Pandora for BlackBerry Updated to 1.1.1

By Adam Zeis on 6 Aug 2009 08:41 am EDT


Pandora for BlackBerry has been updated from 1.1.0 to 1.1.1 and fixes various networking issues. Users will be prompted to update when logging in. The update repairs issues that some users on certain devices were experiencing including HTTP 502 errors. Not all devices were having the same issue. From Pandora release notes:

  • Fixed HTTP 502 issue (and other networking-related issues such as the "connection closed" problem on the 8350i)
  • Fixed volume going to "full" after an audio system alert (phone, email, IM) on Storm
  • For listeners who use the low end of the volume scale, the jump from 3 bars to 4 bars isn't as jarring anymore 
To download visit from your device. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

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Pandora for BlackBerry Updated to 1.1.1


I wonder if this update has anything to do with the fact that they are limiting users to 40 hours. Perhaps this update allows them to do this?

This is exactly why I did not update at first... I wanted to wait till others commented on it... I know I listen to more than 40hrs on my phone and would be upset if this update changed that.

I had this application once and it really didn't do it for me, I'll download it again and try it out, maybe I'll like the upgrade! You never know.

I like this app while I'm driving since the stuff that plays on the radio were I live is the same thing over and over!

So I just put it on the quickmix connect it to the car and i'm off!

I'm hoping they fixed the memory issues relating to the leaked Storm OS .151. Not that it's necessarily Pandora's problem, seeing as it is an unofficial OS. But one can hope.

Since I updated, it seems like I have more buffering interruptions. Also, the ads seem more frequent and intrusive. Has anyone else noticed this problem. I really like Pandora, but if it continues to have problems, I guess I'll switch to Slacker...

The high quality audio uses a higher bitrate than before, so if your mobile connection is at or below 64kbit then you'll experience stops in the music. If you go into the Options menu inside Pandora you can switch the audio quality from "High" to "Normal" and it will use a lower bitrate.

As for the ads, we have turned on rate limiting so you shouldn't be bombarded with a whole bunch of ads in a row.

I had the same issues with the buffering before...i have seen the 502 error on my Storm and sometimes it works great, other time it does not...I dont remember the ads on pandora...but i was having similar issues with slacker in my office...

Why is it that pandora for iphone gives you the option to listen to genre radio stations?

where is quick mix for this?

The iPhone client has been out longer so it has had time to evolve features that the BlackBerry client does not have yet. Just give it time. :)

As for Quick Mix - it should be the second item on your station list (underneath "Create Station"), assuming you already have two or more regular stations.

They also added a pop up to buy the current song, which is nice, but I'd rather have the option in a menu instead of popping up in front of me.

...and still getting the memory issues on my Storm OS .151 ...They didn't fix jack shit....just another decimal added to the version number.

i have a 9530 and it'll work for about 4 or 5 songs but then it stops, says its out of memory to search for music and other stuff. i really want a radio that works great. pandora is fast but not reliable, slacker is too slow and flycast isnt free

I updated to the new version, but I had issues getting it to run on my BB Curve. I removed the new version and downloaded the older version, and it's working fine. Any suggestions?

Running .148 on my vzw Storm, and after upgrading and rebooting, it refused to connect to their server. Nothing but a blank launch screen. Uninstalled and reinstalled version 1.1.0 as the previous poster did, and am now saying No to the upgrade prompt.

And to those who say that Slacker is better, I'm glad for you, but for me, Slacker doesn't come close in the variety and quality of music.

Stereo AAC+ sound baby! Finally my high end IEM's sound good! Storm .148 perfection.

And for you guys having issues with .151 it is not Pandora's fault. Learn to research people. Same issue with slacker, or MMS. It's a bug in the .151 radio. Why do you think people are using hybrids or staying with .148..

Great sound improvement (stereo, finally!), but MOST IMPORTANT, songs no longer reset when receiving audible alert from email.


BB Tour 9630

I use my pandora everyday! I enjoy it better then my ipod and mp3 player. Making your own stations is the best part. I am always listening to my favorite music! I love Pandora radio!

Okay have been listening to pandora for about an hour. I have an issue with the songs not playing all the way through. This has been like the 8th time stupid pandora has stopped playing before the songs has finished, and will not continue unless I press fast forward!