Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian Love Their Curves

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Jun 2008 09:29 am EDT

Pamela Anderson is a BlackBerry Curve User

Thanks to David and Justin for sending these pics in... According to good ole Perez Hilton, Pamela Anderson was out shopping for houseplants in Malibu yesterday with ex-hubby Tommy Lee. Of real interest here is of course the BlackBerry Curve spotted in hand. After the jump we have a shot of another BlackBerry Curve user, Kim Kardashian. Now for the pop culture question of the day...  Other than their fine taste in smartphones, what else do these two BlackBerry Users share in common? :-)

Kim Kardashian is a BlackBerry Curve User



Sex Tapes you Silly Goose.

Al Sacco

I too love Pam Anderson and Kim Kardashian's curves...

Gotta get my mind out of the gutter, I know...

; )



Yup, I agree all the Curves here are sexy! :)


Curves? What Curves? Hmm....oh, you mean the phone! I got a little distracted there! Good taste in women, great taste in phones!!



Just shows how easy BB's are to use ;)


...and so do we *myuk myuk myuk*


They both had sex tapes "leaked/stolen" and put out for everyone to see what they have to offer. All you need now is to add Paris Hilton to the group and throw a porn name twist on 'The Three Stooges' and you could make millions.


Maybe it's just me, but I think a little lower cropping to the Pam picture would do some good. :) Intensional? Funny however.


They are both fat asses.. lets move onto something that is worth looking at..


pamela anderson is known for a lot of things a fat ass isnt one of them


Are my eyes going crazy? What are those strange white droppings falling from between her legs?

It looks like someone had a little fun with M$ Paint.

See the original pic here:

Kevin Michaluk

I NEVER noticed that before. Photo came from (i linked to it in the paragraph).


Your eyes were elsewhere... :)


they both posed for playboy at least once.


They are both disgusting sluts?


Not only the fact that they both have sex tapes, but both of them have sex tapes in which their "co-star" was in the music industry.

David B

In common. The obvious history, but NOW? Kim is looking good still, while sorry to say Pam has let herself PORK OUT. Sure looks like from the color though that they both use TMO.


at&t, rogers, and pretty much every other GSM carrier has a titanium Curve...


Am surprise hear that Pam runs with a BB. I didn't she had the smarts to work a BB!