Paid Apps: How much is too much?

By Adam Zeis on 18 Jun 2013 02:04 pm EDT

This week our Talk Mobile discussion is all about mobile apps. One thing in particular is the long-running debate of just how much is too much to pay for an app. As mobile users, we want apps that are inexpensive or better yet, free. This is another opinion that varies by user however. While some are willing to dish out whatever they have to for an app, others don't want to cough up more than $0.99 for an app or game.

We can see both sides of the argument, but what it really comes down to is what you are willing to pay for the service or entertainment you'll get from the app or game. 

When we talk paid apps, we have to go back to the beginning. Thinking way back to BlackBerry 4.XX apps like BBSmart Email Viewer or Alarms Pro come to mind. These apps were expensive even by today's standards at over $5 each, but they both solved a major problem for BlackBerry users at the time, so many people had no problem paying for them. They were both huge sellers despite the high price tag. This pricing wasn't uncommon for developers as they wasn't such a big selection of apps like we see today and most filled a void or solved a problem for BlackBerry users.

We can even think back to themes for devices on BlackBerry OS 4 or 5. It wasn't unheard of for new themes to sell for $7 or more. Themes "on sale" would sell for $4 or $5 and people thought that was a bargain. If we look at themes today, seeing any sell for more than $2 or $3 is almost crazy. 

Today, most mobile users want something less expensive or free if it's just for casual use. Obviously most paid games come to mind, retailing for $0.99 or $1.99. I think that in most cases users don't have a problem paying a dollar or two for something they know they'll get a decent amount of use out of. The problem arises when apps cost more than the average, making people question whether or not they really need it or can just find an alternative.

Look at some of the top paid apps in BlackBerry World right now:

  • BeWeather Pro 10 - $4.99
  • Blaq for BlackBerry 10 - $2.99
  • Neutron Music Player - $4.99
  • Photo Studio Pro - $3.99
  • Max Mobile Security - $9.99
  • Splashtop Remote Desktop - $6.99

While all of these apps are priced over $2.99, they also all have a niche market or solve a bigger problem for BlackBerry users, thus users are willing to pay a higher price. Personally, if there is an app that does what it does well, has great support and works for what I need it to, I have no problem paying a higher price. Conversely - I know there are users who won't ever pay more than $1.99 or even $0.99 for an app no matter what it does.

I always like to think about what goes into an app or game I'm buying and know that when I purchase it, I'm helping support future updates and new releases from the developer. For some devs making apps is their full time job so buying up their stuff never phases me. Doing what I do obviously gives me some liberty to need to buy apps I come across, but even if I were just an average Joe with a regular job, I'd still feel the same way. Either way, I'm certainly not going crazy buying apps.

That being said, while some apps are expensive to some and not so much to others, some are just way overpriced no matter how you look at it. 

How Much Is Too Much?

So what about you? How much is too much for an app or game? $0.99? $9.99?

Hit up the poll below with the choice that best fits you, then drop a comment here with your thoughts on paid apps and how much you think is too much.


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Reader comments

Paid Apps: How much is too much?


Anything over 5 bucks depending on the apps functionality. Over 5 is too much man!

Posted via CB10

The problem of "free apps" is that those are the ones that usually require you to give them access to all your info.... I'd rather pay!

Generally agree. Although i paid double that for Mireo off line maps and it was worth every penny.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 Oreo

Tell me about it
I have spent about $1,000 in apps for my PlayBook
I own 567 apps on it and 165 for my z10. I pay a lot. I like to support developers

Posted via CB10

I agree, although the most I've paid for an app is $10 for pacemaker on the PB (but that's because I really really like music).

If we get to a point where Thorsten's idea of a phone or tablet being a mobile computing device and you just wireless connect your mouse and keyboard to it, with a monitor connected via hdmi, then I can understand if simplified versions of large desktop applications are sold in the app store for more than $5.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

I don't have a problem paying $5 for a solid app that meets a need....I just wish that once you pay for an app, you are able to install it on both phone and tablet without having to buy it twice....especially if the developer is charging a premium price.

I agree, that's one nice benefit to the Apple ecosystem. Buy it once, and it automatically shows up on all devices.

Posted via CB10

I think many apps charge too much for its worth. Best strategy for devs is to let consumers try the device for free and then have them pay for more features.

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Well, not in the sense of using a trial versus pro version.

This would allow me to test the app, see its feature and if I actually will use it. Then if I like it and see that the Pro version has things that I really want, that would entice me to purchase the full app.

Take Toshl for example. I played around with the app and felt that the price for Pro annually was worth it considering how much money I could save by managing my expenses and budgets is a cool way with a nice UI.

[B]Are you a foodie? Do you like to cook?[/B] Talk food recipes and kitchen gadgets on CBFN:C0004E653 - The official channel for

PolarBear is an incomplete app and actually states it on the description of the app. Yet, they still ask 4.99 for the app. That to me is outlandishly foolish. Maybe is they offered a trial where you can test it for a few days THEN purchase it. But 4.99 at the gate when its a half ass app? No thanks.

