[Updated] Path CEO confirms they will release a BlackBerry app next year

By James Richardson on 1 Nov 2013 07:08 am EDT

*Update* We received an email from Emmalee Kremer of the Hatch Agency stating that in the interview with Dave Morin "there was a misunderstanding as there are no plans to develop for Blackberry at this time." That's a bummer.

One of the big social applications that is still missing from BlackBerry 10 is Path. That is all set to change next year as the companies CEO Dave Morin has stated on record that a BlackBerry app will be available in 2014. 

We presume this means BlackBerry 10 - although he didn't say this, but that would make sense. The announcement was made on Indonesian television - a country where not only Path has a huge user base, but also BlackBerry itself does too. 

I'm also presuming that the application will be native for BlackBerry 10. If it were to be a port of their Android app then I would have thought it would have already been released or alternatively we wouldn't need to wait until next year for it. 

Morin didn't give away when in 2014 the application would be ready but for Path users it will certainly be an added attraction or incentive when considering the move to BlackBerry 10. I've not used the app myself on another platform. Have you? Sound off in the comments and let us know if you think this will be a big deal. 

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[Updated] Path CEO confirms they will release a BlackBerry app next year


Path is like Twitter but with limited connections-- only 150. It's kinda been having problems a lot lately, being down and all that.

Those who are big on social networking would know what Path is.

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Big on social media?? Friend, I have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIIn, Instagram, Vine, Foursquare, Yelp and even a neglected MySpace account; I have NEVER heard of Path. If it's only huge in Indonesia, this doesn't help me.

It is basically a moment sharing service but more private. Great for sharing pics and vids of your kids for example with only your close family and friends. My family uses it to keep in contact and stay up to date on each other in a more private way than twitter or Facebook. We really like it for many reasons. If you have a larger family group it is a very cool app.

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Oh, I get it now... I just took offense to this guy's "Those who are big on social networking would know what Path is" comment.

Why take offense,
I can take offense with you saying it is only big in Indonesia too..
But i won't cause you are just stupid..
And i am not big on anti-social media like you..

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It won't matter because like Skype, Flipboard and the other "big apps" we will be thrown a bone and given a shitty android port. Or the project will be scrapped all together

I bet you guys anything it will either be a port, or we won't get anything at all, trust me

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Probably around the same time that BlackBerry releases 10.0 for our playbooks

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You mean, you don't care.
If some people will like it and use it, why is it a bad thing?

This is how you CB10, son!

I'm not so willing to just dismiss our Indonesian friends. If this is a popular app for them, they should have it for BlackBerry. I welcome the news from the CEO. I also know that business plans change so I can't recommend anyone make purchasing decisions based on such a promise. I don't understand why he didn't just say the Android version will be available next week (or soon) for BB10.2 and the native app is in development.

I think people should accept that the future of blackberry is probably in the far East.

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nope it's not ...

far east (indonesia)...ar dropping their BB phone right now their marketshare are declining from 40% to 20% and some people/analyst expect after BBM cross platform..BB marketshare numbers will dropping more quickly

besides only small amount of people in indonesia buying BB10 phone....so maybe the apps are only for BBOS Phone..

We should embrace our Indonesian friends. And all the others around the world. Blackberry should be the champion of the nations around the world that want a strong local application presence on their smartphones. There is more to the world that just the Western world that only embraces Android and iPhone.

Yeah, whatever happened to "if you're not familiar with...". I read the article, hoping/expecting at least a brief explanation of what the darn thing is... nope. Still don't know what path is.


A "big social application" would typically mean it's something that most people have at least heard of; especially when you're publishing an article on a globally read site. Being big in Indonesia means nothing to the vast majority of CrackBerry readers. I, too, have never heard of it and only read the article expecting to get at least a minimum description of what it is to see if I'd be interested enough to try it.

I'm all for good apps coming to BB10, no matter who/where it's for, but this article is a failure when it comes to bringing any interest to the app. If the writer can't even be bothered to tell us what it is, I'm not wasting my time, either, to go searching for a description.

I've used it and have the converted apk side loaded on my Z10. It is a cool app but it is sluggish and not very fun to use on the android run time. I would definitely use it more if it were native.

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Agreed. It is great on iPhone. Smooth and clean. I actually very much enjoy it. Have used it for almost two years everyday.

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Ok I dontbgrtvwhybthis would even now be a big deal. I suppose as a personal life deal it maybe Ok but come on sending messages to close friends. Crap like that. That's what bbm is for. Privacy assured. So unless I've missed something. What's the point of this add?

Only a fool thinks they know me.

I have at least one friend on Path. He keeps telling me to download it. It's sort of a combination of instagram and Facebook, from what I can tell. He's been using it for about three years now, and gave up Facebook in favour of path.

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"Sometime next year."

Translation: Hey guys our mildly irrelevant App of social media/ messaging aggregation is coming to BB10 soon, when we see how BBM Channels plays out along with how quickly BBM cross platform is adopted and IF people find out what Path is.

Z10 via CB10

Wait, next year? As in 2014? Implying BB will be business as usual then? What do they know that we don't? (Not being a naysayer; just seems odd they would commit to next year with BlackBerry future uncertain)

With the app gap closing and better than average devices, the argument BlackBerry is behind the competition is being less and less relevant.

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Funny how all the social networking apps are keen on being supportive now that BBM has gone cross platform

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I think it's gonna be late... Path fever is almost gone, at least here in my country, I don't see anybody into that app

Proudly Z10 owner...

It's Friday and I feel like venting! I don't like when people say "I see what you did there", after somebody made a somewhat clever comment. That has worn itself out. In 2014 we need to come up with new lines and the "First" issue needs to stop also.

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Path is a beautiful app, I've never met anyone that uses it, but still can't bring myself to delete it from my iPod.

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Path is as big as Vine, Pinterest, Snapchat etc. And it is popular here in the US as well. Check it out on the playstore

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It's an alternative to facebook with a nice UI and less clutter.

Main problem of path was the security issues they had. Which I hope they fixed.

Having said that, it's a very good app to share content with your family and real friends.

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How does Path make money? Or is their objective to grow users and then have ads, like other social networking sites?

I had it sideloaded on the Z10 and even the Playbook for a while now. I only have two friends which use it. Not really sure what the point of it is, really too similar to what Facebook already accomplishes


Path? I don't know it. And don't want it. Bring out bbm channels

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Many people at CrackBerry never heard of Path... Maybe Path's CEO never heard of BlackBerry phones ?

More seriously... the guy's company is all about mobile phones. How can he not be prepared to know what to say about any app for BlackBerry?

Really. No longer coming to BlackBerry! My first question is how difficult is it to port the Android version over if they don't want to bring a native version? It seems to me that they simply don't want BlackBerry users to have this.

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I've been waiting for this one, good news if Path is coming to BlackBerry.
Their CEO interviewed by Bloomberg Indonesia yesterday and the producer of the program is my Manager husband, I requested to her this one question but I didn't know if she tell her husband or not :D. Looks like she told him ^_^ yeayyy

So now it's NOT coming next year, never was?

Maybe that title should be changed?

Either way; sad to hear - though I would love to see more banking apps!

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Had not heard of it till a few mins ago. Now I accept that it's the next big thing.

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Wait. So he "stated on record" that the app was coming, but it was a misunderstanding?


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