Pandora Internet Radio App Released

By Adam Zeis on 18 Mar 2009 10:57 am EDT



It was only a few weeks ago that Slacker released their music player, and not to be outdone, along comes Pandora.  Fans of the service will be able to jump right in.  A quick install of the application and you're ready to rock (pun intended).  After logging in, the main menu gives you the option to create a new channel, start a "quickmix" or  play one of you created stations.  It takes a minute for the music to load, but that's to be expected (depending on your connection).  The main screen is slick - showing album art and info, as well as a cool status bar with signal strength and battery info.  Along the bottom are the thumbs up and thumbs down (when you like or don't like a track) as well as a play/pause button and skip. If you are a fan of Pandora like I am, you don't want to miss this.  Its totally free (ad supported) so you have no reason not to check it out.  Sadly it looks like it currently only supports Verizon and AT&T.  Just head to from your device to install. 

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Pandora Internet Radio App Released


Does Pandora have the ability to Cache chosen stations? I like that feature a lot. Allows me to listen when I have no connection.

I have the blackberry storm and i have downloaded the Pandora application. After answering the data usage question it says " sorry, your phone is currently not supporting to use pandora." WTF

Can anyone help???

you neeed to unisntall this app and restart your device completely, then go and download the app from the app store. this worked for me after the same pfoblem!Note you really have to restart the phone, meaning take out the battery! Good luck and enjoy!

Just downloaded it for my T-Mo 8320, OTA, with no problems. I would suggest trying the download if your BlackBerry model matches any on the list, and not worry about carrier. If you have and it still doesn't work, then I agree WTF! This has been a Sprint app forever. Its about time Pandora shows the rest of us some mobile love.

I downloaded the ap and try to run it on my storm 9530 and it is not supported for the storm. In case any storm user trys it. Sorry for the bad news. Maybe one day Pandora will work for the storm just not now.

I love pandora, greatest site out there now I can take it anywhere I go!! I hasve a At&T bold and it works great, unlike the iPhone you can go to the home screen and run other apps while the music plays. I've been waiting for this for awhile now and it is excellent.

im listening to pandora thru my alltel curve, so i think it'll work with most us cdma blackberry (no storm) as it also works on sprint's blackberries.

Does anyone know if there is a way to set it up to scrobble to from your Blackberry? I know you can do it through Firefox...

I use Pandora on my home and work computer daily, I have been patiently waiting for it to be release for BlackBerry. I just went to from my Storm and the site says it is not available for the Storm! Why the hell not? If it is available for other BlackBerry models, why not mine?

I paid all this money for this phone(or System) WTF, why can't Pandora spend a lil extra money on their network to link into this bad baby, The BlackBerry Storm...Oh yeah, that's right, the storm is too much future...too much advanced that they ain't ready for all of that technology yet. Oh well, maybe in the future they will be. DAMN!!! And I Love Pandora Too.

I downloaded to my Storm 9530 (Verizon) and Pandora said my device is not supported. Not sure what devices are supported.

It wouldn't work on my 8320 either but i e-mailed them and the suggested adding a APN. So i did and it works fine. go to options then advanced options, then TCP and under APN enter I hope this helps.

Yeah, I just tried pandora and found out (the hard way)that it does not support us 9530 owners. so i downloaded Slacker also. I hear it's really good.

It appears they are only supporting certain BBs, and the Storm is not among them, but Sprint fans take note one of your BBs IS supported. Hopefully they will continue to add support for more devices as time progresses. :)

I just checked on their website and the Storm is not supported. Correct me if I am wrong but that sucks!

i guess i posted this info a little too late. Thats what happens when you leave your browser page open for too long I guess.

Works beautifully on my Bold. I do think its funny seeing all the complaining from the Storm guys though. You know there are a number of apps/themes that work for the Storm and nothing else and but you don't see no where near this kind of complaining about it.

All of us Blackberry owners have been waiting for Pandora to get around to building an app for us. Just be patient. I'm sure it won't be too long before the Storm version is out. The Storm is too popular for them not to.