It really depends on the app. One thing I myself like is for a developer to have a trial version before purchasing. I realize not all apps have the capabilities to do that. I know there are some apps that offer refunds, but I usually avoid them.

Posted via CB10

Not on BB devices, but I have used trial version of software that work fine only to have the paid version be full of bugs. Planeplotter comes to mind, mostly because I couldn't get my money back from the ass.

If the app works, then money isn't a problem. But if the programmer has a bad attitude like "Hey, I already got your money sucker", then any more for the app is too much.

I don't mind adverts in my BB apps. If that is a decent stream for the developer and the advert isn't too obtrusive, then fine. Adobe was running some nasty advert on Arstechnica that has convinced me to never buy another program from them again.

But back to the Blackberry, on my 9780, I recall doing upgrades where I swear the only thing they did was make the adverts more obtrusive.

Of course free is the best but sometimes having to pay for an app that is $0.99, 1.99, 2.99, 3.99 or even 4.99 is fine again depending on the app. Heck even some apps you pay for are worthless. The only app I payed for in BBW was Stocks which was only $2.99 cause the reviews were good and all the other free stock apps sucked. But apps like max mobile security which is $9.99 or MLB which is $14.99 and formula 1 something like $24.99 I would never pay. That's just ridiculous!!!

Posted via CB10

That MLB app has great reviews somehow. That's alot of money for an app

Posted Via My Most Used BlackBerry App

Ya it is at least for some ppl. I guess if the reviews are great, it's a top quality app and you need/want it than I guess that justify's paying that price.

Posted via CB10

I'm more likely to question if I need it if it costs more than $9.99, but if it solves a problem, I have no problem paying more.

I haven't spent a dime on apps or games. I don't see a point in paying for a battery monitoring app or a game that's free on my iPod touch.

Posted Via My Most Used BlackBerry App

There is significant point in paying for apps: by buying apps you encourage developers to develop more better apps.

I'm pretty successful Android developer that decided to give a try to your platform. After investing almost half of year of almost daily work I started to be as productive as on Android. My apps are among most popular in their categories, I got one Built for BlackBerry, ....


My revenue from BlackBerry is very low comparing to Android, does not matter that I very good ratings.

After this experience I'm deciding to stop investing here and invest back to Android.

So when you buy app you support whole ecosystem.

Posted via CB10

How long did it take for you to realize returns on just one (the worst performer) Android app compared to your BlackBerry app?

Kudos to you for making a native app! One thing I'll never do is pay for a ported app.

Posted via CB10

I've paid as much as 30.00 for a quality app in the past. BlackBerry users have always had no problem purchasing apps, unlike other platforms. Which begs the question... Why aren't more developers gravitating towards BlackBerry?...

They probably think it's not worth their time as there isn't enough users using the platform. Perfect example is like Netflix and Google

Posted via CB10

75,000,000 users is not enough?... And that's really not a valid excuse anymore, now that BlackBerry has made it pretty easy to port the apps over. All the top apps that wont support BB10 are running just fine on my Z10 &Q10. Instagram, Snapchat, Netflix, Amazon, Bloomberg, Flipboard, Reddit, ect... SO if they test just fine, why not rewrite it to work on BB10 as developers have done already? Its a bias toward BlackBerry that is more than 4 years going now and a wasteful opportunity for developers in my eye.

I agree 75 million is more than enough for developers to spend their time writing a quality app whether it's for free or to make some money. I also agree they are being biased to BlackBerry. Heck look at Microsoft they pretty much have those top apps like Netflix, instagram and etc.

Posted via CB10

There is just a few millions of users of BlackBerry 10. It is extremely small market comparing to iOS and Android.

It is more profitable per user but still not as much profitable as Android or iOS.

BlackBerry knows and that is the reason why they introduced 10k commitment, they give away devices,...

Posted via CB10

Microsoft is even worst off than BB. They are no where near the following of BlackBerry and have a far bigger climb than BB. So the puzzling question is why are they moving at a fast pace as far as top apps than BB?... It comes down to the same conclusion for me. Bias towards BlackBerry. The fact that Instagram has no plans for BlackBerry yet with a working version already on most BB10 phones, is purely corporate BS. All signs show that BB is working tirelessly to get every app on the platform by any means. So it stand to reason that the problem is not BlackBerry. The problems lies with the Devs.


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I have no problem paying top dollar for an app if it's a top quality, native app. Some apps that I would pay for is a navionics app and the Nike app that are both on apple. Any chance these two would find there way to blackberry.

Posted via CB10

I think if an app cost more than 2.99-4.99 the dev should consider putting out a 4 day trial of the app.
I have probably spent about 40$ in the app store, and still purchases around 5$+ makes me seriously question the app.

I would be a lot more likely to buy if I could try it out first

Posted via CB10

^ This ^.

