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Passion + Red Bull = BlackBerry 10 Fuel

By Adam Zeis on 12 Oct 2012 05:46 pm EDT

At BlackBerry Jam I was lucky enough to be a judge at the Super Hackathon Jam Session that took place on Monday before the conference (you can read about that here). Part of what I loved was seeing how amazing BlackBerry developers are. They are so passionate about the platform and it totally shows. These Jam Sessions are continuing across the globe so that developers all over can be a part of something special. 

The video above is from one of the Jam Sessions in  Brazil a few weeks ago. It takes the same format as others, giving developers 10 hours to complete an application from start to finish. There were a bunch of hungry developers out to try and win top honors, and thanks to a little Red Bull fuel, there were some awesome apps at the end of the day. What's great here is that you can really see the passion from the winning teams at the end of the video. I love this stuff. 

More information about BlackBerry Jam Sessions 



WOW. I literally was just thinking around 16:00EST that I need some CrackBerry RedBull to get me through this weekend! I am draggin.... #BB10 #FTW!

BlackBerry should team up with RedBull to come up with an BB Energy Drink. People that Do need to energy to keep on do-ing!


I love how the one dude cried, that's #TeamBlackBerry passion!

Off topic - I got one of those shirts, not a Dev, love it :)


Yea that was very touching. indeed real passion.


+1 i need a shirt too on a side note, why doesn't crackberry have a small t shirt line with select slogan and phrases/battle cries on them!

who else would buy them?


RIM is the BEST - why do some people hate them?

Long live RIM


There's a growing sense that what's happening with RIM and their developers is something so rare and fantastic. The love and passion from both sides is obvious. This is the grassroots moment that was needed yet unexpected. Nobody thought RIM could pull this type of engagement off but they are. Around the world, twice or more!
Has any other mobile OS ever gone to such lengths, No. RIM has first mover advantage in emerging markets for the future of development mobile computing. I love what I see! Can't say enough!


They got the spirit of the campaign :
Love what you do!


Go BlackBerry! Go Devs!

Shadberry Bold

Wow. Very impressive. So these developers only had 10 hrs to build an app for bb10???? I'm anxious to see what will be available in the app world due to RIM's delay until Q1 2013. And at the same time it raises expectations that I hope will be EXCEEDED due to the pushback. It is imperative that the launch includes apps like netflix, hulu, HBOGO, intsagram, watch espn, etc. Absolute NECESSITIES!!!!!!! #blackberrybychoice


Great passion, even tears flowing. RIM will be alright!!


Massively amazed by the amount of creativeness in just 10 hours to develop apps. I'm majorly speechless.


Great video, but I'm not too thrilled about teaming up with Red Bull. Why promote drinking this in large quantities? Why promote drinking this at all? Choose your partners more wisely, please.


Stupid Q alert . . I thought hacking was a negative term, as in someone hacking into a network, so apparently hacking can also be used to describe devs doing this?