Pandora For BlackBerry Updated To Version 1.1.3

By Bla1ze on 24 Dec 2009 09:24 am EST
Pandora For BlackBerry Updated To Version 1.1.3

Shout out to Twitter folks for letting us know about a new Pandora update the other night. Seems this one actually has a lot of fixes and new features in it. The Pandora folks gave us the run down in the forums.

New Features

  • Support for account upgrades to Pandora One via the mobile device
  • Faster startup time, especially for listeners with lots of stations. One test with 100 stations showed startup time going from 14.25 seconds down to 8.2 seconds.
  • Station list sort order is now saved
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed volume-change issues triggered by some third-party apps, such as Vlingo
  • No more 8-hour session limit
  • Tour popup menus sometimes would act strangely

If you had any issues with the previous builds, you'll wanna grab the latest version for your device.

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Reader comments

Pandora For BlackBerry Updated To Version 1.1.3


Dude your crazy that is a great feature and works just like the native media player. If you press and hold the volume up key you skip the track. If you tap the volume button you change the volume. This is awesome for trying to skip a song while driving.

If you have problems lower your keyrate setting in options....this will make you have to hold the button down longer for it to register as a skip making it harder to accidentally skip while changing volume.

You can also pause with the call button on a headset like the native media player....Bluetooth AV media controls also work.

i lowered the key rate to normal.. for some reason it was on the fastest one. lets see if this fixes it.. beside thats Pandora is the shizznit.

Slacker is alright but is pretty lame compared to Pandora...unless you dig commercials and smaller/lamer music selection/playlists

Really now, lame is the guy that thinks the music app that produces crappy bass is best.

Sorry for me, Pandora is limp wristed in the bass department. I got premium stereo for a reason in my cars and home. I want my fill and Pandora does not give it to me.

Slacker brings the bass to the table! Try this out on a good stereo and let then maybe you will not be so quick to call Slacker Lame.

With Slacker, you can be more in depth with customizing your radio stations. After searching for the artists and songs you like, you can continue to like and dislike songs for your station(s) and name your customized station. Your limited on how much you can do this per hour like on Pandora, but can surpass the limit by subscribing to Slacker for a fee (different subscription levels available). You can also control how much your station is focused on playing your favorites, new songs, older songs, and more. You can share your slacker stations with friends, and cache your stations so that you can listen to them without having your phone connected to the network. You can't do all of this from the app on your phone, but it's worth spending the time on the desktop / laptop to get this done, and it doesn't take long to do.

To my last knowledge, you couldn't do all of that with Pandora, but it's been a long time since I've dumped Pandora for Slacker. How much of this can you do with Pandora?

I bought the subscription for 3$ a month. What is the 8hr time out? I hope my pando continues to work great.

Amazingly it looks like it has been updated on Blackberry App World. Must be a Christmas Miracle! An updated app appearing on Blackberry App World the same day it's released by the developer.

...when trying to turn up the volume, pandora skips to next song. This only happens once upon selecting a new radio station, after that it works as normal. a bug maybe?

i cant speak bad of the other services but i like pandora. it works great and replaced satellite radio in my car.

Well, I live in Canada and I am able to listen to Pandora on my laptop after pulling a fast one, but unsuccessful on my Telus Storm, pandora crashes it.

I tried downloading 1.1.3 thru app world, after it failed to install for some reason, my previous version of pandora disappeared from my phone, and when i try to download it again it never finishes installing. Thats whack can anybody help!

just installed and did reboot. Took 33 seconds to startup (me hitting Pandora button until time my station autoplays). Thought maybe the first attempt might take longer since I just upgraded so shut down and tried again and took 32 seconds. Not any better than 1.1.2 in that regards. I only have three stations and using BB Tour.