Paris Sold Out To Sony Ericsson?!?

By Bla1ze on 18 Jun 2009 07:17 am EDT
Paris Hilton Sells Out On Her BlackBerry Love

Oh my! Longtime BlackBerry user Paris Hilton has sold out on her love for BlackBerry. For which device you may be asking? 5 devices actually. While in Dubai to promote the Middle Eastern version of her show "My New BFF", which was sponsored by Sony Ericsson who gave the Hilton heiress not one, but 5 brand new devices to use to which Paris was quoted speaking about the phones given to her:

“One is even like a watch with a phone on it and it’s so cool,” she said. “So I’m switching my BlackBerry to Sony Ericcson today. Sorry BlackBerry, I’m now a Sony Ericcson user and very excited.”

So there ya have it folks, all you need to buy Paris' love is to give her 5 new Sony Ericsson phones and sponsor the filming of her show. Now all joking aside, anyone wanna take a guess as to how long it will be before the next image of her is posted using a BlackBerry? Once you go Crack, you can't go back to a dumbphone... it just doesn't work like that.

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Paris Sold Out To Sony Ericsson?!?


Ha! Have you seen her show? Man, I caught it on accident during a late night/early morning flip session, my brain started bleeding!

I am sure she gets what ever for free. A company will come up to her say "hey why don't I give you a boat load of $$ and you can walk around town with our device!" And they will just wait for the $$ to come in.

" Once you go Crack, you can't go back to a dumbphone"
I Tried the HTC Magic ( G 2 ) for 2 weeks ..... can 't leave my crackberry so i'm back


Fist a Lindsey Lohan new story, now this whore.

Real classy CB.

2 whores I wouldn't f*** with your d**k

Who cares.. Paris Hilton and the rest of her followers aren't worth anything to the real world. Just a rich snotty B***H that never has had to work for anythign in her life...

This shouldn't even be worthy enough to post about. Hilton is complete worthless so your opinions are totally worthless.

sony ericsson phones are really fantastic to me, i had a few before moving to BB, what i liked about was the ability to move apps to the memory card, which BB seem to have not yet grasped.

Im wondering how much they paid her as if she needed more you don't ever exchange your blackberry for a ericsson

I come to CB to get the latest news, updates, rumors, software, themes, apps, ringtones, etc... And I love this site for all of those.

I do NOT come here to read about retarded celebrities. Who cares what phone Paris Hilton is using? How on earth did this make the front page?


crackberry you're better than this.

Is anyone really surprised she whores out every aspect of her life? But then again, I guess if you have no actual talent or any real skills, that is about the only choice left for a vapid ditz like her.

hey you know the dumb bitch is only doing it for the money!!! please if Sony Ericsson paid me to endorse there phones i would. dont mean i would cut off my service for real. trust me sony ericsson needs some attention right now. She seems appropriate. next week we will see a pic of her with her bitch berry !!

Just let the girl use her phone in peace. They're not all that great anyway. She's not that stupid either. She gets paid for using a cell phone,... I wish!

Did you notice how disgusting it looks?
Just like Linsdey Lohan, I didn't even recognize that was her yesterday. They all look so skinny and totally unglamorous. Like really?

Glad I stopped watching TV long ago.

Crackberry is a site for all things Blackberry! Of course a BB using celebrity is worthy of making the news on here.

Jarmer take it easy. If you don't like these types of posts, just ignore them. Some of us actually find them somewhat amusing lol.

No big lost... she's an idiot anyways..... they gave her 5 phones just in case she loses one.....

She's gets paid to use a mobile phone and you pay to use one. She doesn't sound as dumb as you say. Plus...Who wouldn't switch to a different brand if someone paid you too?! Only a ridiculous FanBoy wouldn't switch if the price was right. Seriously CB Folk, The only people that don't sell out are the ones that have nothing of value to sell. (wait patiently for the "Mychair, you're wrong. I'd never switch my BB for money or a free phone... Not even 5 free dumb phones.) blah blah blah

Im not taking up for her but i find it funny that people claim to know someone based of of things reported in the tabloids because we all know they are 100% reliable.

man, you guys find the worst photos of these got legs of a man in this photo...jeeze!

btw, that lindsay lohan photo from yesterday was HORRID...ughhh!!

good, glad she got rid of it, now maybe CB will stop posting stories about her.. but that wont happen, since there's no such thing as bad publicity anymore these days.

Not sure why, but I disliked seeing Paris with a did the Blackberry no justice what so ever. Not to rant but what would Paris be doing with a phone with all that capabilities and not know how to take advantage of it (I'm assuming). I personally think that owning a Blackberry was like being a rebel in the in hollywood "ohh look at me I'm not the owner of an iPhone...I'm down with the click" lol

Maybe having a Blackberry gave her a reason to use the word

Whatever, she'll be back. It's bad that I know this, but a while ago she went to the iPhone and back to the BlackBerry not that long after. She'll be back.

I probably love Sony more than the average person ... but they should be ashamed of themselves for NOT FEEDING HER! My God, forget 5 phones, send the girl to a buffet!

Geeeeez! The winds pick up quick in Dubai ... she better have someone holding her down or she'll blow away.

Sorry Paris ... forget technology all together. EAT.

aww paris seriously, i mean you have always been a f'up but now leaving blackberry is really the last straw for you lol.