Palm User Takes on the Storm2 and Bold 9700, Smartphone Round Robin

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Dec 2009 04:33 pm EST

Palm User on BlackBerry

We're half way through Week #3 of the 2009 Smartphone Round Robin. If you're a little lost as to who has what device and all that, be sure to visit the latest updates page. There are more devices and sites in this year's Round Robin over previous years, so it's a bit tougher to track but well worth your effort to do so.

While I'm checking out the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi this week, our friend Dieter Bohn of is giving both the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Storm2 a go. Be sure to watch Dieter's BlackBerry Hands-On First Impressions video and give him a hand on his CrackBerry forum thread. Posting on the forum thread each day gives you a chance to win a new BlackBerry for yourself. 

I'm really looking forward to Dieter's final BlackBerry review later this week. In previous years he tended to be pretty harsh on BlackBerry, but I think his natural and amazing Storm2 typing ability has BlackBerry in his good graces this year. We'll have to wait and see how it all unfolds. 

Reader comments

Palm User Takes on the Storm2 and Bold 9700, Smartphone Round Robin


I really enjoyed watching the Round Robin from both sides of the smartphone spectrum.

I never even considered the Palm(didn't think much about it) but it's very interesting and some of the "wave" aspects and everything I saw in the last video were neat. Butttt, its very innovative and refurbished than its older OS and models, but the BB still has me rooting for it.

That Storm2 looked so beautiful, Lol, I have the Storm1 and still like it - but that Storm 2 typing and stability is pretty nifty! If I had the cash and means i'd def pick up a Storm2 Telus and run that Unlocked baby on Rogers.

I was never with Blackberry pre 4.6-5.0 so I can't comment on their small overhaul. From what I HAVE experienced I can say the browser is really not up to par to the rest of the BB platform. It can be pretty painful just navigating and the rendering leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I used Opera on my 8900 and now my storm and it gets the job done less better. I am excited to see the new Kit from RIM and what it offers.

They really are more now into the consumer market for non-business users and have to adjust their way of thinking to cater to all people. By ramping up Media capabilities and for sure the browser.

Also on the note of the customizing the menu(in options) I lovee the enormous amounts of options! Lol, I love going so deep into the menu I can change the smallest to the most biggest of settings.. I agree it is overwhelming to an average user, but ... I wouldn't change it personally.

Annnnnywaaaay, I really am enjoying these Round Robins and will continue to in the future!

Thanks for all your unbiased reviews and keep 'em up.


Did anyone else laugh hysterically out loud, when the Storm2's keyboard totally flubbed up and displayed Q and W on one key on the full keyboard. Poor Kevin, he seemed frustrated! Here the Storm2 was on the big stage, and it can't even get the keys right! (I still love my Storm2 and Bold2). Great video, nonetheless!

I was more concerned on why Kevin didn't even remark on the abuse of that fall for the Storm2!! Lmao, jk - if it was the 9700 I would hear an echo'ing gasp throughout North America...

Just Sayin',..

and my hats off to Kevin for not commenting on it. Fortunately the BB's I have seen are a lot tougher than most would think so no harm, no foul, as I'm sure it was a slip on Dieter's part, not intentional by any means, and as the old saying goes, stuff happens. Also, kudos to Dieter for a great review and for being open and honest in his views.

I guess for a blackberry user the review on the two bb's is nothing new, but I hope that everyone else kinda gets their interest a little peaked. I would say that as a whole RIM is more hardware centric rather than going for the latest "flashy to the eyes". Of-course their phones look really good, but as time surely show's they are always improving and working on getting better and better and making a reliable phone. Now I'm not trying to knock other phones with my statement, but personaly a blackberry has been for me as reliable as your need to breath(lol!!!). Well that's my 2cents!

Interesting review there...must say Dieter is very fast on the storm2 keyboard! Unfortunate though that the storm2's full keyboard displayed Q and W on the same key during the review.. weird...

Hmmm.... did anyone over at crackberry or RIM figure out what caused the QW key? We have one chance a year to show the others how good BBs are and we have to have a QW key!?

The picture of the 9700, does that thing have a goldish yellow light? or is that just the angle at which it was shot that makes it look like that? hmmmmmmmmmmm.....

I really like the Storm 2, a signficant upgrade from the original (which I still own). But the Droid is an intriguing platform as well... I'm anxious to see the outcome of all this, and then leverage this info with my own thoughts on the two platforms to make an informed upgrade decision....
Thanks to everyone for their truly unbiased reporting!