Pandora v1.1.5 - Now includes universal search for BlackBerry 6 devices!

By Bla1ze on 29 Oct 2010 02:36 pm EDT

Pandora has just posted their latest release for BlackBerry users. You can grab the updated version via the Pandora website right now. New features and bug fixes are all included in the change log as well as support for the upcoming BlackBerry Style 9670 release.

New Features:

  • Support for BlackBerry Style 9670
  • Universal Search integration (6.0 OS)
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed some display issues that sometimes occurred when bringing Pandora into the foreground
  • Bookmark Artist was not showing the "Bookmark Added" message (even though the bookmark was actually added)
  • In 6.0, the popup context menu was showing after selecting menu items with the trackpad

I haven't had time yet to download this release so, be sure to leave some comments on how things are working for you if you grab it. Thanks to Mark for the heads up in the CrackBerry Forums.

Reader comments

Pandora v1.1.5 - Now includes universal search for BlackBerry 6 devices!


Hey boman06210, since your going to use the Pandora/radio more often, if you have any - stereo computer speakers, I've found out last night that you can use them on your B.B. .....Try it & see what your listening experience is like.

I tried to access the download and got this message:

Dear Pandora Visitor,

We are deeply, deeply sorry to say that due to licensing constraints, we can no longer allow access to Pandora for listeners located outside of the U.S. We will continue to work diligently to realize the vision of a truly global Pandora, but for the time being we are required to restrict its use. We are very sad to have to do this, but there is no other alternative.

We believe that you are in Canada (your IP address appears to be If you believe we have made a mistake, we apologize and ask that you please contact us at

If you are a paid subscriber, please contact us at and we will issue a pro-rated refund to the credit card you used to sign up. If you have been using Pandora, we will keep a record of your existing stations and bookmarked artists and songs, so that when we are able to launch in your country, they will be waiting for you.

We will be notifying listeners as licensing agreements are established in individual countries. If you would like to be notified by email when Pandora is available in your country, please enter your email address below. The pace of global licensing is hard to predict, but we have the ultimate goal of being able to offer our service everywhere.

We share your disappointment and greatly appreciate your understanding.


Tim Westergren

P.S. For more information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions on the topic.

The next version will included features like

-Playing Music
-A screen
-and Canada

Just Kidding. We only have budget for 2 out of 3.

Pandora 1.1.4 had broken on my Storm 2, however this update is working again. I use on a regular basis & have a PandoraOne account so that I may use on any of my electronic devices. I LOVE IT!

I think alot of applications are going to see universal search added to them in the next few months...

spoke with the rep/dev in the forums. They will be pushing out 9650 os 6 version to talk with the servers on Pandora ASAP. right now it is syncing with 5.0 point on the servers. Once done we will have an update out to give us the search function.