Pandas vs Ninjas, Bubble Birds, and Brain Cube by XIMAD all updated for the holidays!

By Michelle Haag on 5 Dec 2011 01:50 pm EST
XIMAD holiday games
XIMAD has released a festive update to 3 of their super popular games: Pandas vs Ninjas, Brain Cube, and Bubble Birds. New levels, fun graphics, and great games, what more could you want for the holiday season?
  • Pandas vs Ninjas has 50 new levels to play, and you can now choose Christmas or Chinese themes to play. Help the pandas defend their homeland by fighting off the ninja invaders and destroying their camps, all while enjoying the look and feel of the holiday.
  • Bubble Birds is easy and fun to play. Simply get as many points as you can by shooting away sets of three and more bubble birds of the same color, all with a winter theme.
  • In Brain Cube you roll the cube thru combination of very interesting puzzles and find a way from one level to another. Each level is unique and filled with different obstacles and mazes. This game is also integrated with social media, so you can share your progress with your friends.
As always, the graphics and sounds are fun and gameplay is smooth. Bubble Birds and Brain Cube are compatible with most BlackBerry smartphones up to OS6, and Pandas vs Ninjas includes BlackBerry 7 devices. You can pick these awesome games up FREE in BlackBerry App World at the links below.

More information/download Pandas vs Ninjas
More information/download Bubble Birds
More information/download Brain Cube
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Reader comments

Pandas vs Ninjas, Bubble Birds, and Brain Cube by XIMAD all updated for the holidays!


Pandas vs Ninjas and Bubble Birds are both great games! Love playing them and to get great updates it lots of fun!

Brain Cube is hard though :(

It was frustrating at first but I grew to love....and finish!...Brain Cube :D

Excited to see the update and try the others!

I'm downloading all of this on my wife's Curve, just to make her fall in love with her phone hehehe

I like Brain Cube more than others. It's difficult and very exciting! Although birds and pandas are certainly great apps to! Thanks ximad