Pandora Updated, Get In On It!

By Bla1ze on 26 Mar 2009 09:04 am EDT



Good news for all you Pandora loving fans out there, especially if you have a BlackBerry 8900 on T-Mobile. It seems as though Pandora has seen an update from version 1.00.00 to version 1.0.1 and while there was no official announcement or change log given out, it appears T-Mobile users are now able to get in on the Pandora goodness. Let us know in the comments if it's now working for ya on T-Mobile or on the 8900!

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Tried to download Pandora, but it seemed as if I was opening Pandora's box.

Pandora only offered to:


As of this post, I did not see T-mobile offered on the website.

I am a Cellular South customer, how do I get it?

UPDATE: Devices and carriers not listed are not supported. Not to worry, though, we're currently working on a number of additional Pandora mobile solutions, so stay tuned and keep checking our Pandora Mobile page!

Wanting Pandora on my Blackberry



I'm on t-mobile also. It still says the same thing that you listed in your comment and even though it doesn't list t-mobile as a supported carrier, I tried it anyway---and it works like a charm. You just need to go to the pandora website from your blackberry browser and click on the download pandora now link and you should be good.


And my blackberry storm which never seems to get any love :(


Man, you are so right, when are we storm owners gonna se pandora available >.>..


I downloaded it this morning and it works!



i'm on t-mobile and you have to go directly to the download page on your phone. once you're there, select download.

after you download, select run. it will work!


It loads but can't connect for the T-Mobile 8900 :(


go to from you phone. works great for me!


It works for me on my iPhone that I'm using on T-Mobile. It's one of my favorite apps.


It loads but won't connect. I checked and I have WiFi access and my wap settings are ok. Did you have to do anything special???


Just loaded on my 8900. Working like a dream.

i'm that chick

I have a blackberry pearl and pandora is working perfectly for me on t-mobile.


I still get unexpected network error occurred: Tunnel failed while checking licesnsing


When you get this error you need to clear out your browser cache. After you do that go back to the site and you will be fine with the download.


For those of you who are able to DL Pandora, is it better than Slacker? I have a Storm and I'm sure a version of Pandora will eventually come out. However, I like Slacker a lot. I've heard some say Pandora is better? Can anyone explain how so? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


So far I like this much, much better than slacker on my 8320 Curve. It streams better with no interruptions and the program as a whole runs much smoother.


Either that link doesn't work or Pandora pulled the update. According to that page they don't support T-Mobile or the 8900.


I don't think they updated the info ever.. just try downloading it and let us know if it works


I went via the Blackberry Browser and downloaded the software. As soon as I load the program, this error message pops up.

"The application Pandora$2dradio has attempted to open a connection to a location inside the firewall and outside the firewall which is not allowed by your IT policy."

If I click ok, and try to sign in or create a new user, the program attempts to connect but hangs up and fails to do so. Any ideas?


You have to turn off the firewall or you will get that message and Pandora won't be able to connect. This happens with a lot of streaming radio apps.


doesnt work on 8320 t-mobile


I just installed it on my 8320 today and it works great. I had to turn off the firewall though or it wouldn't connect.

Marc Novakowski

T-Mobile is now officially supported - the Pandora website will be updated early next week to reflect this (including adding T-Mobile to the SMS dropdown list) but until then just visit directly in your mobile browser to download the app. Same devices as the other carriers (Pearl, Curve, Bold, and now the 8900). Please email if you have problems connecting.

In terms of what changed for 1.0.1, it was mostly support for the 8900 and minor bug fixes around some networking issues that may have affected some users on BES or on unlocked Rogers phones. Also, if you are using 1.00.00 and get an unexpected "skip to next song" when you receive a system alert tone (SMS, email, phone call) be sure to upgrade to 1.0.1 as it should now be fixed.

BTW - if you have an unlocked Rogers phone on a US carrier such as AT&T and tried 1.00.00, you may have a bad APN cached in your app settings. Please email support for instructions on how to clear it out and upgrade to 1.0.1.

And for you Storm users, all I can say is we haven't forgotten you - so please hang in there!

Marc @ Pandora


I visited the web site but they do not have T-Mobile listed on the drop-down for carriers. So I have no idea whether the latest version will work.

ETA: Never mind. I read all the comments and see that the web site does not reflect this yet.


Do you folks all have unlimited data plans?

I only have the 24.99 BIS so I do not think I can use Pandora for any length of time without incurring massive data charges.

Can anyone confirm this?

BTW, Pandora works just fine on the 8900, though in my home location, it is on the slow side.


Finally!!!! I love Pandora and now I gots it oh muh berry!

Loaded it and logged into my account fine on my 8900 and said screw it and loaded it on the GF's Pearl Flip 8220, works like a charm thankfully. Girl is spoiled rotten! Bought her a shuffle, I load all the music onto it for her AND now she has Pandora!!!!


On T-Mobile the 24.99 BIS plan is unlimited. Check with your carrier to see if your plan is unlimited or if it has a limit,


Pandora is running well on my T-Mobile 8120, with the occasional slowdown as it buffers. I like it!


I have TMO so I think I can safely use this without byte charges.


