Pageonce Releases Cell Minute Tracker For BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 27 Aug 2009 09:33 am EDT
Pageonce Releases Mobile Minute Tracker For BlackBerry

Pageonce has always been one of my favorite applications on my BlackBerry. This time around Pageonce has expanded on the ability to review your wireless account which was included in their personal assitant application previously. Pageonce Mobile Minute tracker is now available via Blackberry App World and for those amongst you who like to keep track of your wireless account with up to date information, this is the application for you. Features include:

  • View current minute balance, rollover minutes, data plan, SMS use, billing cycle,
    and previous payments on a single page
  • Receive alerts when you reach 90% of your limit or when your bill is due
  • Breakdown information by family member
  • View your phone bill
  • 128 bit SSL encryption, insured by a top 10 A+ rated insurance carrier

The list of carriers supported for this application is rather large, but is contained to the US, Canada and the UK with the UK only supporting 02, but within US and Canada all major carriers are supported. Also to point out -- the application does come in two different versions: one free, one paid. You can view the differences between the two here on the Pageone site, that way you can decide what version is best suited for you. This is a great application for monitoring usage on your accounts and those of family members. Preventative measures can be put in place and in the long term could save you some cash and avoid overage charges. Be sure to check it out and if you are already using it--let us know in the comments how ya feel about it.

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Pageonce Releases Cell Minute Tracker For BlackBerry


I am going to have try this, even though I know other ways to check my usage, I would definitely use this.

doesn't the personal assistant app already have this? i know i use it to check my texts and minutes...

The "My Verizon" app already does most of this, this program would be more useful to me if it also had user configurable alerts. I'd like to set alerts for when I am approaching text/minute limits in addition to when I've actually exceeded them so I would be able to adjust proactively.

does this. You can incorporate your bb email with your carrier to send you the same kind alerts. You can check your minutes right from your phone without an app. Pointless.

Pointless app. Main PageOnce program already has this and WITHOUT THE CONSTANT SPAMMING to upgrade to the Pro version. Installed it for two minutes and deleted it.

Yeah, I'm kinda confused too because I have used it for the past 5 months. This seems like a ploy to get more money. Crappy tactics

I downloaded this to my Rogers 8900, and on the page where it asks you to enter your account information on, there's already a bad grammatical error. I deleted the app as a result, since it's version 1.0 anyway and I think they need to review their grammar/writing skills.

The funny thing is ever since i got my blackberry my minutes have dropped considerably. Friends and i just use BBM all the time. I rarely hit 50 minutes a month on the phone. This app could be useful for some...especially those constantly on the road.

The app I use allows me to enter in my data plan, number of minutes, bill date, free time, rollover, text messages, long distance... everything. It warns me when I approach any limits and gives me a detailed view of my bill including taxes right on my 8900 without going online or giving my data to anyone. It's only $3.99 and has saved my a bundle. It also lets me know I can go nuts if I have days to use a ton of minutes. I can review previous months (paid version) and it has a two month free demo.
The name is odd, as it's hard to do a Google search for a program called David but it's become one of my favourite applications.
Can be found at

I downloaded and when ran app keep getting error message "We are experiencing a problem with the account, please try again later". I am enter the correct username and password as verified by successful entering into my carriers website which is T-Mobile. Anyone else with this issue?

is $2.99 a flat, one time charge or this a recurring charge? The product page does not give any hint.


I absolutely love this app, i've been waiting for an app like this for a long time since Verizon app doesn't work on the storm and I need to check my outside of network texts frequently because they are not unlimited for me lol

Just downloaded the free version, I LIKE IT! Info is an exact mirror to my att account online. NICE!

I just tried the My Verizon app, but I like this one a lot better. The display looks a lot more organized in "Minute Tracker".

Unfortunately, it seems to be unavailable except through Appworld. I am running the most recent version of 5 and cannot install appworld. The pains of being on the cutting edge.

While yes, this delivers much the same functionality as the 'MyVerizon' app (which works fine for me on my Storm, by the way), I too like the way the info is presented better in this app.

Specifically: how the Minutes Used is presented in a horizontal bar right below the billing cycle day range, so you can compare instantly and visually how your usage is shaping up for the month. I really like that. That alone is worth it for me.

Doesn't seem to work for Rogers. This is what it says when I input the information

Message from Rogers: You currently do not have any accounts registered for online billing. You will need to register the accounts first for online billing. If you have already added your Rogers accdount to your online profile for online billing and believe you have recieved this message in error, please e-mail us or contact our Online Customer Se...

I do use Rogers online billing...

I bought this app and after almost 3 days it still doesn't work. I have sent 2 messages to Pageonce, and still have heard nothing back regarding my issue.

I explained that the app gives me a message that it has a problem accessing my account and to try again later. well I have tried more than 20 different times over the last 2 and a half days with no luck. So I asked for a refund and they haven't even responded!

If your with Telus save your money! Does Not Work!

i downloaded this app last night and everytime i try to access my account it says there having trouble with connecting my account. Anyone else have this issue? I've contacted them but dunno if ill get a responce.