Want a super voice recording app on your BlackBerry 10 device? Check out Parrot

By James Richardson on 4 Apr 2013 09:50 am EDT

Looking for a simple, yet effective voice recording app for your BlackBerry 10 smartphone? Parrot could be just what you need. The Built for BlackBerry app consists of a sweet user interface made up of black, white and green - and starting to record either your voice or even music is just one touch away.

You also get a live graph on screen as you record that shows volume levels which is a nice touch. Once you have your recording saved you can then easily share via BBM, Email, SMS, Bluetooth, NFC or the Remember application.

I did struggle with the voice file attaching to emails so maybe a wee update is needed, however sharing with BBM friends was a piece of cake.

Parrot is free to download from BlackBerry World so why not check it out for yourselves. I really like this one.

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Want a super voice recording app on your BlackBerry 10 device? Check out Parrot


thanks for that! yeah i didn't recognise that the the voice recorder now is a part of the BB Remember app, migosh.. BUT BBRY, this needs a fix. the voice recorder icon has to be there and accessible from the homescreen, come on that's not difficult to do!

to me, the app isn't really intuitive...there are like 3 buttons that say 'record'...for such a simple app it just seems a little redundant? maybe i need to RTFM??

any options to save in different audio formats? ie, mp3 vs mp4 vs mpa vs wmv. etc.

thank you for bing innovative on BB10. We are here to support you with constructive feedback. All the best.

I'm not disputing the fact that this is probably better than the voice record that comes with the Z10, but who can tell me why it's better?

I guess just the fact that it is a dedicated app that is separate from Remember. Makes it convenient for quick recording and management of recordings.

Downloaded it yesterday. Great free app! Easy to use, no frills, no fuss.

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Thanks, James.

I don't know that this is better than the built in recorder, but it is a stand alone app with a few extra features and a few more in the works.

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I just spent a while looking for the saved folder as well! It only saves within the app. You choose the play menu to see them. There is an option, however to copy files from parrot to your voice folder on the device.

Good app and works as advertised. Kudos to the developers for bringing it to BB10.

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I don't think any voice recording app is good just cuz the mic on the z10 is horrible. Doesn't catch the audio unless a headset is plugged in or ur speaking right into the mic

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I keep hoping that there will be the simplicity of the voice recorder I had on my Palm Treo650. It was so simple to use. By associating the side button with the app, when you pushed the button it would record. Pushing again would stop. I could record phone calls to make note of important conversation (like directions on how to get to where I was going). Sadly that has been missing since I made the switch (not that there hasn't been lots of positives - I just miss that one). It would be nice if the middle side button could launch the app and immediately start recording. Pushing again would stop it. Again would re-start, etc. Just a thought for the devs out there.

Yes Singhavi, you can share recordings via email using the share button. However, I am still wondering where parrot is saving sound files on z10's memory card. I wanted to copy those files to my computer but don't know how to do it.
Is there anyone who know the saved file location?