Pandora for BlackBerry updated to v1.1.8

Pandora for BlackBerry updated to v1.1.8
By Bla1ze on 28 Apr 2011 04:39 pm EDT

I know there is a lot of Pandora for BlackBerry fans out there and it's been quite some time since we've seen any sort of updates to the app. That said, Marc from Pandora dropped by the CrackBerry forums today to let everyone know a new version is now available for download. While the new version lacks a change log at this point, for the most part it's just a bug fix release according to the info available.

Download Pandora for BlackBery v1.1.8

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Pandora for BlackBerry updated to v1.1.8


wait a second... a Pandora rep stopped by the Crackberry offices to tell you guys about a bug fixes .X.1 release? Lol.... are your offices in the same commercial park or something?

was listening to a news brief on internet radio bout a couple of weeks ago or so and heard that the android version of pandora was giving out information about its users to advertising? can someone prove this or de-bunk it please? heard there was a lawsuit and everything.....

I like Pandora for times when I forget my main mp3 player, but it really sucks on my Tour whereI can only connect via cellular and no wifi. It takes forever to startup and skip songs if I'm not in excellent signal strength.

This version no longer lets you pause the stream by pressing the Mute button on your smartphone or hands-free set! I hope thats a bug and will get fixed soon because I use it all the time.

I had to upgrade to this because Pandora stopped working on my phone. And I have the same issue. This is VERY disappointing. AT&T .979

I recently tried Pandora and I like it very much. The song selection was awesome. I'm still a Slacker app fan because with Slacker I can download (cache) a whole group of music that will play when I'm in the subway and don't have reception.

I like Pandora better than Slacker overall, but use the Slacker application exclusively on my phone because of the ability to cache the station and listen without needing a signal. This works especially well when I'm on a flight. I wish Pandora would develop station caching too.