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Pandas vs Ninjas by XIMAD - A hot new alternative to Angry Birds!

Pandas vs Ninjas!
By Michelle Haag on 20 Jul 2011 12:47 pm EDT
You won't even miss those birds and pigs, we've got Pandas vs Ninjas! The pandas need to defend their home land from the ninja invaders, destroying their camps and taking back what's theirs. Will you help the Pandas win the war?

XIMAD has brought their popular WP7/Android game to BlackBerry, and it is just what you want it to be. Multiple levels, each with a different style, as well as pandas with different abilities, ensure that gameplay is entertaining and challenging. The graphics are sharp and detailed, the game plays without lag (tested on my Bold 9700), and there are plenty of levels to keep you happy for quite some time.

Pandas vs Ninjas is available for $2.99 and is compatible with BlackBerry smartphones on OS 5.0 and higher. Hopefully XIMAD will port this game for the BlackBerry PlayBook too!

For more information/screenshots and to purchase Pandas vs Ninjas

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Reader comments

Pandas vs Ninjas by XIMAD - A hot new alternative to Angry Birds!


At $.99 I would have purchased in a heartbeat. At $2.99, I'm lookin'/hopin' for a trial version.

Yeah, I don't see a trial. I'd love to try it out, but I'm not sure if I want to spend $2.99 without first seeing it on my Torch.

I have Angry Farm for example and even though it's nearly an exact copy of angry birds it just doesn't play that well. If this was better/smoother I'd be in.

Personally, I never enjoyed Angry Farm. I played it on my Torch, and was really disappointed and gave up after 5ish levels. I've played through 78 levels of Pandas vs Ninjas and enjoyed every one. :)

Just bought this game and I'm already in love with it. Angry farm was okay for the trial version but this one has no lag whatsoever. Pandas can sit on stupid birds. The price is huge, but compared to buying angry farm, this is a steal.

I don't mind the price, but without a trial I'm not buying it. I've bought too many apps in the past that weren't worth it. 7 days or 2 levels or whatever is better than spending a few bucks to find out the program is lacking.

We need the Playbook app :-> Would look great on the better screen- keeping an eye out for it on PB App World...

Get that free version out soon. Would love to give you my money after trying. Too much waiting and people lose interest. Like with RIM and the 9930/9900.... :)

Emailed them around an hour ago and got an instant response telling me the trial is on its way. Also highlight Crackberry has game on front page.

Updating the OS of the device meens loosing all the progress of the game. I started at Level 1 again, had been tp the next stage... Anoying...
But the game is fun :) Works very smooth!
I wish there will be a zooming function and more different pandas in the future! At the beginning, there are only two different, maybe later ther are three?

I just bought it. And I not regretted about it. I like pandas without a doubt more than a bird. Thanks for great game!

IMHO Pandas is much smarter that the Angry Birds. Angry Farm is not the my choice either. Tired of it very quickly. Pandas and ninjas rock for sure :)

Love pandas so much!
Pandas vs Ninjas is such a nice app 4 my Torch.
Works great with no problem.

But with a free version of it we will be very happy.
Please do that.

i need to clear out one thing if some would help is the app world based on country so different countries have different access like the app store in ios coz i thought that the BB app world is more international .

all countries are supported except South Korea.
so if you are not from S.Korea you can enjoy this awesome game! have fun! :))))

Talk about customer feedback which lead to customer satisfaction.....In one day the crew at XIMAD dropped the price. GREAT JOB!!!! Unfortunately the price is still showing up as 2.99 in app world though. In the paid apps its listed as 2.99 but once your inside the description. It changes to .99 and once you get ready to buy it goes back to 2.99 lol. Now I don't buy alot of games or apps so im not sure if the price will be adjusted when you buy but I wont take that chance just yet. I'm very excited to play to purchase the game and hopefully this issue will be addressed soon. Thought I would wait for the free version but if this is for .99 then no waiting needed.

I see this game being one of the best/top games on the blackberry!

If you still see $2.99 in app world hold alt and then click r then s then t. Your phone will appear frozen. Once back at your homescreen find the game again and the .99 price will show. You just need to update appworld

Its still showing up as $2.99 for me. I've r-s-t'd three times but no luck. At .99 I was ready to buy without knowing what it is like but $2.99 is too high without a free trial. I will buy right away if you can get it to show up for .99 in appworld.

download and enjoyed the game until it gave me an error while playing level 1 stage 12... "tick exception" error, that was the caption. DONT DOWNLOAD!!! ... i posted my review about the error, and they deleted it on the reviews. BULL SHIT!!!

download and enjoyed the game until it gave me an error while playing level 1 stage 12... "tick exception" error, that was the caption. DONT DOWNLOAD!!! ... i posted my review about the error, and they deleted it on the reviews. BULL SHIT!!!