Pageonce Personal Assistant Reaches v3.0 - Faster, Improved UI Added

Pageonce Personal Assistant Reaches v3.0 - Faster, Improved UI Added
By Bla1ze on 9 May 2010 06:19 pm EDT

Pageonce Personal Assistant has just released v3.0 to its users. The personal assistant application which aggregates your personal data from all sorts of places has seen some major upgrades with the latest release.

  • Calendar Integration: Integration with your calendar, all upcoming events, including bill due dates and upcoming itineraries will automatically be added to the calendar.
  • Super Fast: The application is running in the background and as a result is now super fast, over 1000% performance improvement from previous versions.
  • Enhanced Notification system: The feature was already introduced in version 2.5 and now has enhanced capabilities with more alerts, such as APR change to your credit card and more. Also, all alerts are shown aggregated in a new alert tab.
  • Improved user interface: More readable account information screens and ability to refresh all accounts at once (refresh all available only for the premium version). 

With the integration in place here, Pageonce falls into that "Super App" category. New and old users of Pageonce, such as myself should be quite satisfied with the update. You can learn more via the Pageonce website. Pageonce is available in free and premium versions with the premium version setting you back $6.99.

Reader comments

Pageonce Personal Assistant Reaches v3.0 - Faster, Improved UI Added


Worked great, a couple of times. Used it as it seemed faster to my bank then logging in online and going through all the pages. But now has been saying unable to connect or unable from this location. Just. Upgraded to 3.0 but no difference.

Two questions:

1. If you are an existing PPA Premium user do you get this upgrade free? Or is it an upgrade to just the regular version and you have to pay again for premium?

2. If one is to upgrade does one have to re-input their info?

1. The upgrade is both for the free and paid version. Users who have the paid version can upgrade from App World for free

2. All your previous information is available for you once you upgrade. No need to re-enter your accounts.

I upgraded but for some reason the screen won't respond to my log in. It just doesn't move. It doesn't freeze just doesn't move. I'm trying a reboot now

Love this app. It's definetly alot faster. None of my present notifications are in my calender. Is this something that will show up in future notifications?

Is there an ota for this app? I already have the premium version but App World is not recognizing that and they want to charge me the full $6.99.

I have been using the free 2.5 for about a week, and decided to go ahead and buy the paid 3.0 version. I began the process and got the Paypal stuff handled. Then when it started to download to my unit, it hung. I've gotten confirmation that Paypal has billed me...but I can't get the install to complete. The progress bar is dead in the water and it says "Completing Purchase." I've tried a battery pull, and have deleted my free 2.5 version, but nothing is working to unjam App World. Any ideas?

In App World you can go to My World(lower righthand corner) and Log In. Then you can redownload, upgrade, reinstall etc from there.

Thanks Star.

I'd forgotten about how to do that. I did go log into App World and redownloaded the program. It said that it needed to reboot, so I went ahead with that.

Unfortunately, I think this has bricked my Berry. NO WAIT! It's coming back to life!!!

It had been going through an endless cycle of the red light flashing, then the hourglass tumbling on screen. I did a battery pull and when I reinstalled the battery, the cycle continued. It had been going through this for the better part of 10 minutes until just as I was writing this, the Blackberry logo came up on screen. I'll wait to see how this turns out.....

Success. Never had a reboot take so long or look like a bricked Berry before.

This app still is lacking a major feature. I can't multi-task with it. Every time I open it, I have to wait for it to login and verify all my information, and update all my accounts. This wouldn't be so bad, if I could back-out and check an email or two while all those accounts updated, but it doesn't multi-task. I would absolutely love this app and use it all the time if it just allowed me to do other things while it loaded/ran in the background.

You want security and you got it. Program only runs when you are using it. Yes, annoying, but a safety feature. And after watching one guy put his Bold 9700 down and someone else walk away with it--I did kindly--well not so kindly--reobtain the device and return it to the owner--a good idea.

Other than that, 3.0 logs in and updates quicker than 2.5 for me :)

But since it offers a passcode lock for when I intentionally close it (and my keypad is set to timeout and lock) I think it's unnecessary. I can see myself using this app to check my bank account before making a new purchase, paying my AT&T bill while riding on the bus, or checking to see what my next netflix movie is. All of these things I can do from my browser, so to justify the app I want it to work better and faster than the browser, which I don't think is true (faster maybe, but not better). Unfortunately I just can't see myself ever using this app if it can't multi-task (same reason I have a BB over an iPhone)

Since upgrading to 3.0, only 3 of my credit cards show up in the Credit Cards tab. Is anyone else experiencing this? They're all in my accounts, but not in the CC section. Also, what "runs in the background" that Pageonce advertises for this upgrade? The app closes every time I quit.

I've noticed the same problem with only 3 of my credit cards showing up. As you said, info can be obtained from the accounts section, but 2.5 had all my credit cards show up in credit card section. I guess we now wait for 3.1
It is a lot faster though...

