Partying for Halloween tonight? Make sure to snap some #ScaryBerry photos for the contest!

By Michelle Haag on 26 Oct 2013 05:27 pm EDT

Don't forget, while you're out partying this weekend for Halloween, we're having a contest! You can win some awesome prizes, so make sure you read the entry requirements below, and send in your photos! You don't have to be in costume this year, but we need to see a phone or tablet in the picture, so don't miss that part! We have a few great entries already, but we want to see more, so make sure to get yours in!

What You Need to Do

When you're out at Halloween parties this weekend or out trick or treating on Thursday, be sure to take some Halloween pictures. Be scary, funny or do a crazy pose. Whatever you want is cool. Have fun with it. However, we need to see your phone or tablet in the picture. For brownie points, load up in the web browser or throw a CrackBerry wallpaper on. Group photos with friends, family, and co-workers are more than welcome too.

Submit Your Photo

With your photo taken, all you need to do is email it in to by noon PST next Friday, November 1st (the earlier the better though!). If you prefer to share via Twitter or Instagram, you can do that too with the hash tag #ScaryBerry. Be sure to use that and tag us so can find your photos!

When sending in entries via email, it would be super helpful if you renamed your photos with your Mobile Nations username. Also, if you would like to include a caption or any other information about your picture, be sure to do that. Each site has a fantastic prize to give away at the end, plus we'll do runner up prizes, because we love you.

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Partying for Halloween tonight? Make sure to snap some #ScaryBerry photos for the contest!


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Just gotta get creative! Enlist the help of a friend, or use a mirror maybe. Borrow someone else's phone for the photo even! :)