If it's to be paid it needs a trial period. I also believe the notion that BlackBerry owners are generally willing to pay more is no excuse to jack up the price of an app relative to other platforms.


Willing to pay up to $500 as long as it's a well built app that solves my problems, or it's exclusive, or I'm drunk.

Posted via CB10

I think price depends on what the app does. I think the biggest issue for me is the permissions. I would like to know before I download and pay for an app what permissions it requires. I hate when apps ask for permissions. Maybe free trial and then paid model works around this so I can see permissions first.

Posted via CB10

Looking at those prices it seems that UK users are being ripped off. $4.99 for Neutron? It's £5.00 here!

Posted via CB10

I don't care how much the price is so long as the quality/value of the app matches said price. I downloaded a remote desktop app for my PlayBook at I think $6.99 because I wanted access to my laptop away from home without lugging it around, and after reading the reviews and seeing that the dev was responsive, I figured it'd be a good investment. I bought the Pacemaker DJing app on my PlayBook when it was on sale for $9.99 (though I'd buy it at full price too) because I saw great value in the app and I've always wanted to try DJing. Even with games, those that have great value, support, graphics, etc. are convincing enough for me to put money down to buy it (like "A Bard's Tale," which is hilariously awesome.) On my Z10 I haven't bought as many apps but I've bought a few so far, because I saw value in owning them.

Posted via CB10

I feel apps that might be not fully working due to restrictions in the SDK should not be more than 1.99 tops especially since they would use workarounds that can be harmful to battery life. For example, BeBuzz Pro and apps similar to its functionality are required to run in active frames in order to work since headless apps aren't allowed yet. Outside this apps in general that are games or apps ported over from other platforms should not be more than their counterparts cause thats just crazy.

As an app developer I'm always flabbergasted about how spoiled mobile users are. People have absolutely no problem shelling out $20 for some DLC content that comes with a game they already paid $60 for on a console but when a mobile app costs more than $0.99 everyone screams bloody murder. People will get a 5 dollar coffee at Starbucks multiple times a week but apps have to be free or cost 99 cents max. Think about it...

This market is pretty much ruined for indie devs that are simply trying to make a living off this. I'm only developing apps as a hobby luckily because if I had to live off it I'd be coding from a cardboard box under a bridge.

Personally I pay whatever it takes when an app does what it needs to do for me. For example I happily paid $20 for Mireo Don't Panic on my Z10 because it does what it says on the tin and I needed it.

As an app consumer, what truly bothers me is when a developer creates an application or game; charges for it, then proceeds to require additional in-app payments in order to actually do anything useful with the app or, in the case of games, to be able to play the games for more than 30 seconds in a 24 hour period or actually progress in a meaningful way in the game. In app payments are evil; charge a higher price for the game and then stop harassing me for more money. The same goes with applications. I'd rather pay $20 and have a complete app, then get one for $1.99 + $1.99 + $2.99 + $5.99 and on and on it goes.

In-app purchases are nothing but a symptom of the fact that people are refusing to pay anything for apps. Because people refuse to pay more than a buck or so on an app, developers use this tactic to get people to play for free first in order to then lure them into buying upgrades or 'enhancements'. In-app payments SUCK but... the userbase deserves them for refusing to buy anything. In my opinion anyway. I just wish that vendors of apps with in-app purchases would offer a one-time-payment version that has everything built in right off the bat because it really is a crap experience.

The bad apples in each group (consumers and developers) drag down the entire experience for everyone. There are hard working devs genuinely trying to provide value for consumers, and there are some dirty devs trying to rip off consumers. There are consumers who have a grownup understanding of economics (i.e. software is written by people, and all people have 24 hours in a day and bills to pay), and there are naive, selfish consumers who think somehow everything should magically be free.

I whole-heartedly agree. As an indie developer, the question is, "Do I create an app and have it out there for as little money as possible, or do I want to try to eat this week?".

I've met a lot of indie developers (me being one of them). Any time I hear they have an app out, I buy it, just to support the indie community. I would much rather buy an app or three and help bring more apps to the platform and forego buying one drink at Starbucks.

so sad but so true....
but some times i think devs should bring more promotion stuff for apps like youtube videos and more screenshots. i like devs who open a thread in the forums to help people out...

i spend almost 120€ on apps and there is only one 99cent app that was really bad.... the rest is great

How do you compare buying an app and buying a cup of coffee? I get confused everytime someone compares buying a $1 app to a $5 cup of coffee.

If you are spending $5 on a cup of coffee, you know what you're getting, the flavor, size, what not. If for any reason it didn't meet your satisfaction, BOOM! you get refunded.

Let's take an app for example. There is $1 app. You have basic idea of what it does and what it look like but you have no idea how the function will be delivered (UX) and how robust it is. If you don't like it, too bad, suck it up, there's no refund for you.

Yes, apps with lot of reviews by others are easy. I'm specifically talking about before an app becomes popular.