Well a majority of the ones that are Storm-only are the ones that need the huge screen and ability to go into landscape mode.

I don't see any technical reason they wouldn't offer this to the Storm.

My assumption would be that they've been working on the app a while and were doing so before the Storm was released. I'm more than certain that a Storm version will be released soon. would think that the storm would have been the first handset they would address considering it is so popular. I'm in no hurry though...

The Curve is still a MUCH more popular device in terms of blackberry "marketshare". The reason you'd imagine they're working feverishly to get out a Storm version is because the Storm is portrayed and marketed as a media-centric blackberry, not because it's more "popular" than the Curve.

It states on the Pandora website that more devices will be added soon. Surely the Storm will be included soon.

I agree with the above post regarding carrier exclusivity. Makes no sense. Luckily I have a Curve on Verizon!

I love Pandora on my PC, and now on my Bold with ATT as well. It works without a hickup and streams on EDGE (haven't tried with 3g yet) without pausing once to buffer.

I used to love Pandora and listened to it at work and home daily. After using Slacker its a much beter for me anyways......although this excited me.....until I realized it doesn't work on the storm.

Slacker and Pandora really aren't competitors. Slacker is an Internet radio station that, like most internet radio apps, organizes stations by genre, decade, and the like. They're competing against the likes of Flycast. Pandora is a music recommendation engine at heart; they organize stations by taking a seed song, analyzing its lyrical and musical content, and playing other songs that they consider similar. While Slacker is designed to play popular music of different genres, Pandora is designed to expose you to new music that is similar to music you already love. THAT is why a Pandora blackberry app is so important; this isn't just another internet radio application!

Just downloaded it to my AT&T Bold and the client does not work. Upon loading the software it says:
"Unexpected network error occurred: null while Signing In"

When I exit out and type in my existing account info, the Signing in screen just hangs forever...

Nice going Pandora.

On the website on your computer it says its only supported by Verizon and AT&T (you have to enter phone number and carrier), but i am a US Cellular customer. I went to the site on my blackberry browser and was able to download the application, no problems, it doesnt ask for that info on the WAP site!

I'm happy using slacker, so I'm not too bumbed about the lack of Storm support

PlUS seems Slacker has released an update...but the page is down lol

When the Storm is supported, I'll give it a try XD

ugh im sure all the storm users went through the same brief emotional rollar coaster as i did. saw that they had finally released pandora for bb got excited dl it. then the excitment came to a complete halt when you find out THE APP DOESNT F*CKIN WORK ON THE STORM. what a debbie downer. hopefully it will be compatible soon

Not sure if anyone has checked it out yet but iheartradio ( just put out an app last week that lets you listen to hundreds of the countries BEST radio stations and a few custom channels (one called e-rockster very good). For someone like me who travels a lot I find a station I like in LA and can only listen to if from NYC if I am sitting at my computer.. not any more.. I would def. recomend checking out this app. Plus it has a great traffic alert program for all of you commmuters out there.

I forgot all about iheartradio! I had it on my itouch and loved it but I'm not always in WiFi area so having on my bb is perfect!

Slacker had many issues, and Pandora has always been awesome. I am so glad it is out. I have the BOLD so I am happy. Sound quality is brilliant. Thanks Crackberry for posting so I can download.

I listen to pandora all the time, as i was reading the above article i was getting more and more excited. Then T-mobile. You guys just took the jelly out of my doughnut

if you have one of the listed Blackberry models try the download anyway. worked for me, hope it works for you. great app

Just downloaded and listening now. Works perfect for me while at work on 3G service. Sound quality is great and GUI looks good and is quick!

Here's a good one. I just went to the pandora site from my storm, and the site is telling me that they are not supporting any Canadian IP addresses. I am NOT Canadian nor do I live in Canada, plus the last time I checked, I was still living in NJ (USA) with a Verizon BB Storm on hand.....WTF!!

I only wonder, is Verizon using Canadian IP addresses on their Blackberries?.....WTF!!!

Anyway, I won't waste anytime since I noticed the Storm is not supported, plus I am happy with Slacker.


