. The salespeople for the carriers seem to LOVE the Galaxy line. There will be hype for that phone. I hope its launch is later than expected, for BlackBerry's sake.

This. Everyone is underestimating Mobile World Congress. CrackBerry may still be buzzing about the phone when it launches in the US, but the US will be buzzing about other phones when it launches in the US.

It sucks for BlackBerry fans, but I'm worried that it's going to suck worse for BlackBerry. I hope I'm wrong.

Absolutely. Crackberry has the rose-coloured glasses on right now (hey, if they were out in AUSTRALIA I'd also have rose-coloured glasses on).

It's obvious they got it to the carriers too late. Like another comment above this, Australian carriers haven't even started pre-orders yet. We have one of the largest networks in the world - I think the US has similar sized networks. Of course they're going to need to do extensive testing.

Also - what happened to that guy (rootbrain?) who commented on *every single post* to say $749 was the cost to the carriers, we'll be paying less? Guess what... in Australia... it's going to be $749, if not higher outright - TO THE PUBLIC!

Why assume BlackBerry got it to the carriers late when there is plenty of evidence that this is not the case. Look at the situation in Canada alone. In spite of the new that it is available in Canada on Feb 5, it is not available from all Canadian carriers. Wind has stated availability in March and it is not available in Manitoba which I believe is MTS. BlackBerry announced that the Z10 was available for carrier testing in early December and it was already in the bands of 50 carriers back then and up to 150 in January so why didn't these other carriers get on the ball. Maybe it's the carriers that don't care about their customers.

It seems that way to many BB users are too ready and willing to blame BlackBerry for all of their disappointments...fave app missing, must be BB's fault, new phone not available...BB's fault....bad press...BB's fault...etc., etc.

Hey, could be worse. It could be released in the US and your contract isn't up yet. That would be agonizing. Or, it could be released in the US, your contract could be eligible for an upgrade, but March is colder than expected and you have to blow your phone money on heating oil or your car takes a crap and you just won't have the extra cash until April. That would be pretty brutal. So yeah, it could be worse.

That said, it could be better too....

Well... At least U guys in the USA got date.
In Malaysia, even just yesterday twitted about blackberry 10. Let alone release date... And NONE of the carriers are talking or mentioning BB10.
And i'm telling ya, if every 6 out of 10 smartphone users in Malaysia carries a GS3 or GN2, does that not mean we could afford to get a Z10?
I just don't understand why the delay even in the announcement of whether we will get blackberry10 or not.

Thanks Kevin! It made me feel a bit better. Honestly, one of the worst parts of waiting until March was that I feared that the party here on CB would've stopped by then. Glad to hear that you'll be rocking on until we get our devices!

All we really want is a solid release date. At least if we get a date, we don't have to keep speculating about which comments mean what and that someone might release before another.

I see the point about apps, and I kind of agree. But having the devices here would put more pressure on app devs to bring their apps to BB10 (unless, of course, they already start to feel it from Brits and Canadians who buy out their carriers' stock of Z10s). At least we know that Skype will be here before the devices are released in the States. That's a HUGE step forward in the right direction.

This gets even more annoying if you are like me; have your eyes set on the Z10 but have a contract with the Devil (a.k.a. Sprint) and can't even get it in March, if at all!!! Hopefully that "bring the Z10 to Sprint" petition does something...

BlackBerry for life

I do agree whole heartedly and I hope Sprint listens. There are many long time Sprint customers that want the phone. I called Sprint the other day and they didn't know anything about the z10 coming to their stores, so frustrating

This gets even more annoying if you are like me; have your eyes set on the Z10 but have a contract with the Devil (a.k.a. Sprint) and can't even get it in March, if at all!!! Hopefully that "bring the Z10 to Sprint" petition does something...

BlackBerry for life

im in contract with sprint also and have been eligible for an upgrade for awhile. My contract is up next week though so I will be free to leave if they don't carry the z10

I would be lying to say that I'm ok with waiting. I love Blackberry and I've been using it since HS. I've been waiting for so long and even though I don't know the technicalities I find it unfair that us U.S people have to wait so long to get it.

There will be bugs to work out and that is ok, but let me send the feedback and say what the bugs are and wait till the update. We have been waiting for a long time and it is time they release the phone.

Hey even though I'm Canadaian, I too will not receive my Z10 until March sometime. Regional carriers here don't get the phones until then :(MTS has a better provincial plan than Rogers does). I'm really none too happy about Blackberry's snub of their own country. Why did they get there phone across the pond the next day? What the heck? Oh well no sense complaining about, i'll just hurry up and wait.

Even better, if you're on Sprint, we can't look forward, with any certainty at least, to anything but more iProducts and Android marketing. Not only do we know nothing about Z10 availability except "sometime in 2013", but the next best option (WP8) is stuck in the same kind of limbo!