Alas, still no 88xx love. Since there is now 4.5 OS for the 8830 (I think also for the 8820), it would be nice to see the 8800 series supported. :)


So far so good... It seems to be working on the 8900. I just went to from my berry's browser and downloaded it. Logged into my account and viola. I love it!


I have a AT&T unlocked bold. My carrier is T-Mobile. It will not sign in. It just stays stuck where it says "signing in". Does anyone know if it actually works for tmobile or if there is any way to fix this?


the only solution without risking your phone's life and data is to disable the firewall when you wanna use it. I have the 8330 for Sprint/Nextel and until the next pandora updats is released I'm stuck with doing that. Doesnt bother me though as I primarily listen to pandora on my computer anyways. Hope I helped.


Downloaded yesterday on my 8900, works great.

Anonymous man

my friend and i r w/tmobile and we both use pandora with out 8320/30 curves! it works really really well over all


What are your apn settings for Tmobile


I'm having the same problems.. I believe my apn settings are right, it's

I'm wondering if they blocked the bold from tmobile?? doesn't make sense.. but so far you're the only other person that I've heard from I made a post earlier today in the bold.. and so far I haven't heard from anymore tmobile bold users..


works on my verizon 8330


I have the T-Mobile 8320. I just installed the 1.0.1 OTA and it works. Awesome! Rock On.


I downloaded Pandora for my 8320 for T-mobile and it installed fine but I'm having the same problem that AndyMP has. My Phone displays this message box:

"The application Pandora$2dradio has attempted to open a connection to a location inside the firewall and outside the firewall which is not allowed by your IT policy."

What can I do to correct this problem?

I have been waiting patiently for the day that Pandora comes out with a version for Blackberry not to mention for T-Mobile. So please someone help us fix this so we can enjoy the countless hours of free internet radio?



I read through the forums and I saw that I should disable my firewall and it worked like a charm! I'm so happy! This is my number one app on my blackberry hands down!


Is it just me or does Padora buffer alot? I'm connected to my Wi-Fi connection in my house and my phone is literally five inches away from the router and it keeps buffering. Could this be a bug? Any input is useful. Thanks.



Wi-Fi isn't currently supported in the Pandora app, all streaming goes over the mobile network. We plan on adding support for Wi-Fi in a future release.

Marc @ Pandora

Intrepid.trekker makes an app for the storm!


I browsed to, downloaded, logged in and off I go. No 8900 needed here. No buffering problems. Awesome.


... but NOT ON WIFI. That means bye bye for now ...


I gave Pandora a try and was so happy with it that I deleted Slacker. I'm on Tmo using an 8320 and I have had only a couple of brief skips in the music which didn't bother me too much. I like certain oldies and it almost seems to play them intuitively. Song selections, voting on songs are great. I was able to play songs while watching video and I thought that was so cool. Slacker is a cool radio too I'm just on a Pandora kick right now.

Dr. Nate

Hey! I have the same phone and absolutely love Pandora, so when I heard about this I was really excited. Alas, I have downloaded and installed it four times, turned my firewall off, allowed all permissions, but I still get the no network connection available message:( how did you get yours to work? If I have slacker installed do I need to remove it for pandora to work? Please help out a fellow Pandora lover and t-mobile user.


THIS RADIO IS THE S>>>>>. It does work on the 8900!!!!


When I go to on my mobile browser there's no option to download anything. Mildly frustrated right now.

msblueline from Blackberry browser.

select to download.

Log into account (if you have one).




What do I select for the carrier?


I get the following error messages:

-Unexpected http error occurred: 500 while checking licensing.

After hitting OK, I will get a log in screen, but I get the endless "signing in" screen.

Eventually, I get the message:

-Unexpected network error occurred: Timed out while signing in.

I've tried re-loading the app and cleared my browser cache. I've also tried setting up a new account under a different email address, but the same thing happens.

Is it my APN settings or WAP settings on my browser?

Can anybody help me out? I HAVE to get this working. I need my Pandora.


With any sort of login or network problems such as this, please feel free to email and we'll do some troubleshooting with you to figure out what the problem is, and try to get it working for you. Thanks!

Marc @ Pandora


I tried that yesterday and nobody has replied...


I just checked with support and they haven't received an email yet about an HTTP 500 error. Go ahead and email me directly and we'll see if we can figure this out. marc at pandora dot com. Thanks!


Still no Storm love from Pandora :_(



Working like a charm on my T-Mo 8900!!

Thanks CrackBerry and Pandora!


I have tmo and it was working just fine with 1.0.00. Gonna see if this 1.0.1 helps with the occasional glitch of 2 songs at once that I get now and then.


working now on 8830 with 4.5 software

carlos 8900

its still not offered for T-mobile users

carlos 8900

i just read everyone's comments, and tried to download.

it works great =) =)

so yea, go get it!


Just downloaded it for the 8900 on Tmobile. Works like a charm.


Hi there, i downloaded pandora, and logged in... it says opening up my channel, and then it gives me an error message... it says, "Could not stream music. please check network availability"

what do i do to fix this?


I still don't understand how people are getting it on their 8900's. You have to choose a carrier and T mobile isn't supported and as far as I can tell that's the only way to download it for a phone.


Still no support for the 95xx series. Get on it!