"I only wonder, is Verizon using Canadian IP addresses on their Blackberries?.....WTF!!!"

You do realize the BB network runs on Canadian IP addresses lol, it just wasn't picking up the Verizon proxy when you logged onto the site, but storm love so it does not matter anyways.

I am a big music fan and now I can ROCK out at work, which makes my day go by so fast!

I like slacker radio, but it has to buffer alot and this moring I guess their server went down cause I can't listen to it :(...So when I saw this post I immediatly downloaded Pandora and been listening with ease!

It works great with my BlackBerry BOLD!

YES! I have been waiting for this for a long time & couldn't be more thrilled. I got Slacker & it is a good enough service, but I have been a Pandora listener from nearly day one. I have long-established & tweaked stations on Pandora that I can't wait to use them.

I will now be able to tool down the street with Pandora in my car (via my BB, of course).

I have a Curve 8330 & use Verizon, which means that, for the first time I can recall, my phone is one of the first eligible.

I have to go & finish my download.



So i'm not sure if I prefer Pandora over my current Slacker account. Since I've paid for Slacker for a year and it's ad free and best of all, allows you to cache stations (saves tons of battery life) I'll probably be sticking with Slacker for the time being.

Plus, after the install of Pandora, the audio kept speeding up and slowing down. I'm doing a battery pull hoping this solves the issue but if not, Pandora has some bugs to work out.

edit: I'm thinking the audio issue may have to do with it not being supported for the Sprint Curve just I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt on that.

Oh hell yeah. I've been waiting on this. I absolutely love Pandora. I have a slingbox and listen to it every day.

Relax, it's not out for storm yet cause it has a touch screen and therefore needs to be coded differently.

They released for trackball berries first cause that knocks out a whole bunch of handsets all at once. Storm will come (soon) relax...................

I just downloaded pandora and its working perfectly! Just go to pandora on your phone and download! AWESOME!

This works on the Pearl 8130 from US Cellular. That's because they share towers and are set up like Verizon.

I've been waiting patiently for this app ever since I got my Bold and sold my iPhone 3G. I logged in using my old account information and all of my saved stations were saved and it was streaming radio within 10 seconds!!! Thanks Pandora! This is by far the best radio app for any phone!!!

I'm giddy like a school girl! It's a good thing I've got the unlimited data plan ... I'll probably still get one of those infamous "over-use" letters from VZW but who cares! I've been waiting for Pandora on BB ever since their iPhone app went out!

I proudly use the Storm so I can not use Pandora. But I have a friend who has a Bold and he says Slacker is so much better. Everything from the music selection to the user-friendliness to the functionality to the speed is far superior on Slacker. So for all you Storm users who were initially bummed out when you realized Pandora didn't work for you (I know I was), don't worry, you're not missing anything in Pandora.

Sorry fellas, Pandora is infinitly better than Slacker IMHO... I deleted Slacker after 2 days because it was so slow and constantly causing me to have to do hard resets.

How can the music selection be better on Slacker? You're comparing a list of hundreds of internet radio stations that play popular music more or less randomly to a database of millions of songs that are suggested based on shared musical traits. They're apples and oranges.

I gave it a go on my Storm. Looked like a good install, but upon launch I received the following:

Uncaught exception: java.lang.NullPointerException

I have a Bold on TMO. the app downloaded fine but the signing in screen is there forever. You think it's cause of TMO or maybe my password is just wrong?

OMG my music apps are now complete. I work at at&t so i see all these iPhone apps come out and wish that they were for my Bold and now they are!!! I am an excited crackberry user!!!!!!!!!! again CHEEAAHHHH!!!!

love the pandora on the web..and now here she be for the crackberry!!
way to wonderfully!!!

Hi all...I just downloaded this on my T-Mobile Curve 8320. It seems to be working great!!! This is very exciting. I've been waiting for a Pandora App.

Too much time has gone by not to have a storm version ready. If you are going to take this long, take another month and get all the devices out. Where they that concerned with Slacker?

Not so...I have T-MOBILE and just downloaded it and its playing beautifully. I think they misprinted the 8320 as att.

