Paris Hilton Coordinates Wardrobe to Match BlackBerry Bold

Paris Hilton with her BlackBerry Bold
By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Jan 2009 09:31 am EST

When I was flipping through tv channels the other day I caught the words "Paris Hilton just gave all her BFFs BlackBerrys so they can keep in touch 24/7."

Love'r or Hate'r, you can't argue with the fact she's got great taste in smartphones!

[ PacificCoastNews via PerezHilton ]



I wonder what her PIN is ... LOL


Even if you have her PIN she still send you pics!


Really, no one cares about her. I wish her posts would stop disgracing this site.

Kevin Michaluk

Ahh.. agreed. Tuesday filler for a slow news day.

We need some new leaked info around here! Or some other celeb shots... be sure to send your pics into the editorial @ line.


She was upset a few months earlier bcoz her grand dad gave some of their property to charity. Still she would inherit £££££££££££££££. Good luck to her.


Paris Hilton and smart phone??? Does not compute


Nothing with Paris Hilton computes!

Come on guys... their must be something happening in BB land that is more important.. a new skin for the Storm or Bold perhaps, a new speed dialing App.; a new sanitary wipe for the screen... something anything... just not this woman!!

Jeff likes Paris

I think she got even hotter as a result of her BlackBerry Bold... Wow.


the Bold is still sexy. I love you BB Bold.

Paris is gross, and a terrible person.


quick, whats her pin number! lol


lol she looks hot with her phone


Dear Paris,

every morning before i get to work, and every night before i get to sleep, I always have a minute to have my Paris Hilton Imaginary "that's hot" hug :D

BFF I am to you


will expect the bb in my mail then Paris


Paris Hilton is Not Dumb.

I'm Just Tired of Paris Hilton Sightings...

Where has Missy Spears Gone?

Can't we get another shot of her getting out of a car sans panties but with a bold in hand?



Paris hilton.. the one star besides Pam Anderson.. that i feel i should be wearing a condom just to look at her pictures.


Please. This girl is not in the least She is absolutely hideous. She's anorexic,has no sense of style,and is most definitely clinically retarded. The only reason people make a big deal over her is because of her name. Her father is the one that deserves all the fame,not this disgusting idiot. So lets just stop already with all this crap about her,just because the media wants to put her up on that high horse,and make all the sheep believe that she's some beautiful goddess. Where's nikki at? She's the real hot hilton sister - not this pig.


Please stop reporting things about this hosebag.


I guess she finally gave up her Sidekick's. Either that or shes just trying to match her outfit... Typical Paris...


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