Pageonce Personal Assistant 2.5 for BlackBerry Smartphones Now Offering Push Notifications

By Bla1ze on 5 Feb 2010 12:04 pm EST
Pageonce Personal Assistant 2.5 Now Offering Push Notifications

Having been a Pageonce user since their initial beta releases, I have to say, while this was a long time coming I'm sure as heck happy to see it. Pageonce has released version 2.5 of their Personal Assitant application and with this release they have indeed added push notifications to the mix.

Now as your customized accounts have changes happen, you are instantly notified of what went on. Anything from flight changes, bills that arrive or even credit card transactions. It all is captured for you and delivered to your device so that you can quickly and accurately keep track of the things that are important to you. The basic Personal Assistant is made available for free while premium services with added features are available for only $6.99. Both of which offer the email alert system.

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Pageonce Personal Assistant 2.5 for BlackBerry Smartphones Now Offering Push Notifications


Blog says $6.99 for premium version, but pageone's website lists it as $9.99. Is there a discount code for CB members that I missed?

Sorry about the misunderstanding. The price has been reduced, at least for the time being, to $6.99 and the update to the website will be posted shortly. Thank you for our 1.4 million customers for you loyal support!

I have had this application for quite some time, and the push has been around since before version 2.4

It's a great app to have though.,

Prior to version 2.5 we had email notification, which is probably what you are referring to. Now, version 2.5 brought the push to the phone so that you will get a notification on the home page of the Blackberry.

I was excited when v2.5 was initially released. Unfortunately virtually every Push Not'n says "Welcome to Pageonce" and just opens the app's main menu instead of a particular update. And the update emails still come through. (Ie Your Air Miles account has changed +37 points.) Shouldn't these be integrated now?

I still love this app though!
Hopefully they'll improve the Push & email alert features soon.)

When every push notification says Welcome, and it doesn't tell you what changed or take you to the transaction (or even account) that changed, it's annoying, not helpful. :( Here's to hoping they change that! :)

Hi, I'm very sorry for a stupid question, but.. push notifications for gmail for example (or e-mail in general) don't work yet right? It's not just me? Thank you in advance. :)

I understand the clarification but as stated by tenton.... this is no new development...

quite personally it's annoying because its almost like an error. i prefer the older emails i receive that actually say "here is something that may interest you" and then it said the actual account that is due or overdue whatever in what account. i still love the app though. it's great

Unless someone has lit a fire under Pageonce's list of financial institutions (and other creditors) don't hold your breathe. Hate to be Mr. Buzzkill

When I try to update it at the crackberry app store on my Bold, it only offers I missing something?

I'm having the same exact issue with my Tour! Was prompted to pay $1.00 in order to upgrade, then when I did, I was sent 2.4 again! I'm gonna need my upgrade or my measly dollar, really.

Since I downloaded the latest version, every time I do a battery pull I get a "welcome to pageonce" email. What's that all about?

Just like the last one. This does not agree with the storm at all. It takes forever to load. The scrolling is absolutely horrible. Lags all over.
Maybe I just downloaded a non storm specific version but it seems to happen every time.One weird thing though, is when I enable compatibility mode and get the half screen with keyboard. It runs super smooth and fast. Just makes it hard to click on anything. ?????