This is why I'm a huge fan of apps that use in app purchase. Make the user get the look and feel of the app before you want them to pay you!!!

I generally won't pay more than 4.99 for an app. However, I voted the last option. If it's an app that I really need and it can help me be more productive, I will pay what it's worth (if I like what I see in the reviews and pics, etc..).

Voted "As long as it's a quality app that solves my problem, I'll pay whatever it takes"
Of course it does depend on what service is offered and the kind of future support is promised. For some apps it's just not reasonable to expect to get it for less than 5 or 10 bucks. A full piece of turn by turn navigation software + maps + extra features offered, no ads and produced by a big name like TomTom, Navigon or what else there is... it's just an illusion to think you'll get that for a mere $9.99.

One thing I do feel is that developers should offer future updates free of charge. I remember back on my 9700 buying BeWeather. At some point there was a large update and to get it you had to buy a new license. Also, moving on to my Q10 I found that I again had to buy it because this version was designed for a new OS, even though some of the other purchased or free apps I had just transfered the license so I could download the BB10 version for free. I did end up purchasing the app because I do love it and I want to use the full ad-free version, but it left me with a bit of a bitter aftertaste.

I am of the belief that if I were a developer, I would rather sell 1000 downloads of my app @ $0.99 vs 500 downloads of the same app @ $1.99.

The money is exactly the same, BUT the word of mouth from those extra 500 users are much more likely to lead to more downloads in the future and this can help developers gain a little trust when they release a future app.

People tend to be much more critical the higher the price. I personally selected $1.99 as the poll option, but depending on what the app does, I have been willing to pay more knowing more goes into certain apps.

I think as a general rule, over 5 bucks is a bit steep. Basic apps should be free or a buck. Decent apps that do what you want but aren't feature rich I look to be 2-3 bucks. Good robust quality apps I have no qualms paying 5 bucks.

Then again, I've paid 10 bucks for my money app and it is money well spent. It fits exactly what I was looking for, very robust and easy to use and read. And it's an Android port to boot!

Also, I have the mlb app at 15 dollars and u consider to be a steal. For the fact that I use it daily and for at least an hour a day. No other 5 dollar app has that kind of dollar per hour of usage that I have seen.

So in the end, you have to know what you expect from an app that has a certain price point.

Posted via CB10

MLB AT BAT is an app that I have no problem paying for as I follow at least 2 or 3 games daily... $19.99 was a bit pricey, but for one of the best apps out there it's worth it. As for games and productivity apps, .99-$2.99 at most.

Posted via Naked BlackBerry Z10

Over a dollar for avg ones. Might pay 5 for amazing one. But i have yet to nor will I spend a penny for z10 apps. I don't trust it won't be junk

Posted via CB10

if every app came with a 30 day free trial, if i found the app useful or that i used it alot, i would pay the asking price after that without too many questions. of course how bad i need the features weighs in on how much i'll pay even at that point.

I think of it as not just paying for the app and the service, but compensating the developer for the time and effort put into it. Sometimes I would gladly pay more then the $.99 that is being asked. I have no issues with the cost and so far have found nothing unreasonable for what I want or use. There really is no excuse for people to comlpain about the low cost of the apps out there. But I guess there is no pleasing eveyrone all the time. ~smh~

Most of the ones more than a dollar are way overpriced
Ie neutron should be does the job better than Music, but it still sucks!

Posted via CB10 on my kickass media-consuming Z10

Also, there needs to be a refund option like Google Play.

Posted via CB10 on my kickass media-consuming Z10

now the cesar hq desktop clock is only 19.99$ and kevin you still the only one wit it lol

BBSmart apps were the best! Totally worth the price. Depends on how bad I want an app for how much I'll pay.

Funny how many won't pay more than a dollar or two for any app yet fork out more than that for coffee, pop, smoke or drink. And those are single use that only last a short while. Yet a quality app will provide you with a much better return on investment and for a longer period of time. I have been paying for SplashID for years and never regret it. The app is worth every me and that is the catch. Good apps and a need.

Posted via CB10

I'll drop $1 on an app just for giggles and to try it out no problem. Anything more than that and the app has to actually perform a function I need better than a mobile site version would and the reviews have to be very positive.

I guess it depends on what it is.I paid $9.99 for an Electrician app called E-Calc Pro by Snappy Apps. It was the best $10 I've spent. If I see value. I will spend the money!

Posted via CB10

I did to. That is an amazing app!! Easily worth way more then $10. If you are in the electrical trade or even remotely associated to it, you need this app.

Spending a dollar to get most apps is not an issue for me. I'll gladly spend a buck to get a game or two.

If the game has very high graphics, has great feedback, and/or supports multi-player, I have no problem paying more for it. There is value there in the user experience, and it is well worth the extra price.

I also run a business, and having the ability to do so from my phone while away from my computer is quite valuable. So apps like QuickOffice, RDM+, accepting credit card payments, and so on, keeps my business running. I've had no problem paying for those apps, even when they were into the $20 range.

