Pandora App for BlackBerry A to Z

By Adam Zeis on 5 Jan 2010 02:21 pm EST

Best Streaming Media App

Pandora for BlackBerry was picked as the top streaming media app for BlackBerry in our Best of 2009 Awards, so we figured it would be worth giving it a quick A to Z for those of you who haven't tried it out. Pandora is totally free, and lets you stream custom radio stations to your device. You can create stations right from the app, and tweak them to your liking with Pandora's "thumbs-up" and "thumbs-down" buttons. The app syncs up with any stations you've created through the web or another device, and gives you a quick and easy way to stream music on the go. This is really a "no frills" app - its does what it needs to with no excessive options or erroneous features. Check out the video above for a look at what Pandora has to offer.

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Pandora App for BlackBerry A to Z


Maybe this is just me, but I'd say around 8 out of 10 times using Pandora, it kills my 3G completely after about 4 or 5 songs in. To the point where I need to do a battery pull to get my coverage back (going into Manage Connections, and turning off/on does nothing). Very weird, and it only started with the update. 1.1.3 isn't any better :(

Pandora is the one app on my phone that I use every day. I use it primarily in my car, because there are way to many idiots talking on the free wave radio now-a-days. I have never had any problems running this app except when switching from 4.0 to 5.0 OS, but that issue was fixed almost a week later. I recommend this app to everyone with a phone that can use it!

can Pandora connect through bluetooth to be heard out the car speakers or a home entertainment system?

i have a built in bluetooth system in my car and i can't seem to get the music to play in the car. is there a step i am missing here besides hit enable bluetooth?

Yes, I had problems as well. Enable bluetooth on the connections option on the phone, but also go to Pandora, BB key, then select enable bluetooth. Should work without a hitch then.

Get to know your BlackBerry. :-)


You can turn on wi-fi through your "manage connection" and for it to work with pandora, start up pandora then wait for it to connect to a station. From there, press the blackberry menu ( while inside pandora) and going into option. There should be an option that ask "use wifi". Select "if available" as your option. And there we go, pandora is using wifi and not your 3G. I hope that helps.

Slacker sounds way better than Pandora does over my car stereo. Has anybody else ever noticed this? Just my 2 pennies.

Slacker is way better then Pandora.
Does everything pandora can do with a much better sound quality and better interface.

To my ears, Slacker sounds much better than Pandora. While I like the interface of Pandora better (simple is good) I'm finding myself listening to slacker a bit more.

I don't know about you but my Pandora does not run that fast when I get it up and running. I did learn something new though, I don't like it to automatically start on startup so I'm changing that option. Thanks for the vid.

pause the video at 2:00. what twitter app is he using, and whats the icon in the bottom row with the red asteriks next to it?

Why didn't he mention the 40 hour a month limit if you're using the "Free" version? $36 dollars a year really isn't a bad deal.

I switched devices and Pandora will not sign me in. and trying to create a new login still no good and contacting them crashed my computer! slacker, also free, way more ablum art and lets you cache your stations, to save battery. never any sign in issues ever!! slacker is the better of the two apps.