Pandora Version 1.1.2 Corrects 5.0 OS Issues; Now Available For Download

By Bla1ze on 30 Oct 2009 12:36 am EDT
Pandora 5.0 OS Update

Finally, that 26 second song skip issue has been addressed in a new release of Pandora put out a few days ago. 5.0 OS users can now download version 1.1.2 to correct the issue.

"Good news - we just put up the new Pandora 1.1.2 update for 5.0 operating systems including Storm 9530 on 5.0 and the new Storm 9550. Other non-5.0 devices will have to wait a few days before it will be available while we finish testing, however most of the changes in 1.1.2 are to support the 5.0 OS."

Nice to see Pandora give some love to BlackBerry Storm2 owners right out the gates as well. If you are not running a Storm device, keep checking to see if the update is available if you're running OS 5.0. As of now on my 8900 running 5.0 OS 1.1.2 is showing as available.

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Pandora Version 1.1.2 Corrects 5.0 OS Issues; Now Available For Download


New Pandora is available from you phone Browser to NOT use the version available at AppWorld.

FYI: App World normally lags behind the latest updates on 3rd-Party applications. RIM has to review the submissions there.

I'm torn. I had fallen in love with Slacker when Pandora left me. But I felt like I was cheating on Pandora the whole was just a "break."

Now P's back? Ahhhh.

Does the new Pandora sound better? I think it's got a fuller, richer sound - more like the Music Player. It used to sound "canned" with very little stereo separation but this version sounds pretty dam good!

I got the Storm2 the day it was released and fired off an email to Pandora (once I got everything transfered from my old BB). Within just a few hours, someone from Pandora responded and sent a direct link to use on the Storm2. It works!!! No more skips or long delays!

I have the S1 with MR3 and it still pauses when an alert comes through with v1.1.2. I sure this has something to do with the S1 and only being able to play one sound at a time, but it would be nice to have the option to turn off alerts while playing Pandora. I don't want to have to create a Pandora Sound profile just to use the app.

You do have the option to turn off alerts while playing Pandora. Sound Profiles set to silent or vibrate only. You have to be pretty lazy if you can't do that. It works perfectly, even the media player does this with an alert. It used to start the song over from the beginning which was annoying. I have issues with Slacker not always working right wen I get an alert.

One of the limitations with the chipset in CDMA BlackBerry devices is that they can only play one audio source at a time. So in order for the device to make an audible alert such as "new email" or SMS, it needs to pause or stop any other audio playing. Fortunately, the application is notified when this happens and when it's safe to start playing again - but there is still a second or two pause after the alert sounds before the music will continue.

I was able to download 1.1.2 yesterday for my Curve 5.0. They stated that we would have to wait but then they opned it up to all 5.0 devices. Supposedly there is still testing that needs to be completed on non-offical 5.0 devices though. Mine seems to work okay.

after update to 5.0, my S1 has been holding steady at around 42 mb, and battery has been great. i want to use pandora, but prior to update, it's been a memory and battery hog.


YAY! It really is as easy as going to on your blackberry and clicking download! Glad it works again! Thanks!!

(Note the conspicuous lack of a "1" in the trail of bang characters in the subject line above.) I am PSYCHED! This was reason enough for me to revert back to OS 4.7 -- and I had held off that reversion solely due to the hassle. But now I can stick on OS 5.0, as all its other drawbacks are livable. In the time it took me to type this, I've already proven to myself that the update works, since it never even made it all the way through a single song on 1.1.1.

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW!! I've got Slacker working great as well with their revision but I'm thinking Pandora has it beat on overall clarity...:)