Pastry Push to offer simple, cute puzzles to BlackBerry 10

By Simon Sage on 3 Oct 2013 01:38 pm EDT

The guys from ARKick were at BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013 showing off a distinctly different kind of app than their augmented reality browser. Pastry Push is a deceptively simple puzzle game where players have to slide a cupcake into a monster's mouth through a series of teacup. Players are scored out of three stars based on how many swipes they make, and are challenged to pick up bonus objectives along the way.

There's certainly a "Cut the Rope" charm here, in that you're feeding a monster something delicious, but the gameplay is more akin ZeptoLab's other big title, Pudding Monsters. Pastry Push is coming to BlackBerry World in the next couple of days for a buck. Anyone looking for a cute, accessible puzzler, be sure to keep an eye out. 

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Pastry Push to offer simple, cute puzzles to BlackBerry 10


Ok, I have nothing against games coming out but...really..... we can't get a decent banking app from or for BOA but there is no lack of games coming out?

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Have you been accessing their mobile site using you bb10? If not you should this is the best way for then to get some usage stats on bb10.

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Never said it was BBRY's fault, just comparing the number of games released compared to non gaming apps for phones.

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You had that level almost done towards the end! Just hand to go down and to the left -__-. Cool game

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that company did a really great job with ARKick, especially because they released it for BB10 before doing it for other platforms (thanks Wikitude too).

But this game, really... Same gameplay as this one from two years ago : Polar Slide (which is free and was already released for the PlayBook).
It is nice to see game reviews, but not previews of games, especially when there is nothing new. In other words, this game has no differentiation feature compared to several similar games already available for BB10. (maybe it'll happen when the Scoreloop integration will be available).

Again Simon, I love the company (Refocus Labs) and I also appreciate your solid coverage of the BB Jam event, but this is not worth a CB blog article in my opinion.

Have you even seen the video review?
Polar Slide plays much more like Lookebox, and I'm surprised no one brought this up for that game.
As far as I can see, this game is similar to Polar Slide in the fact that you're sliding food items here and there, but the gameplay is very different.

I suggest we wait for the game to actually come out before we judge based on pre launch videos.