Parrot for BlackBerry 10 updated to version 1.4.0

Parrot for BlackBerry 10
By James Richardson on 18 Apr 2013 12:55 pm EDT

You may have seen us feature Parrot for BlackBerry 10 a while ago on video where we ran through the basic features of the voice recording application. The developer dropped us an email to let us know that Parrot has now been updated and as well as a few bug fixes there are some great new features introduced.

These include:

  • Active Frames: see the progress of your recordings and playbacks as they progress in a minimized active frame!
  • Share multiple tracks at the same time
  • Setting to allow automatic copying to voice folder, music folder or SD Card
  • File formats: you can now save files in High(.wav), Good(.m4a) or Low(.awb) qualities
  • Save to SD Card
  • Default naming of tracks using date


  • E-mail attachment bug (tracks will now properly attach to emails).
  • Share bug that affected sharing via other 3rd party messaging apps (now you can share tracks via apps like WhatsApp).

If you missed the video you can catch it here. Parrot is a great handy untility application to have on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone, plus it's free so go and check it out.

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Reader comments

Parrot for BlackBerry 10 updated to version 1.4.0


Had that problem as well but now BBW works. Go to Music >Settings> Blackberry World.

this should open your BBW

Great update features (choice of file type, and location). Definitely best recorder so far for Z10 that I'm aware of, esp, free.

Wow! Sounds really good! Love the High sound quality option, and saving to sd card is cool. Thanks a bunch for this app. :)

That's a neat trick using Music to get into BBW...
Another way to update an APP itself is to use the NFC TAG on the website/Blackberry World ... FWIW..

It's version not 1.4. Get your shit together Crackberry and post the bright info. CB Kevin must be with his boyfriend.

This should be updated. Also, one problem with this new version is it heats up because the active frame updates every second.

I have this app but I'm thinking of getting rid of it. It records great sound clips but I was looking for something that could record phone conversations. I tried it once with parrot and it didn't seem to work :(

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