Like others have said. Who has an Xbox, PS3, or Wii? How much do you pay for those games?

Personally, I use the apps and games on my phone more than I do on a console. If I'm paying a few dollars for an app, I think it is a much better value than a console game.

As a developer, The market makes it very difficult to validate charging almost anything. I would love to charge more, but I'm thankful for those who have spent $.99 on RuneCryption. Maybe one day I'll have an app that will actually profit enough to fully support myself with it. I'm glad there is so much discussion about apps and pricing going on.

Making mobile apps consumes a lot of time. You can't expect that awesome app can anybody make in leisure time.

By paying for app you allow developers make better apps.

Posted via CB10

I think if an app delivered some feature that was critical enough to pay more than 6 bucks for, it should have probably been included in the OS... but thats not to say that I wouldn't if that were the case. So far so good - no app has been super critical to me.

Cost is the wrong question. I ask myself what value do I get out of the app. For the company I own we pay $200-300 for apps. (exaktime mobile, app is free but license costs) and it's worth every penny and more.

I saw an article recently that asked the question " why is it so hard to find good apps? ". The reason is people aren't willing to pay.

There's no such thing as a free lunch.

Posted via CB10

All apps should be free and u pay to remove ads. That way u can try them too before you buy

Posted via CB10

When enough users on a platform take the attitude that "it's not my problem how devs survive" then they shouldn't be surprised if devs are forced to say "it's not my problem whether users have great apps".

Over $2 is too much for casual apps that I'm just going to use here and there.
If it's an app that solves some major issue that I've been having with my z10, then I'll be good with paying $5... but no more!

Posted via CB10

All developers should follow only two slabs. 0.99 $. And 1.99$

That way apps will look streamlined too.
And the buyers wont hesitate buying.

Posted via CB10

I have no problem dishing out $4.99 for a quality app and will pay more if I really need the app. I would like to see a consumer rewards card (like if I spend $50.00 in app world then I get $5.00 in credit). People like to know they're getting a good deal and it means a lot to know that we are not being ripped off. We've all probably paid for apps that we have long deleted or uninstalled, if that money was not completely wasted then I bet people would have answered this poll different.

Setting aside deceptive advertising scenarios, expecting everything you purchase to be just exactly what you wanted/expected/matters most to you/is most customized to you is just not a realistic consumer expectation, whether it's apps, food, clothing, a vacation, a concert, etc.

Being the average phone last a person less than two years maybe. Apps shouldn't be more than $ 2.99. Can't have expensive apps when your getting a new phone pushed at you almost every two months. Just me in my humble opinion. To even have a phone 3 years is uncommon.

Posted via CB10

Really depends on the function of the app but no matter the function, anything priced at over $2.99 is an app with either bad or lazy revenue model

Corky Notes for bb10 developer

Disagree. Niche apps that provide value to e.g. a specific profession must be priced higher, otherwise the developer is looking at negative ROI.

I agree with z10fido when there is a free app. If you don't want to be bombarded with the latest add for this or that, contribute. Vote with your wallet, makes sense (cents?)

Very good article, Adam, congratulations. I think CrackBerry should have more interest in this relationship with developers and lately I feel you're heading that way.
As for myself, a solely BlackBerry developer, I earn quite enough to make a living in my country, but I think that in US or UK would be hard to survive solely on making BlackBerry apps. On the other hand, in my town there are about 200+ mobile app devs for iOS and Android. I think I earn more than any of them :)
From the client's point of view, indeed something over 5$ must be something really special. There are a lot of very good apps at 0.99 simply because those damn crappy developers invaded the AppWorld with poor quality apps - see the google maps and youtube clients. They rip off the average Joe that will be very carefull next time, before buying an app, hence missing the quality apps. Blackberry should be way more careful on the apps they approve for sale.

I would tend to say full trial version would be a must for every apps. I don't really understand why we still haven't the ability to test any product.

In Appworld, it would be great if it was something that Blackberry can handle so that user and devs don't have to really care.

Let's imagine
When a user first download an app, it is automatically signed with a "trial" token, no payment is done at this stage. If the app is run after the token expired, user will have to download a new signed version by paying it.

Nothing to do for the dev, and no hassle for the customer with the direct benefit of having the ability to try before pay.

To answer the question, I paid for the mireo gps soft (almost 40€ for all maps) so it really depend on what can be done with the app. I also paid for a remote desktop tool that I used but that still has problem (non us keyboard are not taken into account correctly) and I feel I paid too much for it (9$). Usually I don't pay more than 1 or 2$ for a simple puzzle game.

$5 for be weather pro? Lmao, it is not worth more than $2. It won't even tell you how much rain to expect, ie: 2mm or 10mm. It looks nice but does not add much more functionality than free ones. Prime example of why people are getting skeptical about paying for apps; why would you pay anything if you can't even trust the big name ones to have a fair price?

