Paris, Nikki and Pearl! - What A Great Combo!

By Jack Benney on 18 Mar 2007 09:02 pm EDT

The Hilton sisters out on the town with Blackberries close by. 

Paris called me that night to invite me out with them, here is what was said:

Paris:  Hey, Jack O' Boy, you like wanna hook up with me and Nikki later?

Jack:  Hmmm, whatcha gonna be doin?

Paris:  First we are going to catch a drink at the terrace, then maybe go clubbin.  I talked to Lindsey earlier and I was all like...  You just gotta meet Jack from  That site is hot!  And so is he!

Jack:   Wow, cool 'Ris (I call her 'Ris sometimes... It's a thing we got together, ya know) thanks, but it sounds kind of boring.

Paris:  As if, old man...

Jack:   Don't hate the player Paris, hate the game!

Paris:  laterz.

Jack:  Peace out.

Paris and Nikki Hilton

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Paris, Nikki and Pearl! - What A Great Combo!