So all you T-MO'S start enjoying, I already am.

okay so i was a little peeved that i was left out on the 1.5 release of facebook being a 4.5 os that i run w/ my curve, but today made up for that letdown.. i've tried all the radio apps out there, moodio, slacker, nobex, iheartradio, and then today i see another one Pandora. Installed quickly and uploads relatively fast. The program itself blows my mind. I search under specific artists albums genres , i choose artists and searched for michael buble, in seconds i was listening to the michael buble channel, awesome, then i went back and tried josiah leming and sure enough in seconds i was listening to him.. this app blows all the other radio apps out of the water.. Sorry Slacker but youve been replaced

So Pandora is released and the Curve is supported but not the Storm? Someone should slap whomever made that decision.

Pssh, Pandora. Storm users have the option of Slacker, and I think it's freaking fantastic. Seriously, try it. SERIOUSLY.

I've been using Pandora for years on my PC, and I honestly think Slacker does a better job.

Excellent news!

I've been seriously dissapointed that Pandora was not supporting the BB, but this is great news.

Installation was easy, took all of two minutes.
Logged in with my regular Pandora account and my saved channels were right there. I am not noticing any delays with getting the music to load. It's fast, and also works great with my bluetooth stereo headphones.

An ad pops up at the beginning of each song, but you only see it if you are looking at the Pandora screen, which can be closed while using the phone for other stuff, so send the ads... the music is still free (for now).

I'm surprised to hear it works with your Bluetooth stereo headset. I tried it with my Jabra BT8010 set, and found that the sound was quite distorted, with lots of crackle and pops. (No snaps, tho...:-) )

Which phone and carrier do you use? I'm on Sprint, with 8330 Curve. Hope it's related to the fact that they don't mention the 8330 Sprint version as being supported. Will hope for an update. I used Pandora long before I tried out Slacker, but had to give it up when I moved to a BlackBerry.

I am curious to see how battery life holds up having to stream it all the time. One of the nice features of Slacker is the ability to cache some of your stations. With a 4 GB card, I have plenty of room to store stations there, and it's very stingy on battery use.

Pandora is the nuts! Man Blackberry Rules! Radio! GPS! PDA! ANDDDDDDD It even makes phone calls! Woohooo!
pandora will be great on the job or on the beach!
Love it!

just downlosed the app to my pone and when i try to play music i says
"could not stream music. please checknetwork availiablity"

any thoughts

I have been using Pandora since it was created and before Ads. I am stoked to see they have come a long way. The BB app works great and will most likely destroy the market. I reccomend everyone use this for a mobile radio or music app.

Please write to Pandora to encourage support for a Storm addition. I was among those threatoning to go to Slacker until they added my app for the BB. They missed it slightly by not offering the Storm support yet.

No station caching?... tsk, tsk.... that's the deal breaker.
Too much time riding a subway kills Pandora out of the gate. I may still install it to check it out for now, but it will be a backup to Slacker.

I loved Slacker, but made the switch to Pandora to try it out. So far Pandora is performing much better. I haven't yet heard it stop to buffer like Slacker would. Sound quality seems better too, richer and less compressed. Pandora also has smoother transitions between songs. When listening plugged into the speakers in my office, Slacker Radio would "POP" at the end of a track. Volume level from song to song is more consistent, and after Pandora pauses for a message notifier beep, it starts playing again automatically. Slacker would make me open the program and click play.

AD-itionally, the ads are visual, not audible. They appear on screen, not interrupting my music like a Slacker Radio commercial would. My Blackberry (Curve 8330 on Verizon) "sleeps" on my desk anyway. With the screen off, or the program in the background, I rarely have to look at the ads!

This leaves me with two questions/comments:

Slacker KILLED my battery, even when not playing a song. When it was playing, charging from USB couldn't even keep up. My Blackberry died when it was plugged in! Time will tell if Pandora is more battery friendly.

I really liked the comedy stations on Slacker. I'm not sure if the Pandora service has comedy tracks as well. I'll be trying it out soon.