The general public (and surprisingly the author) need to understand that the delay isn't because The carriers don't want the devices or are skeptical of sales. The delay is based on network compliance testing that the carriers force manufacturers to go through before they sign off on new hardware (or new versions of software for existing devices). The petition is a nice idea, but it won't circumvent the testing procedures and hoops that RIM has to jump throu to prove the devices will play nice on the carrier network.

Yeah sprint sent me back an email today,stating not only that there's nothing on the Z10, but also the Q10 will be coming later this year, that could be December.

While it might not really help getting the Z10 sooner in the shelves, I just wanted to add you US Crackberries aren't the only one. Here in good old Germany the first carrier won't get the Z10 before mid february, wide, decent availability isn't expected before mid of march.

Also think about the Q10 users...while it really might be a bad comparison, "we" QWERTY fans have to wait till at least april before we'll get our BB10 experience.

Yes, waiting sucks. I am not happy about those damn release dates either. However I've seen worse from Nokia, where there have been 4-6 months between launch and release of a device :/

I really wish the Z10 was coming sooner to the US, but I can wait. By the time it arrives, there should be more applications and any bugs will be fixed. I want the full experience of this new platform when it is available. I am already saving my $.

Kevin - can't you use some of your magical powers and sprinkle some BB10 happiness everywhere so that all these lame carriers start carrying these awesome phones?

I can't wait to ditch my Galaxy S III and get a Z10 on Verizon. BB10 looks really nice. I've platform hopped too much over the past two years.

It will be my first BlackBerry.

It is so hard to wait, I don't live in the United States, I live on the small island of Dominica in the caribbean, normally I get all the latest blackberries by ordering them from the United States, I had my playbook pre ordered , Kevin I need to know where I could order a z10 off contract before it comes to the United States, I went to but they only ship to Canada. I need some suggestions, I hardly sleep at night lol, people here call me bb because I am so loyal to blackberry, I need this one to show them cause they think blackberry is dead.


This isn't about impatient Americans! Read the fifth post on these comments (from JWBison).

Blackberry's American customers cannot understand why there was all this hype in the U.S. for Blackberry 10 (pre-announcement leaks which drove the stock up, the main event held in New York, the Super Bowl add), all of which created a tremendous amount of anticipation here in the states - even from non-Blackberry users. Then to say, "Oh, by the way, check back with us in a couple of months for this thing." This is not good for Blackberry 10 or Blackberry as a whole. Who's at fault does not matter. It is just is not good business for what many consider the market that Blackberry must win back.

By and large, Americans are not impatient, but what they often are is fickle. Wall Street knows this and that is why the stock got hammered. Is there going to be a Super Bowl add in the U.S. in March? Is Crackberry going to run all of these great Blackberry 10 posts on its front page in March when a current Android user is trying to figure out whether to switch? I seriously doubt it.

I just wish you all at Crackberry will stop portraying this as the Americans are just made that they can't have one now. Read more user comments and you'll understand that many of us in the U.S. who have defended Blackbery through these recent tough years are having a hard time definding this with the skeptics.


Totally agree with many of the other comments here.

Why such a strong focus on the US, there are lots of other countries anxiously waiting for the Z10 as well. From what I've read, Blackberry's market share has dropped the most in the US, with a large amount of market share haing gone to Apple and Google. Let's remember the countries who currently have lots of loyal customers. Areas such as South East Asia, India and parts of Africa where the Blackberry brand is very strong.

I'm in Australia and like the US, we are waiting anxiously for the Z10. With none of the Australian carriers really saying to much about BB10. One one carrier has openly announced they will stock the device.

Lets focus on the rest of the world getting their handa on a Z10, there is a bigger market out there than just the US.

Waited for too long already. One more month is not a big deal. But, to delay the product in the biggest market was a bad idea.

Well I for one am skipping the x.0 versions of BB10 as I never buy beta level products. I will wait until I'm ready and hopefully by that time BB will come to their senses and release a querty phone with a trackpad.

Godda** that picture reeks of showing off!

I'm in Indonesia, and we also won't get Z10 like US. Maybe ours will come even later. Indonesia may not have that much money, but money is money is money.

At least I'll get reviews from casual people in UK.

I tell myself that I have to wait for the Q10 anyway but honestly if a Z10 were available here now I wouldn't last long I'm sure.

Lol! Oh Simon, quit being a j@ck@$$!

I'm still bitter after all the flack I've taken defending RIM/BlackBerry down here, but as I said before I think there's more to the story than what we're are seeing publicly.

Really though, it just sucks trying to explain to my fiance why she has to put up with her malfunctioning Storm 2 (had it since early 2010) after I convinced her that the grass isn't necessarily greener over on the Droid or iOS side. But hey, we've waited this long so it's not like I'm going to do anything different after dismissing the competition for nearly three years.

