Palringo Instant Messenger for BlackBerry Goes Gold

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Apr 2009 09:42 am EDT

We got an email from Palringo yesterday letting us know a new "gold" version of their Instant Messenger app for BlackBerry is now available. It was back in June 2008 when we first made mention of Palringo in the blogs and that time the app wasn't quite ready for primetime. This new version adds location support and functionality for Facebook, iChat and QQ as well as other fixes improvents you can learn about from the video above or read after the jump. You can grab it for free from I haven't tested it out yet, so if you give it a go be sure to report back with your findings in the comments.

Palringo for BlackBerry Goes Gold - Core Facts

  • Palringo for BlackBerry now includes the option to share your location with other Palringo users. Location and proximity [distance] of contacts are shown, both on the buddy list screen and on map displays for even greater precision.
  • User feedback on the initial beta version of Palringo for BlackBerry has been instrumental in refining the gold version. In particular, the connection issues identified in the beta version have been resolved.
  • Palringo is available now for the BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry Curve and BlackBerry 8800 series. The application is free and downloadable from
  • Palringo users can exchange voice, picture and text-based messages with contacts on many popular messaging services including Microsoft's Windows Live/MSN Messenger, Facebook, AOL Instant Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, Apple's iChat, Gadu-Gadu, ICQ, Jabber and QQ. This means that Blackberry users can chat, and share photo and voice messages, with all of their friends on many different IM and social networking services using just one application.
  • Palringo enables users to form and administer groups. Many businesses use Palringo Groups as an additional tool to enable communication with staff, whether they're out in the field or in the office.
  • There are presently thousands of active groups, ranging from entire businesses to special interest groups to sports clubs. There is no need to be online to receive messages; the conversation history can be read whenever a user logs in.
  • Palringo is designed for use on mobile phones, but versions are also available for Windows-based PCs and for Mac OS.
  • At the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona [February 2009], Palringo was shortlisted for a 2009 GSMA Global Mobile Award - the most prestigious annual awards in the world of mobile. The shortlist of five, in the Best Mobile Internet Service category, also featured Nokia and Bharti Airtel.

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Palringo Instant Messenger for BlackBerry Goes Gold


Someone download this and report back if it actually works this time, unlike the last 2 times they have released and updated it.

When I tried it last, I ranked it under Ramble. (yeah...remember RAMBLE?!?!)

why do I even look to see if it'll work on the Storm?

I think I'm trapped in an abusive relationship with my storm. I love it, but it makes me so sad sometimes.

But it works fairly well on my 8330!!!!!! and the Facebooks support is very good, Though it has alot of nice amenities, I think they could add some more customizing options to the program IMO

This is certainly better than IM+ in my opinion, and is on its way to becoming a very nice app for any BB user. Works great on my Curve, and with a few small tweaks, it will become incredible very quickly. Nice job guys!

...on my Bold and it worked very well. I'll have to dig into this version a little more but the differences aren't glaring. I'm actually experiencing an AIM connectivity issue but that's probably just a temporary issue. Overall, I've tried Palringo, Nimbuzz, eBuddy, etc. and I like Palringo the best.

also having the AIM problem, a few tweaks and i think it would be almost perfect. wish there were a few more options to change but its free can't be picky.

Who is he chatting with after sending the image message?!?!?!

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I'm never touching this program, obviously a racist brit doing the feature.

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It's not HIS screen name, it's someone on his buddy list. How does that make HIM a racist?

SAMBO (all caps) is a martial art / self defense style (it means self defense without weapons). I'm sure it was not meant as a racial slur.

Not_SAMBO_THATS_FOR_SURE might have a point.

Even though I'm white and had no thoughts of racism (which is probably racist, whatever!) I do feel for NOT SAMBO's position, whoever they may be, as it does make a valid point.