So far Pandora Internet Radio seems like a great app!

It seems you didn't quite know how to use Slacker.

Maybe as a free app Pandora > Slacker

But if you buy a Slacker subscription, it is NO contest.

Slacker is >>>>>>> Pandora

Cached stations is awesome and cannot be touched.

I have an unlocked BlackBerry Curve 8320, AT&T, OS 4.5 - after installing and starting the app, I get an "Unexpected network error occurred: Tunnel failed while Checking licensing" message, followed by an "Unexpected network error occurred: Tunnel failed while Signing In" message...afterwards, I'm asked to sign in to my account and then the app just hangs on the sign-in process...bummer =(

Those of you that are getting this to work on T-mobile....what information are you putting in regards to your carrier. Just choosing sprint or at&t and putting your model in? And ive only seen 8320 users say its working on tmobile...i have an 8900...anyone have any luck using this on an 8900 through tmobile. Im quite upset that tmobile doesnt support if theres some way around it please let me know.

I tried it on my 8900. No luck. I get the same message some of the storm users have been getting.

I used to love this app when I had an iPhone. When I switched to BlackBerry I really missed it; But I found Slacker. To me, Slacker is much better because it allows you to cache stations which really conserves battery life when listening to the radio for any length of time. Updating stations is very simple. Pandora is great, but they've missed the boat in my opinion. I won't even consider using a streaming radio app without the caching feature that Slacker has now that I've seen the benefits. Too late Pandora! You should have paid more attention to BlackBerry users, and maybe you wouldn't have lost tons of them to Slacker!

A quick little review, Curve 8310 ATT:
(Mostly compared with Slacker)

- Boots up much faster than Slacker
- If you already had a Pandora account all your "Thumbs Up" are already registered. (This is a Big +)
- Time between songs is almost simultaneously (Compared to Slacker which took 45-60 secs)
- When scrolling between Thumbs Up, Down, Skip there is no lagging. (On Slacker there was so much lag I always clicked on something I didn't want to)
- You can multitask while having Pandora opened (When using Slacker it was almost impossible to use Viigo or some other app)
- It doesnt passively rape your battery (Slacker DID)

- For some reason I could turn the volume louder on Slacker
- No "Cache Stations" which NEVER really worked for me on Slacker. (This is most a CON for other people)

Take into consideration everyone has different setups on their phones, so, this is my experience with Pandora so far. I'm loving every minutes so far! (Already delete Slacker) ;-)

I completely agree with all of this. I have a Pearl 8130 on Alttel(Verizon?) and Slacker destroyed my memory when I would use it. Pandora is much lighter on my device. I figure that a Bold or newer Curve might handle Slacker a bit better, I don't know, but I like being able to listen to music while reading my feeds on Viigo and playing Bubble Popper, and Pandora makes that much more feasible on the Pearl.

LOL!!! I love when morons who don't know how to make a call on their phone try to do reviews. Slacker caching definitely does work on all my blackberry devices as well as my friends and family's devices. If it never worked for you then you don't know what you're doing. I multi task everynight, I listen to slacker while playing word mole or tetris - no lag at all. Again, maybe your blackberry is screwed up. The battery issue is completely false as well. I listen to slacker everyday at the gym for about an hour and my battery meter doesn't even lose one bar (and that's listening via stereo bluetooth), thanks to the caching feature. Pandora rapes my battery because it's streaming via 3g the entire time, and anyone with half a brain knows that 3g is about the biggest battery killer. I have no problem with someone listing the facts, but let's not post completely absurd bs that makes no sense. If you can't do an unbiased review then stay the hell of the boards.

I'm on a BB Pearl from T-Mobile and Pandora works for me although I have to admit it does pretty much suck if the EDGE is not at 100% full strength. Slacker has worked better as it buffers or something previously to playing the song.

Finally i can listen to my perfectly developed stations on my phone, anywhere i can get reception. Ive been using it for the last ten minutes, my stations are the same from when i set it up online before, and the connection is, thus far, great.

