Paris Hilton Has A Serious “Butter Fingers” Problem

By cate on 26 May 2009 01:39 pm EDT

And no, I'm not talking about the candy bar. Paris Hilton was frantically searching for her BlackBerry Thursday night at this week's Festival de Cannes film convention hosted in south France.

"It's the worst thing that could have happened. It has all my contacts in it and the last thing I want is for it to fall into the wrong hands", she told the Daily Mail.

The "wrong hands" could definitely do damage considering that Paris' phone contained hundreds of celebrity numbers that include Eminem, Christina Aguilera and Lindsay Lohan. I'm sure we'd all show some grace if this was her first BlackBerry mishap, but alas, it's not. In 2005, her phonebook was "hacked" and all the numbers in her address book were published to the Internet. SmrtGuard anyone?

Perhaps Paris needs to treat her BlackBerry like her own child. But you know, even then I don't think anything would change.



I think her first mishap was with a sidekick, and I don't think she lost it, it just got hacked... maybe she switched to a berry for more security.

Again, if I remember correctly...


Yes, it was a sidekick 3, and yes it was hacked.

You remembered correctly. :-)

That incident prompted a few changes from T-mobile afterwards.

Oh well.

Regardless- It's okay to lose your phone.

It's tiny, and goes with you everywhere.

How often have you lost your lighter, nail clippers, or tweezers?


here is a little engadget article about the posting of her address book...

BB Gooch

unlike regular hardworking folks paris can afford to keep buying expensive phones over and over and what else do u expect from her she not the sharpest tool in the drawer


BB Gooch, you are very much she is not at all a "sharpest tool in the drawer" or maybe she is not even in the drawer, dont know which planet these people come from :-|

Kevin Michaluk

Welcome to the Blogs Cate!

Nice to have a female voice here and a passionate eye for celeb bb sightings :)

Michelle Haag

Kevin... you totally need more girl input on CB.

I may know someone... *hint*



Somehow I don't think that's butter.


Glad to have someone else posting stuff for me to get my CB Fix.


Or she could just add a password. Why risk it?

I have high profile numbers in my BB, and I feel obligated to keep them secure. If you don't, you're just being selfish.


If I had those kind of numbers in my phone I would definitely have smrtguard on there. I personally don't mind hearing about celeb news weather it be carrying the BB or losing them.


Look at you Paris, rockin a 83xx Curve. Lemme upgrade you!!


She had a Bold.

It's probably an old picture.


I think Paris should be extra careful of her stuff.


We have already seen how careful she is with her stuff.


well at the moment i carry my ironkey usb stick with me everywhere, as thats just about as safe as ya can get, would love it if they did a micro sd version (but think the detonating charge would be too big to fit)


have none of them heard of this simple invention called running their phone on BES/Exchange and SIMPLY WIPING THE PHONE??? she could easily lock the phone with in a few minutes of it being missing.. i dont get why these people are so stupid... wow someone steals my phone i either log in to a close by computer and send the wipe command or call someone and have them do it... NOT VERY COMPLICATED!!!

edit: and have the phone autolock after a few minutes.... this isn't rocket science here..


Is there any reason for the name calling, and over the top offensive comments.

I'm in no way a fan of Paris Hilton, but I come here to read decent articles, with decent user input afterwards.

Not this rubbish. Why isn't a mod cleaning this up. This is pathetic.


If she have used the WhereRYu app she wouldn't be so worried.
WhereRYu allows you or your trusted family and friends to know where you or your phone are located at all times


does she have some x rated photos again?? she doesnt learn huh? lol


1). BlackBerrys must be really easy to use if that bimbo can make it work.

2). Has she not thought to put a password on the phone?


i could go the rest of my life happily if i never read one more thing about this chick.


Nice first post Cate, welcome to the blogs!


Or, I dunno, lock the BB with a password?