Pandora for BlackBerry updated to v1.1.11 - Now supports BlackBerry 7 devices!

Pandora v1.1.11
By Bla1ze on 8 Sep 2011 08:30 pm EDT

While some folks are making use of BBM Music while it's in beta stages, a good amount of people have been wondering when, exactly Pandora for BlackBerry would be updated to support BlackBerry 7 devices. The answer to that question is -- right now. If you head on over to the Pandora website you will of course be advised to download the BlackBerry version of Pandora which has been updated to v1.1.11. As of now, it's not showing up in BlackBerry App World but a direct download is much better anyway. Thanks, Tom!

Download Pandora for BlackBerry v1.1.11

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Pandora for BlackBerry updated to v1.1.11 - Now supports BlackBerry 7 devices!


This is one more reason why I should move to US all together. I brought a 32 GB USB Flash drive and I paid half of what Canadians pay.... well Canadian droller is almost same as US now days!!!

"[A] direct download is much better anyway"??? Put down the crack pipe, Bla1ze! App World has its quirks, but it shows its merits when you have to switch devices or load all your apps after wiping. You don't have to re-download from a bazillion different places or input a multitude of registration numbers as you would have to either when you re-download or restore from, say, a BBSAK backup.

In any event, let it be known that this version has NOT been optimized for the 9810. Although the music player portion seems fine, the Stations list is only a half screen (at least in portrait orientation on the Torch, it's a 3/4 screen in landscape). Smells like Pandora really only checked it on the 9900 with its loser half screen. ;)

Couple of graphical glitches, but otherwise works great! Looks like they just rebuilt it so it would work on OS7 devices, nice!

I would love spotify! AND gladly pay the $10 a month charge. But they need to realize that they would profit from making a BB app!

Great, I missed this app but not any more. Soon as I saw the post, I went to the site to check it out and there was the download. When I read the article it said do just that. I was to eager to read it but followed it to the "T." Go figure...

Download anyway bro. I'm on the same verizon 9930 and I saw that too, but the download works. Jammin out with it right now!

My list of apps that I wanted to carry over from my 9650 is almost complete! Only one missing now is already started and I need this app ASAP! =/

So embarassing, but I have to admit that I still don't understand how to use Pandora. I feel like an old man at Prom. LOL.

if this helps...
Start on a PC - easier view. Sign up/in. Just pick one favorite song and it will do the rest - like your own DJ giving you similar songs. Then you can access by BB.
You can later like/dislike types you do not want. It is a great way to use your BB as a music machine w/o loading songs. I use it on my bike rides - great!

Jeffery Rhodes
If I'm not mistaking Slacker already is on the os7 devices. I think the two are equal besides I'm still rocking the s2 until I can upgrade next month I have 1000 plus toons on my microchip. So with slacker and my own tunes on the phone Pandora is ok but not a must have

Ive been testing out Slacker since the release of the Playbook to give it a fair chance since it came pre-loaded. Ive enjoyed it, but it just doesnt seem as smooth and simple as Pandora. Ive noticed you can build a very custom radio and they have a lot of playlist options on Slacker. Im excited about Pandora for my 9930 either way since I have some stations that I really enjoy.which do you guys prefer and why?

I think this is entirely a matter of opinion, but I'll share mine for what it's worth. I have the paid subscription to both and I decided I like Slacker Radio more and here is why. Slacker Radio gives you more control in many different ways:
1)It allows you to create and edit playlists, favorites, and stations.
2)It has a nice search function.
3)Gives you access to entire albums and song lists.
4)You can also control the variety of artists that are played by your created station.
5)Slacker also creates a list of recently played songs, which you can access.
6)Slacker also gives you access to lyrics, which is a nice bonus.
7)And then there's the cache function which is really nice.
8)Access to 166 already made categorized stations.
9)No skipping limits.

In terms of sound quality, I've found that it depends on the song. I played several songs on Pandora and on Slacker comparing side by side and some songs sounded better in Pandora and others sounded better in Slacker. One HUGE downside for me personally in Pandora is that even with the paid subscription you can only skip 6x in an hour per station. You don't have this limit with Slacker. Pandora is just way too simple for my taste, imo it is very lacking. Pandora allows you to bookmark a song, but you can only access it from the web or desktop app, which makes no sense if you are bookmarking it on your BB. Try them both and see which one you like more.

In AUSTRALIA, neither Pandora or Slacker work... And I even tried using the streams off sites like and and nothing will play... rageface.jpg

Thanks man. That's the only way to know which one will work for you. Oh, and one more advantage of Slacker Radio is that it allows you to restart the song from the beginning if you want to listen to it again, with Pandora you can only skip to the next song (6x in one hour).

has anyone restarted (done a battery pull) after this? i downloaded it yesterday to my 9930, which has been working fine, and when i restarted, which i do after installing all my apps, it crashed it. jvm error 517....sprint's sending me a new one but lost all my data since my last backup three weeks ago. just wondering if i'm the only one....