Yes it really is ridiculous, however instead of crying about things (wawawa Netflix) (wawawa whatever app). Use the power you have eg: say Verizon announces Z10 available for pre order on 5th Feb and delivery on 5th March. Then every BB user change to Verizon. Then every Android and iOS user who would like to give it a try Drop your carrier and get the phone you want. I have Sprint and they are. History. We are the consumers.

Why can't BlackBerry sell their products direct? Example: Google and their Nexus brand.

Telcos have too much power. Now that you don't need a special data plan we can connect very easily.

Come on BlackBerry, Google, Apple do it, let us buy your products!


Hey Kevin, not only in the states but in the United States of Europe, lots of people are waiting as well!!! Thanks for letting truly international...

hey Kevin.... Verry nice to think about the people in the USA but don't forget that in the rest of Europe and the world a lot of people are waiting on the Z10 also !!!!!

Really, all this about waiting a few weeks. Playbook owners have to wait until later this year or as Thorsten said last week, eventually. At least Blackberry had the curtesy to give the US a date. Basically they told Playbook owners to suck it.

I talked to a rep for AT&T who told me they won't be carrying BlackBerry Z10 as there is no demand for it here and that they will soon discontinue supporting all BlackBerries for the same reason. I pointed to their website but they say Alaska does their own thing. We won't be getting the Z10. Another local competitor of AT&T said they still haven't received a test model to make sure it works with their network and they put in the request over 6 months ago. Not looking good there either. Verizon is on the way but may be later this year. They are not signing up Alaskans yet because all of our usage would be roaming at this time. My contract has been up for over 6 months now and I am not-so-patiently waiting but things are looking pretty bad here. With AT&T talking smack about BlackBerry and doing their best to steer customers to Android, things are looking sad here. More questionable is buying an unlocked BlackBerry that may not even work here. I would do that in a heartbeat if I knew it would work. On a better note, the bright side of waiting is letting someone else work out the bugs and I suspect a lot less of the posts from people who can't figure out how to use the phone so are terribly dissatisfied. Those folks will have moved on I hope. I am excited to learn a new system and technology but just wish I didn't have to wait.

I'm curious about something. With this new naming scheme, does that mean the "Bold" is dead??? I really hope they would have called the Q10 the Bold Q10 or something. I've always liked the sound of saying my phone is the Bold... :-P

It's just sad that the commercial will air during the superbowl and a month or two later the phones will come out. You gotta strike when the iron is hot. Two months from now the technology will steadily grow old due to the next wave Androids packing Quad cores. I for one will be going back to BB (Q10, which is an additional month out). But my friends (like alot of the masses) think BB is done for.

I agree, it is ignorant to spend that kind of money on a Super Bowl Advertisement and not have the product available in the USA. Remember when the new BB was coming out Jan. 2012. I watch the Super Bowl, see something I want, I go get it then or the next day! Not a month or two down the road. Someone screwed up!

I arrive to USA on jan 22, since then waiting for the lounch of z10, on the 30 i went to at&t for my phone they say mid march, on some places they sale blackberry phones that are OEM the best date is final feb, but ask verizon, say like wise perhaps mid feb.

I want my phone ASAP, but can't find it anywhere near

It's really tough coming to Crackberry everyday and reading about all the fun everyone else is having except us here in the US. It would make the waiting a little easier for me if we had an upgrade of the playbook. At least, we can join in the fun that way while we wait.


The wait isn't a big deal. it's likely mores apps will be in the store by then and it's likely a few software bugs will be worked out by then too. Seems like a win-win really.

doesn't the delay in the US have more to do with the carriers. This isn't a BB issue its a not getting on board issue. All the US cell company's are coming late to the party. All the Canadian company's were on board right away

If BB10 doesn't work as well in the US, this will be a contributing reason. They complain about the lack of sales in the US, yet they don't include it in the "global" launch. Don't get me wrong, I want to see BB10 succeed, but when you leave out a major market at your premier launch,that is not a good start at all.

How much influence does Apple have with US carriers in delaying BB? In the cut throat world of business it would not surprise me if there are payoffs somewhere. It happens all over the world in all types of business and the phone market is no different. Money talks everywhere!

This delay in America really does put Crackberry in an uncomfortable position... We Americans probably account for a good 30% of the traffic around here and now Crackberry will have to celebrate the launching of BB10 once and then uh... celebrate it again for us that can't join the party until later.. It's just kind of weird..

Now I feel sorry for the Europeans and the Canadians for having to put up the "weirdness" caused by the delay in America.

At least USA has a date - South Africa we don't have any idea when we will be able to get a Z10 even though Vodacom is part of Vodafone... Some sales assistants say mid to end of Feb, others say beginning of March, today their call centre said end of March. Wish I could just get a confirmed date so I know how much longer I have to wait!

The picture on this post is all the better when you realize Simon's not even standing on a ladder or stool. ;-)

I appreciate the article, makes me feel a little better. I don't know who to blame, so I am blaming both BB and Verizon. It makes zero sense that this is happening.