I have the Curve 8330 for Sprint and decided to download the works GREAT! No you can add Sprint 8330 to the list of devices this works on.

Tried to download and was told that Pandora does not support my device. Big bummer, Pandora is a must have for any mobile phone!

Running off of EDGE on my Bold unlocked on T-Mobile with no problem. Works SOOO much better than slacker. Quality compared to non-cached stations on slacker is ridiculous.

Works nicely on my Sprint BlackBerry Pearl. I like it a lot. I have iheartradio also. They're different apps serving a different purpose.

OMG, I have been waiting on this for quite some time now. Friggin i-phone had it for awhile...this is one of my favs next to awesome on the Bold!

This is ridiculous. I have been waiting for what seems like forever for this app, and now that it's here it won't work on the 95xx series? Boo...

The app seems well written. But between Flycast, Slacker, and pandora I would have to say the sound quality is the worst. But then again it doesn't have the weird mono/stereo and back sound that slacker has. Flycast has the best audio but I find it hard to get a good enough signal to keep the stream going, also the software is slow and buggy. Pandora probably has the best selection of songs. Slacker gets repetitive playlists.

So anyways I'm still looking for the perfect streaming app for the berry. maybe?

Yeah that's cool I use Pandora on my computer all the time. to bad it is only supported by Verizon AT&T, and Sprint.

Both and web sites promise support for the Storm "eventually" ... Update to the newest version of Slacker whenever they offer one, it is always an improvement. Read an interesting article about IHeartRadio for iPhone where it constantly crashes them. It does have major backing and support from ClearChannel who own the 150+ radio stations offered. Seems it plays fine on a channel but don't bother trying to change the channel, switch apps or even look at another screen or ... crash. Hope they get that figured out before they release it for the Storm.

I noticed on the PC, you can choose the genre instead of artists. I dont see the option on the Bold. Is there a way to do this?

It doesn't appear that there is yet. I've noticed also that on the app we don't have the option to add artists to the stations. I'm assuming these are all things that will eventually be worked into it. It'll just take some time. Until then I'd suggest just creating a station that features an artist you feel best exemplifies the genre you want.

been waiting for this one since the launch of the storm!!

nvm my last comment F!@@!!@

i had hopes for pandora on the storm, downloaded it, installed and whooopppptyy doo your device is not supported.


I just downloaded the app to my storm and when I started it up, it said "sorry your device is not supported at this time"

Pandora app doesnt work with Storm. What a shame. Why release an app for Blackberry that doesnt work across all Blackberry device platforms??

This is a long awaited application for BlackBerrys I know that I am excited. *Currently Downloading*

I LOVE Pandora, and am ecstatic to see it's ease and availability on my Curve 8330! This came at the perfect time LOL cuz I was debating on a "radio service" to put onto my phone...this solved it =)

After seeig pandora released today I was anxious to get a copy for my TMO Bold. It was not working, tunnel error but then I read some of the posts here someone mentioned slacker, just finished downloading it and its amazing. It sounds much better than EDGE speeds on the iphone. Slacker for now while we wait for Pandora. Pandora has some huge shoes to fill. This is battle to the death ppl!

Anyone having trouble getting the music to stream on a Verizon Pearl 8130? I've been trying to get it to play, but it keeps saying "Could not stream music. Please check network availability".....I have full service!! Just wondering if anyone else is having this same problem...

I did have the same issues...I was able to fix it by going to the applications and modifying my preferences to allow.

options--->advanced options--->applicatioin--->and choose Pandora and modify peferences

My girlfriend has the 8130 on Verizon's network, and we installed it fine. It works great on her phone! Good luck on getting it to work. Try possibly uninstalling and reinstalling?

I love Pandora but I don't like that fact that it is not available for the Storm yet. I look forward to the day when I can open Pandora from the box.

I've got a Bold with AT&T and thought I would give this a try. I've tried both Slacker and FlyCast previously. I got rid of Slacker and have been using FlyCast exclusively for a while now.

When I'm on my laptop I always listen to Pandora. But on my Bold the load time is so slow, even with a great connection, and I just don't see myself getting rid of FlyCast for this right now. The ads are annoying too and I would rather pay a few bucks to get rid of them.

