Password Keeper for BlackBerry updated to v10.2.0.44 - Allows for import and export of passwords

By Bla1ze on 21 Jan 2014 07:42 pm EST

Back in November an early build of Password Keeper that allowed you to import and export passwords either through CSV or using an encrypted file leaked out for those who wanted to give it a go. Now, that update has finally hit BlackBerry World and is officially available for all BlackBerry 10 devices. It's a simple update, with a simple change log.

  • Support for the export and import of passwords in a CSV format or encrypted backup file, by using a BlackBerry device, a media card, or cloud service account. 

If you're running the previously leaked version or an older official version, it is suggested that you download the latest from BlackBerry World to make sure you're fully up to date.

Download Password Keeper from BlackBerry World

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Password Keeper for BlackBerry updated to v10.2.0.44 - Allows for import and export of passwords


Yep - It is and was awesome with the leaked version. Just wondering why it took so long to release officially.

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We all loved that leaked version, but this one seems to be an even newer version. So maybe they put in some fixes in stability as well. :)

I installed the leak the second it was available. Runs great, so I will be updating this once it comes available for me to

I agree. Thanks still to wu-wei for the original leak which has helped many of us in the leak threads. Glad to see this is finally official!

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Yup! It was today! Happy birthday to you too my fellow Aquarius.

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Wow now hopefully I can synchronize my list between my Z30 and Z10. Was driving me crazy when I would create a password on one phone but be using the other and any particular password wasn't there.

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Same here. BBW still shows my installed version and no mention of an update.

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Back up your phone first. With this latest version and the previous one i lost my password after the update. Other users had the same issue with the previous version as I am having. Contacted BlackBerry months ago for a solution but they don't respond to my inquiries. None of the forum suggestions to fix the problem worked. So I restore my phone from the back up and keep running the old version of PWK until I have time to manually reenter all my passwords....over 200 entries!

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Did you use a leaked version? I have the official update from Keeper a day or so ago and all my passwords are still there. Always good to make a back-up frequently of your smartphone.

No leaks of any sort have ever been installed on my phone. I have been using official PWK from day one as well.

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That may not necessarily be a deal breaker. If whatever third party password keeper you use encrypts the cloud-saved database really well AND offers key file locking too, that's two layers of security to get past.

Really I couldn't care less. If the NSA breaks into my 256 bit encrypted Password wallet they won't find too much interesting.

First time I worried little but when I put in my Google email account details in that Snap App. Can the dev see every email account details or not?

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Password Keeper is awesome and backing up my passwords to an encrypted file is icing on the cake.

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I just exported to my media card but now it says the file cannot be opened! It's a "pkb" file. Any help?

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I believe you can only export and import the exported file back to the application. I don't think you can open the exported file.

That is correct. If you choose the unencrypted version it will write to a CSV file and then you could open it in a text editor.

Lol just my luck, I paid 5 dollars for enpass this weekend for the backup feature. I do like it though.

We're in luck though, I also installed 10.2.1 this weekend so that means an day we will get the update lol

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I bought enpass too. It's better. The interface is nicer. The desktop software is very convenient. You can add great notes in enpass.

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Too late. I've switched to enpass

Way better. Has desktop software and I can open Web pages thru it. It automatically fills in login info too.

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I'll use this for back up now that you can import. But, SplashID is best for syncing with PC and desktop software.

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After years of using the native password keeper I've switched to Enpass and am glad I did. My z10 completely died on me back in Sep and I had to revert back to a torch 9810 for a few days until I could get a surprise I couldn't load my last z10 backup file on the torch, and more importantly couldn't retrieve my password keeper info. Now if the device dies I'll still have access on desktop or other platforms if need be. I hate most things proprietary, and this gives me more peace of mind.

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Took to long
Enpass is the best out there and the browser that includes with autofill passwords is amazing .
You can browse inside the app and autofills your passwords with safety .Amazing
It works with my mac also and i don't change it with any password keeper .

Although this is a very welcome update to Password Keeper, I have experimented with it a little, and have found that if you already have passwords stored in Password Keeper and then import a PKB file, Password Keeper adds the passwords even if there is an identical password saved already (which results in two entries for duplicated passwords) - wonder if there'll ever be the option to merge existing entries when backups are imported, in order to avoid duplicates...?

Great. Too bad I already moved to Enpass since they had that feature already built-in.

That happens when you start being a follower instead of the leader it used to be.

However the new feature is warmly welcome, congratulations. It is way to know that dev area is listening to users and watching what competition is already doing

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Can someone please tell me, when there is an update, where it shows? A few apps, that I have, were mentioned recently that were updated, but when I go to 'my world' these new updates are not listed there. Is there another way?

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If you don't have up2date OS, many updates will not be available.

Someone above mentioned this was for 10.2 OS.


I love this app, it's one of my most-used. But I think it really needs some code optimization -- after I enter my password to unlock the app, it takes a good 5-6 seconds before my list of entries is displayed. I'm using a Z30 and there are 200+ entries.

With so many logins and passwords to remember this app is a godsend. I highly recommend it.

Q10 user.

Anybody figured out the CSV import yet? I can still only see options for password keeper or BB wallet.

If you are running the right version (check for the version at the bottom of the options screen - should be then when you choose import you should get 3 options:
1) Password Keeper For BlackBerry 7.1 or earlier - this will allow you to import data from password keeper from the Java based devices (7.1 or earlier).
2) Password Keeper for BlackBerry 10 - this will allow you to import data that was previously exported from a BlackBerry 10 password keeper device. When you choose this option you need to select the backup file. The file will be either CSV (unencrypted) or PKB (encrypted). If you choose a PKB file you will need to enter the password to decrypt the file.
3) BlackBerry Wallet for BlackBerry 7.1 or earlier - this will allow you to import data from the BlackBerry wallet application from the Java based devices (7.1 or earlier). This will only import the credential type records.

Dear CrackBerry,

When you write these stories about app updates please remember that all of us non leak installing schmucks in the USA are still stuck on 10.1. Please include in your story or review whether 10.2 or 10.2.1 is required to get the update.

Your friend,
USA Schmuck


Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

how do you import/export ? I have updated password keeper to the newest version but cannot see how to import/export. I appreciate any help

I have the latest version of Password Keeper that will install on my device. It is version I found that I can export to CSV by turning off the encryption option. However I see no option to import from a CSV file. I only see options to import from PK 7.1 or earlier, PK for BB10, or BB Wallet. If someone can show me how to import my data from KeePass, I'll give PK a shot.