On upgrade, the default is the free version with limited accounts. You need to re-enter your activation code which can be found by going to the website
log-in with your email and password and go to settings then select mobile access. The middle radio button should be selected with you activation code next to it.

I don't think that's the case here. There are unlimited accounts in my "Accounts" tab, but only 3 credit cards show up in "Credit Cards". I started with the free version months ago, and I was limited to the number of accounts in "Accounts". I have the full version with no doubt. There's a bug in the upgrade.

We apologize for the inconvenience our users have experienced in regards to this issue. We have fixed the issue for the majority of our users. If users are still experiencing this issue, please contact us at

We appreciate your support.

I purchased Personal Assistant Premium through CB, which it shows on my account, however it still says that the current version is 2.4.

Any idea when the account pages of CB will show 3.0, so we can upgrade?

i'm having the same issue. I want 3.0 and it seems like only blackberry app world has it. Mobihand never even got 2.5
I emailed tech support. I hope I don't have to pay for it again.

I just downloaded it from straight to my blackberry. I did delete the rpevious one just to be safe. And since I had my key from my purchase, I just re-input it, and it activated.

Just looked back to my email for my original purchase, I paid 9.99 for the app and it says no activation required for my PIN. However, the problem is I purchased it on my Curve 8900, which I sold after upgrading to my Bold 9700, so the PIN is different.

They really need a "Check for Updates" option inside the program.

You need to re-enter your activation code which can be found by going to the website
log-in with your email and password and go to settings then select mobile access. The middle radio button should be selected with you activation code next to it.

You're awesome, NuchDog, thanks!

For those of you with the same issue as me, just download the OTA update from (I didn't uninstall first, just loaded on top) and use NuchDog's instructions above to find your serial number if you don't have it. Works like a charm.

I too have this same problem.
I have ended up having 2.5 and 3.0 on my BB and had one heck of a time deleting 2.5 took SEVERAL times before it doesn't show up but now when I open PAP it shows it as 2.4 and I see no improvements infact seems slower and all around slow to react.

I previously purchased the premium version for my 9550. While App World offers a supposed 3.0 version to download, it appears it's still the 2.5 version. Going into BB's Options>Applications, PPAP is listed as version 3, but within the PPAP app itself, clicking on the "about" option lists version 2.5, and the look, feel and features appear no different to me than version 2.5.

Are there any Storm 2 users that are getting the true version 3? I can download the true version 3 from the Pageonce website, but since the purchase from App World does not provide a license #, I cannot activate the Pageonce download.

Had the same problem. Deleted the app from my phone, then went to directly. After installation and reboot, I had to re-enter your activation code which can be found by going to the website
log-in with your email and password and go to settings then select mobile access. The middle radio button should be selected with you activation code next to it.

I did as you described, and I only had two radio buttons under mobile access: "Enable from any mobile device" and "Block any mobile access to my account". From the mobile app, I selected the advanced security option, and selected the option for restricting access to this mobile device only. Once that was selected (and I gave it a few seconds to sync), I went back to the same menu on the non-mobile website, and I then had the three mobile access radio buttons, including the one you described.

This upgrade...... Throws an uncaught exception : "brands is null" . This not only crashes the mail app but throws the error dialog box in an infinite loop. Only solution = battery pull.
Push notifications now disabled.

Ps the upgrade can't seem to update any of my accts.... This is a good app so ill give it botd n try again. In the morning.

It appears that a good application has been made even better.

Although I must agree, there seem to be a couple of bugs that need to be worked out, like not all credit cards showing up under "Credit Cards".

The application definitely runs faster. It is great to be able to update all the accounts together (I used to sit on my "throne" first thing every morning, and have to update each of my accounts, one by one). And the calendar integration is a great idea.

This is one application for my BB that I haven't regretted paying for.

Me, too! I never looked at this until I read the comments here. It's pretty handy but I need it to show more than three cards.

I am having the App World version problem, only with the Mobile Checkbook application. Seems to be a problem with App World itself. App World Tech Support has been less than helpful in offering a solution. Mobatech customer support, on the other hand, has been a great help and a pleasure to work with, which is a rarity for "customer service."

I was wondering if this version has a place to 'check mark' transactions you know you made? Kind of like an ongoing reconciling of your credit cards and banking acct.

I went to and downloaded the 3.0 update for my PageOnce Premium. After the download and reboot I had the free version installed. I resubmitted my registration number and I now have PageOnce 3.0 Premium up and running. Quite a bit quicker and they FINALLY added Legend Securities for my retirement account, which I've been waiting 8 months for. NICE!!

Ok, what can I say. This is awesome! Everything in one place. Every financial "thing" I have going all together. Bank, Retirement, Bills, Utilities... Wow.

Thanks PageOnce!!!