Good going pandora! Way to release and not include the 1st Blackberry designed around multimedia functions...

I completed the download form and gave them my number, but I never got any download instructions sent to my phone. did this happen to anyone else?

I was so stoked to hit Crackberry tonight and see Pandora for BB.

But, as usual, it seems, Storm users are SOL.

Am I the only one ticked off at the lack of apps, games and whatnot? I mean, yeah, there's some, but nowhere near an acceptable amount for the amount of hype it got.

I've been a long time Pandora fan and thought this would never happen! Slacker is good, but there's still nothing like Pandora. Whoever is responsible for this, thank you!!

i have a curve 8320 on tmo and i just downloaded the application via OTA. it works perfectly. i'm streaming a station now.

Thank you Pandora! Great app! I thought it would look a little nicer, but it functions great. I'm on AT&T with the Bold, and my Girlfriend has the 8130 on Verizon. Both phones function amazingly with it. I love how even in low reception areas i get great quality music, and no dang lag! Slacker was a great app in the meantime but honestly while I'm listening to music i don't want it to stop and buffer. With Pandora I have not experienced that at all. If you get the chance this is a must have FREE app.

why does this app support the older 8100, and skips over to the more expensive 8120?

Frustrating as Slacker renders my phone useless when its running.

...for some reason i was able to download the app after receiving 3 "Pandora does not support your device" errors.

Oh well, as long as it works :)

There's two apps I've always wanted on my BlackBerry, Pandora and Skyfire. One down, one to go. As for the Pandora vs. Slacker battle, I think if Pandora allows you to cache stations which I know they will, the comparisons will not be close.

Just put it on my Verizon 8330, works great. I am guessing this is a battery sucker though? Thank goodness for unlimited data plans paid for by someone else.

i was dissapointed about the verizon and att news but i downloaded it on my sprint curve and it works great!!!!!!

This is a great day, I have waited a long time for Pandora to be released. I wasn't too impressed with Slacker. I loaded the application and it works well on Sprint. Sorry to hear about the Storm guys, I hope they get a release for you soon!

I have relatives that have been telling me how great Pandora was on their Iphone. I have been a Slacker fan for some time. I downloaded Pandora and thought that I had done something wrong since I could not get it to work with my wireless Motorola headset. Then I went on a Crackberry forum and found out it does not support Bluetooth (Bummer). I like Pandora's format but will have to stick with Slacker when I am jogging. Hope Pandora will fix this problem in the future? Also hard to beat Slacker's cache feature.

Has anyone with a BB Curve (8320) on T-Mobile tried this. I downloaded and got it to work before I heard that it was only compatible with AT&T and Verizon. Please let me know if I should be using this or not.

Love love love. wasn't too much a fan of slacker especially after the sw update for my curve, it never worked. Only liked to indefinitely buffer.. I was quite happy to see pandora avail. And storm users be patient, it will be avail eventually.

Only trouble I have run into though is when i get a message. I don't mind the breif interruption, however, i do notice that it will either pause the song indefinitely, or skip to the next song. Hopefully this will be a fix.

I like this better than any internet radio I have tried. Most do not have big selection of christian music. Pandora works very well for me with the music I like. Will keep this one!

The 8800 series is not supported. :(

I can load the software through the webside, but when attempting to run it, I get the "unsupported" message. Oh well... :(

I have a Sprint 8330 and when I go to pandora's website on my mobile, it just loads the pandora site (minus the media aspect). I've had pandora text me the site http://broadcaster.pandora, however when I click "Get Link" I get an error message that says, "HTTP Error 503: Service Unavailable... The server is currently unable to handle your request due to a temporary overloading or maintenance of the server" Is this a problem that others have had and do I simply have to be patient, or is there a setting I need to change in my browser?

I emailed Pandora about the lack of support for the Storm. In my email I included the link here at Crackberry for all of us Unhappy Storm owners. Here is what they sent back.

"Thanks for the heads up on the blog posting, I will forward this to to correct people in Pandora.

