Parrot Voice Recorder gets updated with enhancements galore

Parrot - Voice Recorder
By James Richardson on 5 Sep 2014 06:05 am EDT

We first took a look at the superb BlackBerry 10 voice recording application, Parrot, just over a year ago (on video) and although it's not an app I use myself very often I have to say that it's remained on my device ever since and potentially it should be on every business persons BlackBerry.

As I'm sure you have gathered - I was rather impressed with Parrot and with the massive amount of enhancements introduced in this latest update it just got a whole lot better.

If you've not tried the free version why not give it a go? If you like what you see you may also be tempted to purchase the Pro version which is only £2.00 via an in-app payment.

New additions include:

  • Search: You can now easily search your files in both Play and Share through a search bar which can be activated by tapping the search icon.

  • Backup: You back up your files automatically (formerly known as automatic copy) or Manually (backup your full track list) through the track Management option in settings.

  • Mass Delete: Delete tracks and phone calls (pro only) older than 7 days, 14 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or a year with the tap of a button. We have also added the ability to delete your whole track list. All of this is password protected in the Pro (if enabled).

  • Improved visual recording wave by increasing speed and smoothness.

  • Added support for Vietnamese and Russian languages.

  • Select All in your track list from the action bar.

  • Fixed Rename bug where the file extension would show up in the dialog.

  • Added unobtrusive banner advertisements at the bottom of screens for free users. They can be removed by upgrading to the Pro edition.

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Reader comments

Parrot Voice Recorder gets updated with enhancements galore


I too hate supporting a dev who has done great work and been faithful to the BlackBerry 10 platform by making an awesome app for free!

We have so much in common! :)

Posted via CB10

You, as a BlackBery user, should try to be a functional part of its economy. If everything was truly free, there would be nothing.

Posted via CB10

I bought this app the moment it was released and used it to document some of my family elders retelling of their childhood exploits.

It just works! Buy it and support one of the developers for this platform.


Parrot is a really well made app!

I have had an email from them letting me know that they are working on a clipping feature. No save to mp3 though because licencing per user is too dear.

Posted via CB10

Philips Recorder user here too, I use Call Recorder for the media keys to start/stop recording for convenience when I need to record at a moments notice. I may download this app again too compare one more time, I don't like having repetitive apps on my phone.

No More Music!!!!! No More Videos!!!

Added unobtrusive banner advertisements at the bottom of screens for free users. They can be removed by upgrading to the Pro edition.

This is a step back for me.

via my super Z10

Then pay for the pro version both to get rid of the banner and to support a dev that makes native apps

Stop being so cheap people

From my Zed 30 running

You've got a 500 phone in your hands and you can't afford a well built app?

That's like buying a Ferrari and complaining about the cost of gas

From my Zed 30 running

Tell em bro
Av got lots of paid apps
I love headless
But i don't pay for stickers
If only the price of a sticker will be $.99

Posted via CB10 On my awesome  Z10STL100-2/

The free version can only save to the internal memory while the upgrade pro version can save to the SDCard as well.

Speaking of programs, what happened to Sayit? Advanced Camera? We buy these then they disappear.

Posted via CB10

Any product or service will disappear when not enough people buy it. App developers need to make a living to. If creating apps doesn't make money to support their families, they will need to find other work.

The entire idea of hundreds of thousands of apps is ridiculous. The vast majority of them no one is willing to pay for so they become spyware or aware.

Posted via CB10

I would like to see folder implementation like the Remember or Evernote app has.
Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I really like Parrot but have one significant problem with it and I wonder if anyone else shares it. It beeps to signal the start of a recording but then doesn't actually start picking up audio for another second or two. As a result all my voice notes lose the first three to five words unless I remember to pause for a couple of seconds. This is a really solid and well designed app so I'd love to improve its functionality for me. Anyone else, or is this somehow local to my device? I did send a note to dev a while back but didn't see a reply hence a follow up here. Devs usually monitor comment boards when they get featured so I'd welcome any official or unofficial feedback, thanks. :)

Posted via CB10

I've noticed this problem too, and would love it to be fixed if it can....if not, maybe an on screen signal of when the recording ACTUALLY starts could be good.

