New features for the free and pro versions of Parrot - Voice Recorder for BlackBerry 10

Parrot - Voice Recorder
By James Richardson on 31 Jan 2014 05:41 am EST

We first went hands on with Parrot - Voice Recorder for BlackBerry 10 back in April 2013 and it's stayed on my BlackBerry ever since. It's not an app I use very often but as most of the content on my Q10 is productivity based Parrot had to remain. The 'Built for BlackBerry' app has been updated with a sweet selection of enhancements for both the free and the pro edition. 

For simple voice recording, Parrot does a stirling job and now with the ability to record phone calls within the pro version I'm sure it's going to gain some popularity as it's been a while since we last took a look at it. 

With a beautiful black, white and green user interface - Parrot ticks all the boxes for me. Give the free version a go and if you like what you see you'll only have to shell out £2.00/$2.99 to unlock Parrot Pro. 

New Pro Features:

  • Call Recording: You can now be prompted or automatically record phone calls within parrot. Tested to work with OS 10.2.1
  • Password Protection: Password protect your track lists. We have implemented one-way encryption using the BlackBerry OS Cryptographic kernel. Passwords can be recovered using your BlackBerry ID
  • Import tracks: Bring your outside recordings into Parrot to manage them.
  • Media Key: The media key can be enabled to start and stop recordings. 

New features for everyone:

  • A brand-new icon, theme and style to the app. You’ll notice sharper lines and a darker palette.
  • Speed Boost: We have worked hard on making the app load faster and feel smother. 

Two new permissions have been added: 

  • Phone - Allows Parrot to listen for phone calls to start and stop recordings. 
  • Post Notifications: Allows Parrot to prompt users on the call screen outside of the app to record their current call. *For those of you that do not plan to use call recordings, feel free to deny these permissions.*

More information/Download Parrot - Voice Recorder (free) for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

New features for the free and pro versions of Parrot - Voice Recorder for BlackBerry 10


Am I correct in saying that the app must remain open for the call record to work? Not headless yet?

Posted via CB10

Philips Recorder is a nice app but I may have to get Parrot to compare. Only the best apps on my Q10!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Hated the first icon. Really liked the second icon. This icon? meh... but the app is great. I've recorded three and four hour conferences by just leaving my phone on the lectern and got better quality then the "official" recording.

Posted via CB10

Two questions: 1) does it record without using speakers? 2) does it need to be in active frame?

Posted via CB10

It would be cool to have an option for recording every call, with a prompt after the call asking whether we want to save the recording or not... That would be nice. what do you guys think?

Posted via CB10

Great idea.

This, along while being headless so not to need the app open in active frame, would be a outstanding improvement.

Posted via CB10

Dear Parrot,

Call me when you grow back your old feathers (logo from 2.0) and your head has been chopped off (ability to run headless without being on speakerphone like the other apps).


The Brother

James, Does the Pro version let you record phone calls on the fly, or does it need to be active and running "before" being on a call?

Will it work on other calling apps? Like truphone or viber? I mean will it prompt you or will u have to manually record before picking up?

Posted via CB10

Having the ability to record a telephone conversations is great. I used to have that on my Tree, which is one of the features I miss. When driving and you need to record some important information, like how to get where you're going, you can let the device record your conversation and you can focus on the road. Very good to see this feature arrive for a BlackBerry device.

Posted via CB10

Still loads up slow :( but once up its smooth I use this a lot but I hate how slow at booting up it is (dumb I know but like 5-8 seconds to load up)

Posted via CB10

Not sure what 'speaker mode' is, to be honest. It doesn't seem to require any special configuration to work 'out of the box'. So I would say no 'speaker mode' required, whatever that is.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

Look up at Smiley's post.....the competition app launches the call on speaker phone to record. Not sure if this is a dependency on it working headless:

ry Phone Call Recorder. Its Headless and you can use it as a Voice recorder too.

Best part is you can set an activation key eg: volume up or down and start record at anytime in any application.
If can also automatically record all calls and turn on the speakerphone automatically.

Check it out

So glad I went pro on it in the summer. Any fellow journos on the list? I am finding it particularly useful for recording interviews. No need for a separate recording device anymore. Also, if I for some reason were to need a high quality recording, Parrot low does PCM at 16-bit, 44Khz. That's broadcast-able quality, for instance. Finally, the latest version has added the ability to record 'phone calls. Obviously useful. Though I would inform the other party that I was recording in advance, of course!


Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

I use to love this app because you where able to play music in another app and record your voice over it at the same time but that does not work anymore. Any idea why?

Posted via CB10

Anybody know if this app or any other app allows you to record in lower quality formats in order to be thrifty on file size? My wife was accustomed to recording very long voice notes on her Bold 9900 (like 30 minutes or more long) and emailing to people instead of typing long emails. She says similar length voice notes recorded with her Q10 are too large to even email with BB10 attachment limits.

Posted via CB10

Yes. As I said above, you can record in PCM (CD quality), or AAC, which is like the default iTunes format at around 192kbps I think, and there is also a 'low quality' option in AMR format, by default that is 96kbps or lower.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system