Part-Time Scientists looking to take QNX to the moon

By Bla1ze on 21 Jun 2011 09:47 pm EDT

When RIM invested into QNX it wasn't just for their BlackBerry Tablet OS. As has been noted many times, QNX has been around for quite some time and is found in many places today -- from cars, elevators, medical instruments and even defense and security applications. RIM knew this and has no intentions of disrupting QNX's current operations. In fact, it's something that is often overlooked when referring to RIM and their recent dramatic demise headlines. QNX was an investment for RIM that extends well beyond the BlackBerry Tablet OS space. Apparently everyone forgot that QNX was quite a profitable company on it's own and they are now a part of RIM.

Now, a group named The Part-Time Scientists is hoping to take QNX to the moon with their entry into the Google Lunar X Challenge.  QNX's role here? The Part-Time Scientists have chosen QNX as the OS their rover "Asimov" will run due to it's strengths in real time operations. They've been working on the robot in their spare time in hopes to claim a portion of the $20 million prize for landing their rover on the moon and have it send information back to earth. That prize, jumps to $30 million if the rover survives the extreme conditions of the moon and can capture images of the Apollo landing site. Needless to say, we wish them all the best on their mission -- they're currently among the top 5 of the 30 entrants that are most likely to succeed on their mission and that alone is something to be proud of.

Visit The Part-Time Scientists website for more info

Source: On Q - The QNX Blog

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Part-Time Scientists looking to take QNX to the moon

You obviously have not tried pure QNX, otherwise you wouldn't be saying irrelevant sentences like that. RIM's QNX is a shrunk down version, big time, nothing like the real deal, and in fact, is referred as "tablet OS". Which cant either be used to do something like that. But sure, its cool that its papa is being used for something like this.
qnx is going to land on the moon even before we get a qnx phone and probably the bold touch! Damn Blackberry!!

That would be a good tag line. "QNX operating system powers equipment to the moon. Can your phone os do that?". Jobs would be speechless

I agree. I think RIM should make a commercial out of this. Especially in times like now. It would give employees and shareholders something to believe in.

That is so awesome! The first BBM from outer space maybe even the first interplanetary text message ever :-)

I actually think that's a pretty damn cool idea. Granted doesn't do much for their phones or playbook, but it would still be a notch in the coolness belt for RIM. Unless of course BIS/BES will function from the moon bridged with a Blackberry. Ahh the awesomeness of the imagination...

Take that Steve Jobless. :)

Scrap the current 2011 line up with OS 6.1 (aka 7) and release QNX on a handheld. If that doesn't happen until 2012 so be it.

With all the negativity surrounding RIM at present, this article was a breath of fresh air. There are great things coming from RIM in the future, the consumers are just impatient. Now if QNX can make it to outer space and still be able to maintain a form of communication with earth, imagine what that will mean for RIM mobile communications. Here's to a bright future for RIM!

That reminds me I need to see that movie!!

That would be a sweet commercial.

Even though the QNX that's in the tablet(and soon to be phone) is the little brother to the QNX that's going to the moon.

Or use ET and have him call home on earth with a BB : )

They are not able to bring out a proper working phone or tablet with QNX.

So how to land on the moon?

Wait! They wanna launch in 2020?
So they gonna do it in Fall 2035!

I would rather them release QNX in space than on Earth in phones...
They will gain more money from space.

QNX is trash. I've worked with VXworks AND QNX as an engineer in firewall applications and in other embedded applications. They are garbage. Seriously. Pure crap. The types of things people do with these OSes is basically an orgy of unsustainable goofy code that usually becomes impossible to change and improve due to the massive sacrifices made to make things "fast". And by fast, usually not much faster than Linux . Not going the Linux route will haunt Blackberry until the hardware business is DEAD. I've been using a lot of new devices and honestly, and lets be honest, as a 9700 owner and long time blackberry user, the writing is on the wall. Blackberry OS is dead and the company's only hope will be BES with policies for other devices.

I guess they have their reasons for choosing QNX as their OS. I could imagine because of the real-time factor of QNX. Well, why not ask them?

Hi @craky,

Alex from RIM here. We’re excited by the power of QNX and see the technology’s microkernel architecture as a definite game-changer given its proven reliability and security. It handles real-time critical systems such as daily Internet traffic for hundreds of millions of people and sensitive operations for both the Space Shuttle and International Space Station.

With the PlayBook’s QNX-powered BlackBerry Tablet OS, you can multitask with several apps running simultaneously at full-speed – not suspended – in the background. The new OS also means new functionality such as multi-touch inputs – check it out in this app demo:

Alex, RIM Social Media Team