Palm Tries to Exploit 'The Outage'

By Adam Zeis on 14 Feb 2008 03:23 pm EST

Palm Tries to exploit 'The Outage'Nothing like making the most of a bad situation.  Only that isn't really the case.  More like trying to salvage some sort of customer base from a competitors misfortune.  A quick browse of Palm's website today totes "palm smartphones include voice, e-mail, text, Web, calendar and contacts.  And most importantly - uptime".

Nothing like trying to capitalize off someone else's mistake.

Granted, these things happen in the real world technology battle, but it seems like a stretch to me.  Honestly, how many people are considering dropping their new Pearl for a Treo (which, might I add, was ranked last in a recent customer satisfaction survey.) due to the outage on Monday? Not to mention the Treo was pretty much nothing more than a phone the past few weeks with the number of AT&T outages that occurred.

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Palm Tries to Exploit 'The Outage'


I had a Treo 650 on AT&T's network before I got my BB Curve 8310. I will never go back to Palm now that I have experienced "crackberry fever". Palm can say all they want about uptime because they have nothing to do with it - it all depends on the carrier. There were times when I had my Treo that AT&T's network failed and I couldn't do anything except make calls...just like what happened on Monday.

I think the only reason this got so much media is because the BB is the ubiquitous mobile business tool. I don't encounter Treo's as much as BB's out in the business world.

Why exploit something when your own products dont work. This is coming from a longstanding 8 year Palm /Handspring-visorphone / treo person. The treo PalmOS line of products were super unstable.. Switched to a blackberry and honestly an outtage of this type pales in comparison when you have a phone that reboots when you get incoming calls.

...or worse, if you like

From their ad in the NYTimes, this is the text on their screen:

Has anyone heard from the West Coast Team?




Palm is doin some BOLD moves...

specially since BB's get downtime once a year, while treos crash over a dozen times A DAY!

I find it interesting that Palm is advertizing uptime since they recently settled a class action suit over their poorly built 600, 650 and 700 models

I was a Handspring/Palm customer for years. After I upgraded to Vista, Palm stopped supporting my Treo and I bought a Curve and I'm totally happy. It's a shame what they've (not) done with their phones and lousy customer support.

Sure, I'd buy a treo, if I wanted to perform a soft reset on my phone every day. Also, treos are great if you enjoy spending days setting-up email.

Apple have been using this technique against Windows for years. Palm devices and their software are inferior in a lot of ways but RIM have really dropped a bollock again with the outages. It doesn't matter how great your handset is and that you never have to reboot it. Non of it matters if the Blackberry service is on its arse!

Thought I'd bring some old school, Round Robin-Style smacktalk to the table:

Palm has their swagger back, Windows Mobile Style:

Please notice, though, that I do try to stop teasing for a bit and give the NOC its due. ;)

I recently got rid of my 755p (oops - sorry I should have said the 3rd 755p that I was on) for a Pearl.
I had outages several times a day from when the stupid thing would reset or, the last straw, when the radio was turning off and then back itself....

Uptime, HAH! How about batteries that don't last a day, or having to send it back DOA 3 times before you finally give up and switch.

What a sham palm.....

Yeah yeah, but Palm is one of the most unreliable phone ever! Never full signal, OS sucks and locks ALL the time. I guess they forgot to mention that in their website.

Outage? What outage?? Not only will I never give up my curve, my wife now has a beautiful red curve -with unlimited access. That should buy me a few "doghouse" passes for a week or two:)