Paris Hilton now rocks the BlackBerry Torch

Paris Hilton with her BlackBerry Torch
By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Aug 2010 12:07 pm EDT

You know what I like most about Paris Hilton? Her loyalty to BlackBerry. Once she ditched her old SideKick (that got hacked) and picked up her first BlackBerry, over the years I have yet to see her waver. She gets BlackBerry. Always on, Always Connected. It's not about killing time. It's about getting stuff done.

Typically rocking the latest and greatest gsm BlackBerry, Paris Hilton has now made the upgrade to the BlackBerry Torch. She whipped it out last week to snap a photo with the new 5 megapixel camera while launching her 2011 Shoe Collection. So what do you think? The right BlackBerry for an heiress? Or should she have held onto her Bold 9700 in hopes of a BlackBerry 6 leak dropping soon for it?

Source: CBS

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Paris Hilton now rocks the BlackBerry Torch


I like the "blackberry 6 leak dropping soon for it" comment. Sounds like someone knows something we don't.

She also has a gaping hole thats in all probabilty full of VD and other festering ailments. Does that mean I should get one of those as well?'s respect level just took a nosedive due to this pathetic attempt at glamourizing the Torch.

You've got issues if that's thoughts like that are the first thing that spark up in your brain when you see photos of people you don't know...

Haha this made me almost spill my coffee.

On topic though, any news on kim kardashian and whether she's using a torch yet?

From the girl who went on a Safari in South Africa during the world cup and saw Tigers(in Africa!)...this is not a great advert. the average IQ of Bold 9700 users increased when she gave hers up! I really love my 9700 right now

Suprized at all the Paris haters, I would love to spend one night in Paris. ha ha. Seriously this Torch device could have been a great phone. Better resolution screen, and a faster processer, I would be sold. Guess I will keep the 9700 and wait for Torch 2, to see if RIM gets it right.

I love my Torch over my Bold. OS 6 is part of the attraction, but a Bold with a huge screen is awesome. And the resolution is not noticeably negative to my eye....but I don't have a dozen devices at my beck and call to compare it with.

She probably learned a hard lesson when she got her sidekick hacked. And now uses her blackberry for business/personal communication. However odds are she also has an iphone for her media needs and facebook/twitter apps.
Its a well known fact that facebook on blackberry sucks! (not sure about the twitter app) but as I said, she probably has both and uses her berry to ensure she gets PAID! The iphone to keep up with the BS.

While I'm sure RIM would gladly give a new device to any high profile individual. I bet that anyone in the public spotlight that has anyone advising them on security, will probably tell them to get an BB (even if they other phones are cooler). Just too much of a risk when you basically have a bounty on your head and anything personal about you.

BB is still the best messaging device and perfect for PH

I'd wait for the 9780 but she is wealthy enough to have one of those too.

We all know that all you haters know she to good for you, that's why you hate!! Anyways, I think its a good thing that she's rocking the new torch, it signifies that there is a change in the atmosphere.... That it is similar to that of the iphone dealing with a multimedia standpoint, but has the security of a blackberry!!! Don't let all these haters get to you Paris, they're all jealous they can have you!!! Keep rocking blackberry!

"It's not about killing time. It's about getting stuff done."

Are you serious? You think she got a Blackberry to get "stuff done"? Come on, now. She's a socialite; her handlers get things done.

It's dumb to keep perpetuating that Blackberry is only for "important" people who need to get stuff done, attitudes like that are driving away a new generation of people who want to work and play.

If Blackberry didn't feed the image that using their device makes you feel like an "important" person who "needs to get stuff done", would they really continue to sell phones? Blackberry and iPhone are both status symbols, just symbols of very different kinds.

The EXIF data in the Twitpic she posted confirms she shot it with her 9800. Kind of cool, when you remember that these folks are often paid to be seen in public with a certain product but aren't required to actually "use" those products in their everyday lives.

She's also got her geo-location enabled, and all of that data is included in the EXIF data...

Hopefully she will leak os6 for my bold 9700 at the same time as her next porn movie. I wonder if this 5mp cam will make the movie less blurry? :)

As an iphone owner since the 1G(1st gen), I can tell ya that she probably does use a blackberry. Iphone cannot multi chat/message as well as BBs do. Its push email is a joke, and its just a glorified ipod touch.