Posted via CB10 via BlackBerry Z10 (Telus)

I primarily prefer free apps if they are available.

BUT I happily pay where I want an app that does something I need while having a price tag attached - i.e. if I have a need for an app and the only app is paid for, I will pay most prices (even if it is expensive) - dependiing on what or how much the app does.

The problem with apps is that they are not something tangible. I can easily spend $2 on a pack of gum that will last me a few days but don't want to spend the same amount of money on an app that possibly took hundreds of hours to make. It might be that some people don't really value the time and effort that it took to make an app because it's just on the screen. Apps aren't magically made in a few minutes with just a few clicks of a button. It takes time to develop an app and remember, time is money! On the other hand I would rather buy that gum than have stank breath hahahaha!

What do people think about the ability to "return" for a refund? Should we be able to delete an app off of our phone within a week of downloading it and receive a refund? Would that help with the crappy apps and false reviews?

Posted via CB10 via BlackBerry Z10 (Telus)

I have pages and pages of nothing but free apps on my Z10. If it isn't free I learn to live without it.

Posted via CB10

The asking price of the customers is extremely low only because the developers lost their trust. There are many shitty developers who enter the app market to earn quick cash and exit. The apps that these devs create are expensive compared to their functionality/user experience.

As an app developer, I don't blame the customers, I blame the devs who repeatedly develop apps and not provide support when the customers require them.

Also, I see that the poll show lot of people are willing to pay some money for quality but we all gotta keep in mind that BlackBerry (and CrackBerry) community is heavily driven by developers like you and me.

You're seeing the phenomenon of two-way collective punishment. The bad apples among devs burn consumers, so consumers paint all devs with the same "developers are greedy and evil" brush. And the bad apples among consumers (naively demanding that everything should somehow magically be free) burn developers, so the good developers give up on creating apps and leave the market to the bottom feeders.

Good, you know. That is the uncomfortable, unfortunate truth.

Now, given that we're in this pickle (not many users/not many apps/high app prices), I don't think the best approach to solve it is by attempting to "educate" users that refusing to pay for $5 is being a cheap ass

Am I getting old or the poll and results' font is too small? I just can't read the text on my Q10.

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If the app is stellar, world class, it's worth whatever the dev charges.

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I always try to filter app buying decisions through the following criteria in order of importance....
Longevity & Function ( will it provide some useful functionality for an extended period of time. )
Quality (does it appear to have been conceived and designed with TLC)
"Made for BlackBerry " ( should have been developed around the native platform)
Fun to use/play (generally applicable to games but may also apply to certain day-to-day apps)
Price, at this point price is weighed against the mental score from the foregoing filters. If it scores high on all counts then $5-$10 is not out of the question.

There are a ton of apps out there but not all are of great use to much more than niche markets. Others are downright awful or simply scam apps. An app that provides the user with some very useful functionality or entertainment should be considered a gem and worth supporting for the sake of the developer.

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It would be nice to have more free trials on the more expensive apps. i know some devs do this, but not all. a wee bit longer trial would be nice too. some offer 3-7 days, but 14 would be ideal IMHO.

another point, i'm not 100% sure how i feel about apps that have two versions, free and "pro" or "hd" that has more features. having two versions of the same app can be a bit confusing and adds to the chaos in BBW.

generally though, there really are some great apps out there, and i would pay for good quality (preferrably native) apps that make my life a little more enjoyable. Blaq at $2.99 is a steal! and I'd probably pay $20 for Blackberry Travel if it wasn't free.

I agree with this, I will pay handsomely for a great app but I want to get a 30 day trial before I spend $50.00+ on it.

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If garmin is made available as a native app for the Z10 I would happily pay the $50. BlackBerry Tom Tom app sucks as it does not include any public transit, train, options.

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I'm a huge Jays fan and paid $20.00 for the MLB at Bat app at the start of the baseball season. For me this was completely reasonable since I travel extensively for work and love the fact I can always have access to Jays games. For me it has real value and totally worth it.
This topic is interesting to me and has raised the following questions:
1) What role does age play on everyone’s opinions? The older you are, in theory the more disposable income you have, so I suspect if you ask someone going through school their opinion on this vs someone who has been working a while you would end up with two extremely different opinions. Also, in my case I am ten years older than my youngest brother and he has grown up in the Napster age where movies, music, and software, while not legal were available for free. So even between us we have differing opinions on paying for music/software etc. I look at it like I want the artist/software developers to keep creating great content for me to consume so I am willing to pay for it. Since he has never paid for anything he expects to get everything for dirt cheap or free.
2) Why is there such a disparity between what people are willing to pay for PC, Console apps vs mobile apps? If I want a console game or for example need MS Office for my job I buy it without complaint and it costs much more than an app for my mobile device. Does it come down to the fact that we have no issue paying $60 for a console game because we get something we can physically touch? Is it because we then take it home and consume it our HD flatscreens vs a device we carry in our pockets?
My job designing and writing code for automated machines requires me to have several software packages that on the low end start at $2500 dollars. When I first started my career there were times my laptop with software, communications cables etc had a greater value than my car! Do I like paying these prices, heck no, but without it I cannot make the living I make at a job I love so I buck up. That being said I think it all comes down to what is important to you and what you find valuable. I personally am willing to pay a higher price for productivity, reference, and engineering calculation/conversion apps that help me do my job in comparison to games. While I like playing games while I am flying or just have some time to kill, to me I cannot justify paying anything over $5 for a game.