Posted via CB10

No Devs here either. Has anyone ever successfully contacted the company? The language on their website claims they respond quickly but that has never been the case for me, and the drop down menu on their feedback form where you identify what device you're using hasn't been updated to reflect the existence of BB10 devices. I get to choose between Bold, Curve, Torch, etc. Thanks Parrot.....

Posted via CB10

How about ability to edit the sound? Shorten, cut, join etc.would have other uses like making custom ringtones. And ability convert to other formats?

Looper Back Make Corleone Offer for TrackPad on BB10

I use Parrot regularly and I've gotta say this is a must-have for those who need to make voice notes or record things often.

As a baseball writer and blogger, I often use it to make voice over segments. It's great!

Posted via CB10

If you're going to get a recording app, make it this one. It's a challenge to find something wrong with it.

Posted via CB10

Parrot is an interview's best friend - use this app on a weekly basis - also glad to see updates. If only it could transcribe the interviews.

This is a well made app, though misses some key features. If those key features are incorporated, this would be a killer app. I have a pro version and I like it.
What i'd like to see in the app is they need to fix their time recorded call call correctly.
New to fix the name or telephone number of the call, which the developer says would be fixed with the 10.3 version.
Good luck to the developer and hope he keeps on making it a better product.

Well one thing they still and infact no app has it right till now is the volume level of the other caller, it's too low. Wish they could correct it without asking you to be on a speaker.

Upgraded from free to paid at last. With my Z10 it is a good alternative (not a real replacement on all occasions, though) for my Roland R-05.

If your on the fence people and are looking for an app for recording lectures, meetings etc. This is it. Fantastic user interface and excellent sound quality.
Easily worth the 2$ they're asking. We need to support development who make quality stuff like this.

"I love when people boast about their its a pissing contest"

I got version and it doesn't have any banner ads. I will pass on this update. The enhancements isn't worth the ads.

Posted via CB10

Is this better audio then the voice recorder in the remember app? If yes, why? Voice recorder in remember not the best fidelity...

Posted via CB10

Yes, better quality from what i can tell. There are 3 different qualities available in the settings.

Low quality - AMR recording to a .awb file extension - probably the same as the "BlackBerry Remember recorder

Good quality - AAC recording to a .m4a file extension - this is great quality and probably the file size ends up being that of a good quality mp3

High quality - PCM recording to a .wav file extension - best quality...never used it because i know wavs can be very large in file size, and the "Good" quality is good enough for me

Hope that helps

Posted via CB10

Repeatedly getting the "we ran into a problem . . . ." message when trying to buy it with Paypal.

Hope I don't forget to follow thru later.

Parrot is a great application. I'm using it since more than 1 year and also upgraded instantly to pro the moment they offered this option.

The only thing I would love to improve is the naming seheme for the tracks.

A record made today would get stored like "Sep 06, 104000", it's a really bad scheme if you're searching later for a certain file. So I'm always renaming all files to something like "20140906, 104000" before storing. But thats a pain to do it every time manually.

Ah, and there is also a minor thing. There is a option called "Tap Anywhere To Record" which seems really useful, but sadly tapping anyway to stop the recording again works in this case too which is on the other hand a drawback for me. Seperate options would be nice. :-)

Keep up the good work Parrot team! I hope you're taking my small suggestions serious. :-)

This apps recording quality is on par with software used on PC and laptop platforms such as adobe audition and soundforge thumbs up to the development team. Going pro was a no Brainerd after doing a test recording outside.

Blackberry for life. Z30 on VZW 4G LTE

I am using Parrot since Searing has offered it in BlackBerry World :-)
This app is one of the best apps and so easy to use!
Of course I had buyed the Pro version :)

It is really worth the price!

QtHelex: nice to see you as my other favorite Dev are a customer, too! ;-)

Maybe Nick the Dev of the app Profiler is using Parrot also? :-)

Snoopy from Germany with Porsche Design P9982

As a recent Apple convert (pending...) I noticed that this app does not work, at least not as far as I could see, when I wear a bluetooth enabled earpiece, that is connected to my Passport. While on the Apple 'Voice Memos' app recordings made while wearing the ear piece are played back via the ear piece, or the speaker (if the user chooses so), recordings made with the Parrot when wearing the ear piece result in barely audible playback via the Passport speaker... It is little things like that that make it hard to justify migrating to another platform, but I will give it a few more weeks....