And yes, I do have an iPhone 4. Only cool thing is I can play emulators/listen to music while I jog and the video calling that is only available over wifi. Until I get it unlocked (too lazy atm, lol).

Blackberries are where its at now.

We all know that all you haters know she to good for you, that's why you hate!! Anyways, I think its a good thing that she's rocking the new torch, it signifies that there is a change in the atmosphere.... That it is similar to that of the iphone dealing with a multimedia standpoint, but has the security of a blackberry!!! Don't let all these haters get to you Paris, they're all jealous they can have you!!! Keep rocking blackberry!

she's also been pictured using iphones, android models, nokia, samsung and even a palm pre. i wouldn't doubt if she receives the phones for free just for this purpose, and shows them off in public so she keeps getting new phones.

The reality is that Paris Hilton does not do ANYTHING without getting paid for it.

The CDC should really quarantine that Torch.

Crackberry, why Paris Hilton. Couldn't you come up with somebody better. Then again, I don't like the Torch. So they go hand in hand. Sticking with my 9700.

I'm sure she needs this for productivity on-the-go. She's probably booked up. I imagine her calender app looks something like this.
-Remember to carry stupid-a$$ chihuaha in hand bag.
-Have maid clean.
-Hook up with trashy booty call and post video on internet.
-Drop racial slurs in night club on camera with sister again.
-Have Daddy buy new car.
-Check into rehab.
-Check out of rehab.
Please, she doesn't even know how to use a Blackberry. She probably hasn't figured out that they do anything but text, call and take crappy pictures.

RIM and/or AT&T probably gave her a freebie...

All the apps for iPhone and Android might be too much for her simple little brain to comprehend.

Nice pose eh? But seriously, why would she be at a promotion AND conveniently posing with her new phone? Oh wait. She was probably texting her other moron sister for help because she forgot what to say. All those camera flashes and shiney objects in the background...

All the negative comments towards Crackberry just need to stop. All of you have short memories. They have posted many celebrity/blackberry sightings. They are not endorsing her, just posting something extra beyond leaks, reviews, etc. Talk all the sh*t you want about the girl, but don't blame CB for wanting to mix things up a bit.

Is there a tips line or do you somehow keep track of the celeb blogs? Tell me your girlie is helping you with these posts! haha

And guys, fucks sakes, we're all (most of us atleast) adults here.. stop with the stupid negative talk about the Hilton.

Who gives a s*** that she is a loyal Blackberry user. That does not make the phone more appealing to me. If anything it makes it look trendy and a piece of crap device of the week. Not the image rim should be looking for. Just my 2 cent

For those that wanted her PIN, just remember: When you PIN her, you've PINNED everyone else she's ever PINNED with. So you will all have TTD's (textually transmitted diseases) on your "berries". KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS (pocket).

If paris has one, don't get one. This is the main reason I won't get this BB. Being assoicated with is like selling you soul to the devil...

Who would really want to do that!?!

Paris don't need a phone...and if she does, iphone is for her...she's all about names......not like us 4eva!!

So what if she was in a porno!!! Good god! There are pornos everywhere! Are you mad at her for that reason!!! I mean come on, who cares!!! Who wouldn't want a pornstar to begin with!! She looks amazing with that torch, like good old lady liberty on the 4th of July!!!

That's her business if she's in porno. If ppl have time to whine abt that instead of the torch features well go get a sidekick or whatever. Plus she could prolly own iphone and android as well. Ever thought of that? Jeez..

I think Hilton can afford to buy whatever phone she wants... and a very, VERY HIGHLY doubt that AT&T is charging her for the newer phone... more than likely RIM is Giving her the latest phone if she wants one.

I can't imagine she's rocking the Torch just for the money. Last I heard she has enough to get by on. Didn't she have her entire contact list exposed once from her sidekick? I would think that would be enough to keep her on BlackBerry. I remember the article about her ditching Blackberry for a sony something-or-other. She wouldn't be the first person to try something different then come running right back home to BlackBerry.
They could make this into an ad campaign. "So simple even a Ditz can use it."

People stop dissing! True the girls morals or lack of it thereof are questionable.she is responsible for her choices so let's not put her down. Personally I don't care wat phone she uses and I don't consider her a model in any way but some misguided people do and if they help RIM sell more phones Great!

she probably thought it was coke lol
in the paper today she thought cocaine was really gum ,so she says lol