a 30.000$ Dodge
a 1500$ mac book
a 700$ BlackBerry
a 5$ Coffe
and people say 0.99c is to much ?

Only a fool pays $5.00 for coffee.

Oh yeah and the Dodge - wouldn't go near one. Way overpriced.

$0.99 for apps on the BlackBerry. What u think I'm rich or something? Listen just because I own nice cars and stuff doesn't mean I'm filthy rich. Watching my pennies allows me to spend on fancy cars and McDonald's :)

BlackBerry? What u think i paid for it? Pffft I stole yours.


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I wish all paid apps were initially free and then would unlock more features/ no adds with a purchase. I'm very hesitant to purchase an expensive app I can't try out first, however I would pay $$$ for one that it worth it. I'm sure others would agree.

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I generally don't spend more than $5 for an app but there are exceptions to every rule. I have paid up to $30 for the Sling app. I haven't gone above that though.

More than free is expensive. BlackBerry and CrackBerry only focus in wealthy/business users but, REMEMBER THIS: We are people arent. Thats why other platforms are more popular than BlackBerry.

I said to the developer's at SlickTasks, qPDF and Paper Pusher that if their applications do what I want I'd pay over a hundred bucks. The value in their development time is worth it and as a society we have lost the concept of value. If you did something would you not want to be paid for your hard work? It was only 20 years ago, before most of the audiences time, that apps like contact management apps were $100.00-300.00 apps. They were developed and tested and sold and people purchased them at stores. Sure things have changed. But talented people have spent time building these apps and they should be paid better than third world laborers. Also I'm a firm believer in that you get what you pay for. Cheap(ish) price = cheap(ish) app.

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Hmm. The crackberry app was overpriced. At free u would expect a perfect app not one where the image or article cannot be Zoomed in especially when asked to vote a preference. I would suggest a particular security app is not required for users who avoid android apps thus making that app overpriced and redundant to BlackBerry own security. Maybe developers who develop a substandard app should actually pay users to use the app! Ok on a serious note an app is worth every penny the developer asks for ONLY if it does what it's built to do 100% accurately. I don't think there would be major objections on cost if developers provided a fully featured paid app on a 30 day trial basis after which the app is blocked until user either pays for it or uninstalls it. They could then switch down to the free limited version if they are cheap but guaranteed most who like it will pay for it. The said games depending on how well they are built with sound and graphics should be in the free range for simple graphics to 3.99 for highly intensive. With an average price around 1.50. This is all in Canadian dollars. Working apps should be from free for small simple cheezy to 9.99 for solid apps that fill a proper niche and do the job well. Now crackberry needs to refund me $5.99 for their app as it needs the zoom feature and lacks it. That is my testers fee :).

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I'm with you on the Crackberry app...they really need to fix the poll screen that they use. I can barely read the thing and would appreciate being able to use the two finger swipe to enlarge the screen.

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Funny that I chose $4.99 but have paid more for apps. In each case, I was able to see the app in action and determine that the app solved a real problem for me.

Apps are tools. If I need the tool, I'd pay for it. If I don't need the tool it can lie there forever.

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An app's price should depend on its usefulness, it's functionality and the user needs it fulfils. Having a free version with items for sale also helps. That way users get to sample a part of the app, see how it runs and buy the pro version if they so choose.

One such app is the Tablet HD Pro TV app. It offers direct access to some TV channels in its free version, if you want access to more then you must buy the full app. I use it for example to catch up on shows that I miss during the original airtime, like "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart.

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Every time I feel like I want Starbucks, I simply brew some home made coffee and buy an app in app world $4 and lower since that is what i USED to pay for Starbucks coffee. Needless to say i have about 70$ worth of apps in App World and unfortunately in the App Store

Im not cheap but I hate wasting money. If I end up with garbage apps I paid even 50 cents for Im pissed(even though Id gladly toss 50 cents down a sewer drain, weird..) Improve the process of buying, selling, reviewing, researching of apps etc. Then we can talk about what price is fair. Right now you dont know what your spending money on, its a gamble.

Even for a niche app or built for a specific purpose, i would only be willing to pay $10 max. I spent a lot previously on Palm OS apps where $20 apps were the norm. Back then the market was not as big as now so it was acceptable to a certain extent.