Just because you don't feel the effects of something doesn't mean others won't.

you is all right, cause see, look at it from here!

dat furst person is right from their mind, and the others are all right from there mind, so, all are correct.

it make more sence to get rid of dis post because it does look racist, or at least link da video and not like put it on our servers or page or whatever you do.

anyways, that does look racist, as i am black (not african-american, thats crap and stupid name) i say i don like this video and its racist.

but like i say, we is all right here, just to make everybody happy, get rid of da video, thats all

I wanted to jump in here to clear this up. Sambo is a variation of the nickname 'Robbo' from my surname, Robinson, and my first name, Sam.

It is certainly not intended as a racist slur and I was shocked to hear that it is a racist term at all. This is certainly not a common term used here in the UK but in any case I will avoid it's use from now on so as not cause any offence.


Sam @ Palringo

beejive is only better because it can go into standby without disconnecting and beejive also uses the LED indicator when I receive a message, if they have a few more releases, it should be incredible, especially because its free

Does not integrate with BB profiles, no way I'm going to hear the little pling when someone sends me a message.

Depends on what you need. Here's what I found lacking:

1. No integration with profiles
2. No notification icon
3. Hitting enter at the end of a message doesn't send
4. Hitting back button in a chat ends the chat, I'd rather it act like GTalk
5. Hitting back at the contact list doesn't return to home screen
6. Common keyboard shortcuts (T B and Space for message lists) don't work

Some of these problems were brought up on their forums, and they did acknowledge those mentioned and say they'd look into it.
Despite these problems, it's very nice looking, and easy to work with once you get used to it. Plus it DOES run in the background correctly, so when someone messages you while you're reading an e-mail, you'll hear the "ding" noise. And it's the only background app I've found that works with Facebook. In the end, I was hoping to replace GTalk, but it's not there yet. However, I am keeping it installed for Facebook.

This is a great IM app. I have it set up and running on my 8330 with no problems. Great app and 100% free.

Downloaded it to my bold everything went ok on the download, but it will connect. Tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it and that did not work either. (EPIC FAIL LOL)

I think it is a neat and interesting program. It still has some small improvements that need to be done to really comete with the other options out there (like JiveTalk), but it is a good communicator.

I have a couple of friends with iPhones and it is neat to be able to send voice messages back and forth, as well as see their location.

The things that keep me using JiveTalk are the ability to sort people into groups, as well as expanding the groups I want to see (I have a huge number of friends on facebook and it makes the buddy list very long when trying to navigate in Palringo). Emoticons don't work in Palringo (they work on the iPhone and are supposed to adding to other devices in the future). Im also not fond of having to click the trackball for sending messages. I chat all the time and pressing on the trackball gets a little sore on the thumb after a while. It's so much easier to send using the enter key in JiveTalk.

But for the price (free), it's a good option.

This app is really clean. I love the interface, plus it works with facebook chat. Only thing is it doesn't allow for changing ringtone, vibrate, silent, etc. Nor does it use the LED or have a visual icon notifying of a new message. These issues have been submitted on their forum though, and they say these updates should be on their way. Once they do those things, I expect this do be the perfect IM program for multiple accounts!!!

Just a few niggling issues, the worst being that PTT on the Bold didn't work (got a Java error, but the app didn't crash).

Also, I had to look at the manual to work some things out. I really shouldn't be having to do that, it should be intuitive enough. But maybe that's just me nitpicking :)

Anyway, if Beejive got Facebook support, it'd be getting my money.

JiveTalk now has FaceBook. I belive it is still being tested, but I use JiveTalk for Facebook chatting all the time.

I never downloaded any chat messenger things before since i was afraid that the messages counted toward text. does this count towards text messages or is it all data on the data plan?

This is a pretty cool program since i can use the facebook chat feature.. i wish the regular BB program would support this.. wink wink.. Also i would wish this would have a notification window feature once i have it running on the background so i can i got a message if im away..

I have downloaded the gold version on my bb bold, but I just cant seem to sign please

Seemed okay on my 8900 until it started losing connection to the services (I was using Google Talk and Facebook).

Also, when you receive a message it beeps, but no indicator on the main screen to show you what it was that actually alerted you.

Lastly, when you leave a chat session, you'd better be through, because there is no getting back into it.