Each version of Pandora software for a portable device needs to be separately developed and approved by the cell carrier. PDA devices like yours require extensive testing before they can be certified. Unfortunately that slows the development cycle. I don't know how long it will be for the Storm. It's a particularly complicated device.

You can see the up-to-date list of supported Blackberry Phones at
Thanks for writing. We love feedback and we read absolutely everything!

Pandora Listener Support"

I just downloaded the pandora for my 8320. Works great but when I plug my earphones in it doesnt come though my earphones. When I play my ring tones as a test my earphones work???? Anybody???

I just downloaded Pandora on my T-Mob Curve 8320 and it worked just fine, despite the T-Mob 8320 not being on Pandora's list of supported devices (AT&T Curves are supported though).

Are there any issues or consequences that would be a problem to run Pandora this way on my T-Mob device?

Curve 8320 here and it's working FANTASTICALLY for me.

Now I just wish how I could find genres of music (Looking for Hindi/Bollywood songs) I want.

"Sadly it looks like it currently only supports Verizon and AT&T."

Works fine on my Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8330, as far as I can tell.

Although it seems as though there is an issue with Stereo bluetooth headphones, the quality sucks. I thought it was just the stream quality but it sounds great through wired head phones.

I think they aren't using A2DP on their bluetooth streaming, could be nice to get some more information though.

thx for that piece of information ! I am stunned by this application. After playing around with it for a while I kicked Slacker out and deleted it. I like the slacker radio but Pandora gives me more control and uses much less memory, an important issue if one uses it on a BB.

someone help it wont let me sign in...
says application has attempted to open a connection inside the firewall...

I'm sure I'm not the first to comment on this and I doubt I'll be the last but I thought I'd share anyway. I use T-Mobile and downloaded the Pandora App for my Curve 8320, and despite the fact the site says its only useful on AT&T and Verizon, it works GREAT on my handset.

Pandora doesn't work on my Telus Pearl 8130. I was able to download and install it, but it said it's not available in Canada. Shame on you Pandora!

Dear Pandora.

I know that Blackberry users aren't your top priority. And that even among Blackberry users those who hit the pavement with the 8350i are shunned like lepers because of the iDEN speeds.

But please remember that the 8350i still has WiFi, and iDEN speeds can sometimes be enough for streaming audio if it's not pushed too hard (I've done it in the past). But most of all... All of those construction foremen, general contractors, architects, and other business people are probably using the 8350i for work (with the whole push to talk thing). Which means they still have a job, and might, just might, have some cash to buy CD's through the pandora links?

Just a thought.

Man, after reading the post about Pandora I immediately went and made sure they offered it for BB's and sure enought they said "YES". But once downloaded, it said not compatible with your device. Thanks alot Pandont'a. I almost removed Slacker and am glad I didn't since it's working like a champ and doesn't care which BB you have. Pandora is still hanging on to AT&T and for some reason have invited Sprint to their party. Who cares !!!!

I was excited about this so I downloaded it to my Storm. It installed fine then I went to login and the disappointment set in.

I got a message that my device is not supported. How could it be?

I ran both Slacker and Pandora this week. With ear buds, headphones, and through my car stereo. Im a set-it-and-forget-it guy, so skipping songs normally isnt a big deal for me. I selected Albert King and let it fly. Pandora gave me a lot more Albert, and some truly related stuff too. Stevie, Jimi, Clapton, and some of the current artists too, Ronnie Earl and so on. Slacker kind of figures that Albert King is blues so here you go, lots of blues.
So First impression, Pandora has a better song list.
I have heard that the sound quality was better on Slacker. With reservation I agree. You know when a friend tries to impress you with a new stereo? They crank up the bass to make it sound bigger. Slacker does the same thing. It does sound better, but its kind of artificial. I like it.
The interface is clearer on Pandora, Slacker is a bit dark.
But thats just me.

i downloaded pandora straight from my curve 8320's (on tmobile btw) browser and it has worked perfectly fine for me. just throwing it out there that maybe in some cases, it can work for other phone companies bb's