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I don't have a problem with paying any price for an app as long as it does what I need it to do. The problem with too many apps available in the app store is you end up paying for apps that are just plain garbage.

I will gladly pay $5-$10 for a good, quality, native app. If it's a core productivity/biz app, I'll gladly pay more. My Blackberry is not a toy. I use it everyday in my profession, so purchasing quality apps is an investment, not an expense.

My issue isn't with app pricing, it's with app description. More precisely, what permissions an app requires.

I know I say this too much on the boards, but my privacy is worth more than the convenience of an app. I want to know what permissions I have to relinquish before I buy the app. Since I can't return the app I can't bring myself to buy them until I know exactly what I'm getting into.

At present, I have not bought a single app because I'm afraid I'll buy it and then I'll end up deleting it just because I'm not willing to give every permission under the sun to use it.

So my option is not in the poll.

Max Mobile Security is not one of the most highly paid apps at $9.99.. It was actually free for the first 3+ months the phone was out, had about 80 reviews from that, so if an update is released for it or whatever, it's trending, etc. The majority of owners got the app for free, only a select few actually purchased it.

I remember paying $25 for Tether, and that was during a half price promotion. That is probably absurd to most now that some carriers offer free WiFi Hotspot, or even bridge, but it did offer a one-time fee and was well worth the expense.

I certainly don't mind paying a few dollars for apps that work well and offer functionality, or upgrading to the "Pro/Paid" versions of free apps that function particularly well to help the developer.

What I DON'T like (and tend to avoid) is paying for an app that is available on both iOS and Android for a dollar or two less than BlackBerry.

I wouldn't think twice about paying up to $20 for a native BB10 podcasting app as robust as PodTrapper. The lack of a decent podcasting app is the biggest shortcoming of the BB10 experience so far.

The most I've paid for an app was an iOS app (Golfshot GPS) and it was $30. For me, it provided great value compared to buying an actual golf GPS and the subscription. I really wish it would come to BB10 as I would purchase it again. I've used other golf GPS apps on BB10, including Skydroid ($2.99) but while they work, they are not as nice as Golfshot GPS. So, yes, I would pay whatever it takes for a quality app, if it was something I needed/wanted and I perceived some value in it. I've also purchased many apps on a whim just to support the developers (Animoog, Screamager (PlayBook), Panorama 360, Neutron MP, PicShop, Battery Guru (PlayBook) etc., and many games for the PlayBook).

Whilst it's not obvious there's lots of medical and legal apps which cost hundreds of dollars and you won't find a single medic or lawyer that doesn't think it's worth it.

Similarly there are pilot apps which costs up to a hundred bucks that are also worth it.

For most part all the above are reference apps that save carrying kilos of books or manuals all the time and therein lies the value.

I wouldn't mind paying 50 or so euro for navigon offline navigation, for me that's the best navigation for my purposes, others just don't have the options that navigon has.

I remember when I was a Palm user back in the late 90's and early 2000's, I was paying somewhere around $15-20 CDN for Agendas and about the same for Docs to Go. I look at $0.99 for an app and laugh. Of course the universe for Palm back then was much smaller than for BlackBerry today, so the volume makes a big impact on pricing.

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All depends on apps. Over $5, I really have to think about it before purchase. But if it's quality app I could really use, I will buy it. I wish there are trial period for those higher priced apps though. I don't mind wasting $0.99 once in a while but not over $5.

I've spent a fair amount on apps over the past 5 years but the two that have cost the most were $20 for Touchdown Exchange Email on Android and $24.99 during a half-off sale on Tether for BB. Paid up to $3 for a few other apps. Oh yeah, also buy MLB At Bat every year for 19.99.

My app is a Point of Sales app that is Android Based. I haven't had too many downloads on Blackberry World where compared to Google Play i have had hundreds. It is not exactly a cheap app compared to $2.99. It is a $30 app! But where can you get a full functioning POS for $30? Oh? Nowhere.

Originally designed for tablets, but can be used on the Z10.

It all depends on the app. I paid $99 for Garmin and $30 for EOffice when I had OS 5 & 6 devices and that was money well spent.

My first concern is the quality of the app, followed by my need and finally the cost

This is difficult! Some Dev's joking with the in app purchasing! I will see a Demo Version to test it before purchasing and loose my money! That's the right way for both sides I think, for Dev and customer!

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Honestly I would rather have the option to pay for some Apps rather than share data with the developer (unless required for the function).

$0.99 - $5.99 is perfectly reasonable depending on what they do.

Hey Adam, while you're at it, why do the prices of apps change (currency) when traveling abroad? If I want to buy an app, I want to use MY currency no matter where I am. Why does BB World change the currency automatically? This should be a user option only. Please respond, as I travel a lot.

As long as it is quiality App, I'll pay for the effort of the Dev. However, to me, that means most functional things like an RSS feed/Pocket Client should never exceed 2.99. I would pay more for content though--books, games, etc. Something that doesn't auto update itself with contents from elsewhere, you know.